Monday, January 9, 2012

Idiots in the Pulpit: Kenneth Hagin - Unholy Laughter

A reader here sent this to me to make fun of Dave Pack with.  This is just downright creepy and weird!  It's no wonder people mock Christianity so much.  Watch the mass hypnosis/hysteria when he sweeps his hand and a large portion of the crowd fall down.  This is what happens in Ambassador Auditorium each week with Harvest Rock.


Anonymous said...

This is the strangest thing I have ever seen. This clip shows us the power of mind control. Religious leaders can control us in just about everything we do once they get control of our minds. These people looked like they where in total control of their leader, (if you could call him that). Very creepy and scarery!!
The question needs to be asked, Is this normal rational behavior?

jack635 said...

It is stuff like this that prove my point of most "preachers" are just con artists that dont even believe their is a God. They put on a show for money. They manipulate "a cheerful giver" into giving more money....and then the valuables and maybe even a mortgage on an already paid for home.

Then there are the church last will and testament packages to help you make sure you dont die intestate and let the government gobble up everything. You can be damn sure there will be a clause in that "will kit" that has a line saying I bequeath _________ to my church

Allen C. Dexter said...

"The question needs to be asked, Is this normal rational behavior?"

Of copuse not! But, I have to admit that I was just as deluded in my subservience to old Herb. He just chose a more subtle way to control us. In the end, it was just as stupid.

All religion is a delusion. The differences are just differences in fashion and degree. It's all an escape from reality. That's why they hate science so much. It shows up their delusion.

Anonymous said...

What the #%^ was that all about??!!! I think "weird" is an understatement!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the con-artists Kenneth and Gloria Copeland in the front row reserved seating.

I wonder if they laugh so hard while making bank deposits that they need a few deacons to hold them up.


NO2HWA said...

I thought that was Copeland. They are all laughing all the way to the bank, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I misunderstood. I thought it was a video of the Restored Church's reaction to the amount of money that needed to be sent in to build Ambassador College in Ohio...

My mistake


Anonymous said...

Yeah, after Hagin gets to where the Copelands are sitting, things get more interesting.

After Kenneth Copeland jumps up and down, you can hear Copeland ask, "Need any help?", and then he helps get the people worked up into an even crazier state, while the lady wearing glasses(sitting next to the Copelands) goes into her "silly-laugh" routine.

Likely, Copeland brought her along as a shill.

They probably passed the offering baskets shortly after turning the audience into temporary basket cases.


James said...

Fucking strange? These church leaders are drunk with the peoples money. This is a mockery of the brain dead followers. Personally I would have left never to return realizing that I had been had.

So let me guess, they were led by the spirit to make asses out themselves. God condemns drunks but makes them drunk? Insane I say!

I would be more entertained if they all piled on each other and had a "South Park" moment as in moments before the end of the world.

Those who watch South Park understand what I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

This clip reminds me of one of the old batman shows where the joker causes everyone in gothem city to laugh uncontrolably because he put laughing joice in the water.

Holy laughter batman. The joker has struck again!!!!