Saturday, February 25, 2012

Apostle Malm: It is a SIN to Pay Road Tolls On The Sabbath!

If you thought Armstrongism could not get any wackier, take a look at the illogical thought process of Apostle Malm.

One of his acolytes asked:

Will UCG now begin to have some respect for the Sabbath by not cooking, traveling, or paying others to serve them on High Days and Sabbaths as God has commanded?

The Apostle replies:

The fact that Chairman Rhodes admits using public transport in London on the Sabbath should provide at least a partial answer. (How in the hell is a person not from the UK supposed to travel around London, especially if they were going to preach at a UCG service?)

Should we do what Orthodox Jews such as former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman does on Sabbath – park the car and simply walk everywhere, including to worship?

I would gass up on Friday and then drive to a service myself. I think that in nearly all cases some kind of transportation arrangement can be made that does not involve paying for public transport. To me a Sabbath day’s journey by car is one that does not require any purchase [like more gas] and that does not tire [like work], say roughly somewhat less than an hour. (There you have it folks, no more two hour drives to be with like minded brethren, 45 minutes is your max because you will get tired. Oy!) In some cases issues such as road tolls can usually be dealt with by buying in advance, or using other roads, or if necessary establishing more local congregations. If we are trying to please God, he WILL provide the wisdom and the means. Your Orthodox example shows the lack of wisdom in modern apostate Judaism; for what requires more effort; to walk a mile or drive it? This is the same as the man who climbs four flights of stairs to avoid using electricty; just plain counter productive. In any case going to a [hopefully] godly assembly, is a little different than paying for a totally unnecessary restaurant meal [because we have not properly prepared ourselves]. Its all about zeal for the commandments coupled with wisdom. James (Actually it is all about burdening down members with useless, irrelevant rules and regulations!)

Does the Apostle not see the hypocrisy in his writings when he is sitting home on a Friday night and Saturday mornings using his computer, electricity, and someone else Internet service to post his drivel?  Why is he breaking HIS holy sabbath by doing such secular things?  Why is he profaning HIS sabbath?  Why does he not prepare all his missives and post them at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon so he will not be breaking HIS sabbath?


Anonymous said...

No2wah. I liek yourr kind of sczarchasm when commentgng about Aaposle Mawlm.


Byker Bob said...

Judas Priest! What a pharisee legalist!

Jesus and the corn, David and the shewbread, and ox in the ditch are apparently all of no instructional or applicational value to Malm. I mean, this guy makes himself more righteous than God!


NO2HWA said...

Too funny MT. I caught what you saw. Spell check on Blogger leaves a lot to be desired. Half the time I need to shut down firefox to get it working again. Other times it formats posts into something entirely different from what I see on my screen.I can see why more and more people are moving their blogs to WordPress. Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Whenever someone challenges me for not observing the Sabbath, I remind them that they are not really keeping the Sabbath, they are just pretending. Ex 16:30 says that they are to stay where they are on the sabbath,not go out, but stay home and REST. They were not to travel to hear a sermon and sing songs. What was the penality for breaking the Sabbath? Death penalty. Ex 31:14and Num 15:32). I ask, "Did you have a nice Sabbath? Did you go anywhere? Where do you stone those who break the Sabbath?"

Anonymous said...

It was a lot more clear cut regarding Sabbath issues in the old world vs the modern age. I think there may be a message in that observation.

I can imagine Malm refusing to help pull an ox out of a ditch on the Sabbath, followed by all of his neighbors calling him a self righteous jackass.

Anonymous said...

oh, I thought you did that on purpose as James does not always take the time to check his own spelling. Well either do I at times!


Anonymous said...

Why is it that those in Armstrongism with the biggest mouths proclaiming sin in the midst of the chruch are always the biggest liars and hypocrites? Malm picks and chooses what laws he wants to keep and ignores those he doesn't.

John said...

Yeah you're right BB!

Wasn't carrying personal belongings around on the Sabbath forbidden in the OT (Ex 20:9-11; Jer 17:21-22, 27)? And yet when Jesus healed the paralyzed man on the Sabbath He commands him to "pick up your mat, and walk" (John 5:8-9). To add insult to injury Jesus even refers to His healing and miracles as "working" (vv. 16-17) on the Sabbath, which shocks the religious leaders even further! If He was doing the same kind of "works" today I'm sure He'd get the same reaction from many seventh-day Sabbatarians as He did from the Jews back then! Perhaps His intention was to deconstruct the rule-based system of religion that existed in His day and so many want to see restored even now for a rule-free, principle-based spirituality in which love is the guiding dynamic transcending man-made rules and making them redundant!

Anonymous said...

Is Malm just like Jesus and cursing at fig trees, too?

Hopefully, Malm will wake up and get professional help before it's too late.

Maybe he can avail himself of psychiatrist Dr. Figg's services.