Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey Dale Schurter! Where For Art Thou? Is Your Email Being Monitored?

Thanks to MishMash for pointing this out to me today.

Our beloved Dale Schurter has been absent from the scene after he posted his initial letter on the Restored Church of God site for defecting UCG ministers.

He had his own email address, mailing address and phone number listed.  He encouraged people to call him or write with questions.

No longer are you worthless Laodician peons allowed to do that.  Dale's email is now being filtered through the Restored Church of God servers and monitored by them. Brother Dale's new address is:

MM writes:

His previous one was a Juno address.  Also his phone number is gone.   Hmmm.   I have a feeling that he taking a lot of heat and they are now cutting off access to him.   For sure they are now monitoring everything that comes into him.  I still have his regular email address its  I wonder if he has pulled the plug on it or not.    If he is smart, he would keep a private laptop on a separate isp and keep his own email.  But who said anything about smart.   Or, the other scenario is that he is kicking himself right now for such a dumb decision.   Latest article on the ministers site says that Dale is upset because people are thinking that he is saying that they lost the holy spirit.   Mr. Bill wrote that one for him.  Why didn’t he write it himself?   Suspicious is all I can say ! 

RCG's Gestapo made one tiny mistake though, his old email address is still visible on his initial letter:

Dale L. Schurter
(631) 561-8784


Byker Bob said...

This, in a way, is exactly as I predicted would happen. Pack has never been about freedom, or free speech. He just does not believe it's biblical.

Also, Whew! What a plethora of posts and information! It's difficult to keep up with all the news and articles, let alone comment!


Allen C. Dexter said...

I send an email to the address he gave and so far, it has not come back as undeliverable. I'd sure hate to be in his shoes about now. I can only imagine what a S++t load of stuff he has to deal with.

Mish-Mash said...

Agreed Allen,
I think he was swept away with memories (delusions) of the grand old days and didn't do his homework before he made the switch. If he had switched over to LCG, it would have been more understandable. Compared to Pack, their practically liberal. I don't think anyone would have even blinked if he went over there.

You know, I hope for his sake, he realizes this and either goes back to UCG or LCG and says he made a mistake. Who hasn't taken a job at least once in their lives and had to leave right away because it turned out bad.

Assistant Deacon said...

Zero sympathy for someone of Schurter's background and experience throwing in with Pack. Zero.

Mish-Mash said...

Sounds like his email is really being monitored. Now, the address is and there is a new letter from him. The letter sounds a lot less personable then his earlier ones. More and more brainwashing is going on, perhaps they have added some clorox to the mix to really bleach out any personality and instill the company line. What's funny is I thought it would provoke a response from him all the posts asking where he was. So it proves they are reading this blog. I bet they are as hooked on it as we are. Just reread an old disfellowship letter from Global sacking Dave. He was disfellowshipped from the ministry. So I guess his credentials are now self appointed. He severed himself from the "vine" at the time.

Can I appoint myself a minister and start receiving donations too?
I have tubfulls of old HWA literature that I can rewrite too and put my name on it. Just because you can rewrite literature doesn't make you an apostle. I rewrote training manuals based on Microsoft manuals. That doesn't make me Bill Gates.

When will all this madness stop ?

Anonymous said...

When will all this madness stop?

The "madness-go-round" won't end until each of us decides to end it together. If we all would simply say "ENOUGH!" to these self-appointed bullies--"lords over God's heritage"--they'd get the message soon enough. So break open your windows or doors and shout with me, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"