Judgmental "Christians"

There is none so blind as those who cannot see.  Jesus Christ said that it is not the outer man, but the heart that counts.  There are many in the world of churches who look down upon those who do not conform to the
standard they think all people should conform to.  The original Worldwide Church of God had the perception that they were the "only true church of God upon the face of the earth."  That is typical of a pharisee mind.
The WWCG was not the only church that believes that is so.  I suspect that God Almighty is not so narrow minded as to think that some human group is the only source of what "truth" really is.  Almighty God is no doubt so beyond (millenniums) the thinking of human beings that human beings are nothing more than a speck of sand upon the seashore of human thought.    In the Old Testament we even read that the nations of men are nothing more than a drop in a bucket to God.

God is monumental and far beyond the scope of human beings and their very limited thinking.  God IS NOT confined to INK on PAPER called "the Bible."  In fact no matter what human beings think, God is exponential beyond human thinking.  God does NOT stand in a pulpit on Saturday or Sunday.  God is awesome far beyond anything human beings even have the capacity or ability to comprehend.    Almighty God cannot be fathomed by natural human comprehension.  He can only be understood in all His Glory and Holiness when He Himself willing makes Himself known.  INK on PAPER is not capable of conveying who God is.    The Bible is extremely limited in capacity to convey God, simply because God is not really understood by reading words.

Most human beings are very limited in their understanding about life and the universe, simply because their world revolves around the walls and confinement of their particular circle in which they live.  Natives who may live in the jungles of the world, may run naked for thousands of years and their world revolves around that environment into which they are born.  It is really no different with human beings who are born into the various cultures of the world, such as the United States, India, China, Russia, South America or name your environment.  No matter what situation any human being is born into, no human being is responsible for the origin of their birth.  Is God so narrow minded that He only acknowledges those who "go to church on Saturday or Sunday?"

I would suggest that God the Creator of the universe is so beyond the thinking of human beings, that He is light-years and trillions of years beyond the thought life of humans.  The so called "Bible" in no way can possibly define God or give comprehension of who God Almighty really is.  If there is really any understanding of the Creator of the vast universe, then it is Jesus Christ and Christ alone.  The Worldwide Church of God under the direction of Hebert W. Armstrong was nothing more than a FART.

Van Robison