Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apostle Malm: Sept 16, Abomination of Desolation To Be Set Up - Well, Maybe...

Apostle Malm, who considers himself as God's greatest gift to the wayward Church of God, is laying out again just how the end time events will soon unfold. The sad part in all of this is watching his acolytes believe his tripe.  They have learned nothing of the massive failures in prophecy from HWA, Waterhouse, Blackwell, Meredith, Pack and Weinland.

1)   The abomination MUST be set up in Rome and he will have ONLY a total of 1,335 days from the time he is set up.  For at the end of the days we “shall stand in our lot” and receive our inheritance as the Kingdom of god is established.  Dan 12:11-13.

2)   Subtracting the 1,260 days of the tribulation from the 1,335 days means that the tribulation will begin 75 days after this abominable false prophet is set up in Rome.  75 days after he is set up in Rome he will go to the Holy Place and Jesus warns us that when he does those in Judea should flee for their lives not even stopping to take their coats.  mat 24:15.

3)   As soon as this abomination is set up in Rome he will call for and bring about  the rise of Babylon [the King of the North] in Europe.  The New Europe must be set up and ready to make war by the time the abomination goes to the Holy Place. Rev 13:11-15.

4)   A comprehensive Middle East peace deal MUST be agreed and when it is proclaimed as achieved the tribulation will be at the door.  1 Thess 5:3.

5)   About four weeks after the abomination is set up in Rome, God will empower his two prophets and they will warn and take his faithful to the pl;ace that God has prepared.  All that is written of them shall be fulfilled and they shall have the sign of the power of God and shall be zealous for God and his commandments. Rev 11.6)   At this time there shall also be a great falling away from zeal for God and his commandments,  into a great laxity and lukewarmness for obeying God’s commandments and much compromising with the way of life, as men begin to do what is right in their own eyes instead of having a zeal for what is right in God’s eyes.

This is called the Laodicean attitude of loving and the exalting men and organizations above any zeal for the things of God.  USING the name of God to exalt themselves OVER the law of God, and rejecting those scriptures that they fo not want to obey, in order to maintain their traditions; making the law of God, of NO effect. Rev 3.

This great falling away has been going on for decades and is now reaching its climax.

Those with eyes to see can see that this is one sign that is already obvious.

In 2016 the count of 45 days between the sixth day of ULB and the day before Pentecost will occur.  This is the ONLY year up before 2020 that this count will occur.

If we remember that it is ”at the end of the days”; it is as the days end that the Kingdom of God will be set up and the resurrected saints will receive their inheritance and responsibilities; we should count back from the day before Pentecost 1,335 days to the setting up of the abomination in Rome.

That date would fall on 16 Sep [if my count is accurate] of 2012.

However, the Apostle covers his righteous posterior with this:  

I am NOT saying that this will happen!  I AM saying that this is the earliest possibility, and with the current world situation it is certainly possible!

Only when the above signs are present and God’s two prophets appear in power to deliver the faithful to the place prepared; will we know for sure!

Study these signs; KNOW them; WATCH for them; do not be swept away by false declarations that the tribulation has come;  or by statements by false prophets,  contrary to God’s two prophets and contrary to these signs.

Brethren, it is not enough to see the signs!  We must be prepared for the REALITIES that these signs herald.  We MUST be worthy to escape all these things.
Escape what?  Three and half years in Petra with the Apostle and his law goons making life a living hell?  No thanks.


Douglas Becker said...

This is the day before the Feast of Trumpets and a week and a day before Weinland gets his sentence.

Perhaps the Abomination of Desolation will actually be Weinland going to prison.

On the other hand, the Abomination may involve an A-Bomb a nation, which would certainly leave it desolate -- about as desolate as Weinland's bank account is going to be.

It all works out.

Anonymous said...

The best thing to escape from, for those caught up in it, is Malm's horse-hockey.

Hopefully, he'll eventually take the meds he needs, and maybe even get better some day.


Douglas Becker said...

The Apocolypse coming later this year... since 1934.

Anonymous said...

Malm thinks himself so righteous, but is such an uber-pharisee. What's so funny is that he's so blind to his phariseaical ways, so he doesn't realize how unrelentingly Jesus criticized and condemned people like him. I just hope that there is a rapture, just so Malm can watch while others go and he doesn't, because his righteousness didn't exceed that of the pharisees.

Too bad there's no such thing.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Whaaaat wuzzat? More gobbledegook about a stupid scripture here and another stupid scripture there and another over there, all thrown together on the back of superstitious suppositions I was hearing way back in the fifties and sixties of the last century.

