Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Apostle Says: "...the final false prophet would be set up about 28 Sep 2011"

The Apostle wants you to know he is NOT setting dates, but yet the Apostle loves to throw out specific dates just like HWA and Meredith did.  But again,  the Apostle wants you to know he does not set dates.....but it is possible that on Sept....oh wait,  the Apostle does not set dates, but IF the Pope......maybe this year, maybe next year....just remember, the Apostle does not set dates.....

It is also quite possible that both sides (Israelis and Palestinians), tired of war after the coming conflict; will rush to secure a peace and that this will be completed by the end of this year.

As you can see, any actual date setting is really impossible until ALL the biblical signs are present.

It is possible that this could happen this year; or it could take another year to complete all the details and ratify any agreement.

IF it were to be achieved this year; and this year were to be the appointed time, then counting back 1,290 days from the sixth day of Unleavends in 2015 would mean that the final false prophet would be set up about 28 Sep 2011.

That is, IF my count is accurate;  IF my position on the Holy Days is accurate;  and IF my assessment of the sixth day of Unleavends in 2015 is also accurate.  If a new Pope appears on the scene doing miracles and offering solutions for Europe which result in a new European combine;  then my positions will be proven correct.
75 days after he is set up, the abomination [the final Pope] will go to the Holy Place and  the tribulation would begin: about mid Dec.

IF Benedict were to die and a new man were to be set up, it normally takes between two and three weeks to select a replacement.  That would mean that he would pass from the scene in early to mid Sep.

I am being very careful NOT to set a date; I honestly do not know the exact year; only that it is very close.  Maybe this year; maybe next year! (James David Malm)

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Black Ops Mikey said...

And it is also possible that green men from Mars will land on the Whitehouse Lawn this afternoon.