The farther removed from the original false prophet it all gets, the wilder it gets. HWA was sane compared to Malm. The longer this nonsense is promulgated, the wilder it gets.

Anonymous said...

The farther removed from the original false prophet it all gets, the wilder it gets. HWA was sane compared to Malm. The longer this nonsense is promulgated, the wilder it gets.

Herbie was running a con, and knew he was running a con. Same with Flurry and Meredith and Weinland.

If you try to run a WCG splinter-cult, but you don't know you're supposed to be running a con, you'll end up broke and sick and mindf***ed.

To his credit, Malm appears to be sincere. It's too bad that his sincerity in trying to emulate a con man is going to ruin him.

Byker Bob said...

In my book, all of these Armstrongite prophets collectively are the abomination of defecation.


Anonymous said...

Sorry this is out of context, but here's a response to Albert from an earlier blog entry, since my computer is screwing up this morning:

Albert wrote, "I spent over 42 years associated with the WCG."

Albert, I'm sorry to hear you spent so much time in a destructive cult which caused so many deaths, ripped apart so many families, and created such a great deal of personal destruction.

Albert wrote, "I recognize that I and my wife were never Armstrongist."

Obviously, then, you and your wife are very tricky people! You didn't happen to work for Houdini, did you?

Albert wrote, "You probably will not see me Armstrong Bashing"

Probably not, but as Tom Bosley pointed out in an SMC infomercial, "Hey, it's OK to dream!"

Albert wrote, "I have some personal opinions based on personal experience, but most of the negative factors I know about Herbert Armstrong have be provided be second, third, forth, etc. sources."

Did you think HWA would point them out first-hand?

Albert wrote, "What I am pointing out is that your perception of “in the Armstrongist world, "the church" and HWA were one and the same” is flawed and not reality."

Of course the people in HWA's church were, with the exception of HWA, not HWA. I think everybody understands that.
But to suggest that the WCG was not "the HWA church" is flawed and not based in reality.

Albert wrote, "...some of the members did not show the greatest wisdom in applying some of the teachings...

In HWA's church, members applied the WCG teachings, and it often resulted in death and destruction.
It was not because they applied the church's/HWA's teachings in a "flawed" manner, but rather, because they applied them at all.

Albert wrote, "Comparing Herbert Armstrong to Adolph Hitler reveals an Armstongite mentality. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but..."

I've heard that one before by various apologists for HWA's destructive cult, LOL!
The old, "If you criticize HWA, then YOU are the one with the problem!"
And Albert, that "bubble" you imagine others to have(along with your imagined power to burst it) resides only in your imagination.

Albert wrote, "I cannot go into all of the details in this area, but having studied psychology as it relates to religion I will point out that often people who think they are helping other by freeing them for what appears to be bondage can contribute to total destruction in their life. It is this awareness that has caused me to post comments in some of the article material here." this is what it comes down to... This is your righteous motivation! -
You are trying to SAVE people from the "total destruction" they'll get if they read negative things about HWA here!

Albert, have you considered that people NOT ready to leave the mindset inculcated by the Herb-Church will NOT be reading here?

And, that people reading here are more resilient than you give them credit for? (After all, as you said, you and your wife spent over 42 years associated with the WCG.....Without either of you becoming Armstrongites! )

Anonymous said...

The "Well, maybe" part of these potential prophecies from Malm and other hacks is the most important part, since "well, it didn't happen" ends up being the result.

Herbert Armstrong's words created an increased need in many peoples' minds to think they are "in" with God and prophetic understandings.

What a bunch of malarkey and slick salesmanship.


Anonymous said...

And they always say, "Well, I was wrong about the timing." No, they're wrong about everything but the timing, and as we all know, predicting the timing of something that has zero chance of happening at all is an irrelevant, but perhaps entertaining pasttime, depending on how much money people are donating into your Swiss bank account.

Anonymous said...

Albert logic:

People who spent 42 years immersed in WCG --> not Armstrongites.
People who compare HWA to Hitler -----------> Armstrongites.

WTF? What's the definition of Armstrongite again?

Steve Kisack said...

I just love to read the comments here. I'm rolling on the floor laughing!!

Anonymous said...

An open letter to those commenting here
I was surprised to see comments here addressing things I had posted in comments on another article. Anonymous said ”they are out of context, but here's a response to Albert from an earlier blog entry, since my computer is screwing up this morning:”

I find it humorous that people are wrapped up in their petty little games that they think the know everything about life and how it functions.

When I posted that comment I was answering a person who questioned my efforts to tone down some of the things that I felt were inappropriate regarding ridicule of people who wanted to say things good about HWA. I was honest and shared my reasoning along with a little history about my life and it looks like I need to reply.

I can see that the intelligent quotation is rather low in some of those commenting on this blog. First there appears to be the lack of understanding Christianity and the way it functions. If there is a God (and I believe there is) a person will be a Christian whereever they exist and who they associate with or we could not live in this world.
Second everyone are not so gullible that they hand over they life to another human being. My years in Worldwide Church of God were spent doing the same things I have always done when it comes to dealing with people. We enjoyed the fellowship and the whole experience was positive and the relationship in our families and the local community was better due to some of the experienced in our relationship with the church.

To me life is a learning experience not just an existence and I learn from every experience. I feel sorry for those who have wasted their life bemoaning all of the bad things that happened. I did learn a little more diplomacy in dealing with egotistic people. We have a financial stability and a pattern of life that has a certain degree of security that is unshakable.

When I say we were never an “Armstrongite” I am saying my beliefs and understand of theology and the psychology of religion are so far from the stupidity I see posted here it is laughable, yet have sympathy for those who are caught in the on going battle between the “cults and critics”, especially when neither seem to know that these debates have gone on for centuries.

Here just a little insight in my communication capabilities You want to talk about religion, I can do that. You want to talk about evolution we can discuss the Origin of The Species, You want to discuss life after death I have written a booklet on that. You want to discuss the Apostolic Father’s we can discuss that. You want to discuss Plato’s Republic I can discuss that. How about Christian Apologetics or maybe we can discuss logic and reason am can engage in discussions.
Before you pass judgment on what I said and what am I would suggest that you find out a little more about me. Because there may be a strong possibility I might make you look like the south end of a north bound horse.
Have fun
Albert B.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
People who spent 42 years immersed in WCG --> not Armstrongites.
People who compare HWA to Hitler -----------> Armstrongites.

WTF? What's the definition of Armstrongite again?

Reply to anonymous
I bad enough to have to deal Cults, people should not have to deal with stupid Critics.
First “Armstrongite” is derogatory word defining members of Worldwide Church of God assuming they are following Herbert Armstrong.
Second comparing HWA to Hitler should defined as comparing WWCG (Armstrongites) to all Germany
Now if you want say that all the Germans in Germany were Hitler followers contributing to Hitler’s evil deeds I suppose the analogy would apply
In that case you are saying that all of the members of Worldwide Church of God contributed to the perceived abuses in evil deeds of HWA and associates were guilty which would include some of those here.
In fact some here would be guiltier because they were aware of the problems and did nothing to contribute to changes. I was active in helping people when there was a need.
Albert B.

Anonymous said...


Oh yes, life is a learning experiernce all right. We learned from our WCG experience, BIG TIME! We'll never make those same mistakes again.

As for the bit about an Armstrongites, you seemed to say a lot of unnecessary things. If you think you're above it all, maybe from your point of view you are. Then again, Nazis thought they were doing the world a favor by getting rid of those Jews and Catholic bishops who rotate child molesting priests think they're "helping people in need". Hey, pedophiles are people too, right?

You probably think you're "helping people in need" by commenting here on this blog too. From my perspective you're just trying to convince us to give the successors of that con man another shot. No Albert, we'll never make those same mistakes again.

Bottom line:
Albert --> Pro-Armstrongism
Me --> Anti-Armstrongism

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
Bottom line:
Albert --> Pro-Armstrongism
Me --> Anti-Armstrongism

My Bottom line:
Albert  Pro-Christian Lover of People Hatred Cultic sin and destruction
Anonymous Me  Anti-Christian  Hatred of all Cultic People ???????????

Retired Prof said...

Albert, thank you for giving us a little "insight in your communication capabilities." Although your list of challenges is intellectual rather than physical, you have perfectly captured the tone of a well-lubricated bar patron trying to start a fight.

On another thread you claimed, "I can be make cutting remarks, but I have learn to control that in the development of maturity.
Albert B."

Try to regain control, man, try to regain control!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for descending into this blog to shine your amazing light into it, which will (if we have the eyes to see) make the people here look like "horses asses"

You and your mission to "SAVE people from the total destruction they'll get if they read negative things about HWA here"....

Well, it's just SO AMAZING how you are a Savior, too, and golly, you totally remind me of Jesus!

is a song to express my sorrow for you.

MT Saddles

Assistant Deacon said...

"'Armstrongite' is derogatory word defining members of Worldwide Church of God assuming they are following Herbert Armstrong."

It's a valid assumption, Albert.

Did you ever openly, and perhaps a bit awkwardly, turn down a dish at a family member's home because you thought it might have something unclean in it?

Did you avoid contact with anyone you had known because they were disfellowshipped and marked by the WCG?

Did you ever refuse medical attention for yourself or a family member on religious grounds?

Did you send in a tithe of the tithe?

Did you agree with the rulings on women wearing makeup -- you know, no, yes, no, yes?

Did you ever travel in the fall to a distant city, stay in a hotel or at a campground, and go to church for eight consecutive days? Did you take your family with you?

We all did, man; those things, and more. In so doing, we demonstrated that we were Armstrongites. He made those things up. They were based on his interpretations of things he read.

Also, a suggestion: It's not advisable to tout one's own communication abilities, and demean the intelligence of others, in a post laden with misspellings and syntax errors.

"I can see that the intelligent quotation is rather low..."

Ouch. But also:


...everyone are not so gullible?

...they hand over they life to another?

...was better due to some of the experienced in our relationship?

...we were never an "Armstrongite"? beliefs and understand of theology?

Physician, heal thyself. And, while you're at it, you might want to call a veterinarian, just to clarify which end of the horse is which.

Steve Kisack said...

Albert, I might add:

Did you ever sit your butt on a hard chair for three hours(if it was Waterhouse it was more like five hours)listenig to the same old shit over and over and over?

Did you ever give more money than you could afford to give, even making your family go without basic neccessities, because the con men said that you had to give more and more money "to Gawd", and if you only gave what you were able to give, you were an unprofitable servant?

Did you ever drive a second rate car, or live in a second rate house, or wear old and used clothes, or clothes from WalMart, while the "ministers" and their touch me not wives and children had new cars, new houses, fine clothes, and attended the best schools?

Did you ever pay first, second, third "tithes", and then give MORE money for the building fund, emergency fund, and feast "offerings"?

Did you ever give an opening or closing prayer and were told that you had to mention Master Armstrong in it every time?

Did you ever lose a job because you were told that you had to keep the "sabbath" and "holydays"?

Did you ever have to drive for hours on end to get to a meeting place for the "sabbath" or "holydays"?

And, you have never been an Armstrongite?Oh...there's more, Albert!

Anonymous said...

It seems I have created some animosity here!
I am sorry for the offences I have caused. I cannot say they were intentional, but maybe they were. I have been trying to discern why there is so much of what appears to be an expression of bitterness and hatred regarding experiences that others view as healthy in their lives.

The only conclusion I have come to is that there is an internal spiritual side of life that allows different responses to the external experiences that make up as person’s life. Most of the things people here have mentioned as being a negative experience that robbed them of joy in life were either handled differently or accepted in the normal flow of life. I chose to be a member of Worldwide Church of God and I chose to withdraw as a member, but this did not mean I ceased to be a Christian.
As a Christian I love the sinner, but not the sins. I change what I can change and leave what I cannot change up to God and His Son Jesus the Christ. I may have been presumptuous in mentioning my capabilities, but I assumed there may have been some theological issues that may be involved. I see that the issues are of a different nature so will back off from commenting,
Albert B
PS Excuse the sloppy editing I assume most will understand my meaning at least if they do any texting.

Steve Kisack said...

Another Armstrongite with his head buried in the sand. It went in one ear and right out the other.

Anonymous said...

"I am sorry for the offences I have caused. I cannot say they were intentional, but maybe they were."

Yeah, I rarely know what my intentions are either.

That little bit of dishonesty is probably the most refreshingly honest thing you've said in all your comments so far, veiled and oblique though it may have been. You just can't help yourself. When I was an Armstrongite, I couldn't help being an asshole either. Hate the poop, not the asshole, right? It's okay, though, I forgive you, in a completely syrup-free and non-religious spirit.

Byker Bob said...

Members of old school WCG WERE following Herbert W. Armstrong! And, since all of the ACOG splinters are primarily based on HWA's teachings, ACOG splinter members are Armstrongites, as well. So are the independents who keep the tenets in their homes, or preside over "Living Room Churches of God".

Herbert W. Armstrong did not only teach that the provisions of the Old Covenant are still in effect. Orthodox Jews do that, as well as the Messianic groups. Being a practicing Jew or a Messianic would not make one an Armstrongite.
HWA introduced his own personal theories and interpretations into the basic Jewish or Messianic framework, such as British Israelism, the endtimes culminating in 1975 (since revised every few years), Simon Magus starting the Catholic Church, Germany as Assyria while other European nations were depicted as various lost tribes, Hislop and Velikovsky as valid historians, 18 "restored" truths", and a bogus history of people subscribing to them traced backwards to the early apostolic era, etc. Since the Armstrongites believe that HWA was God's endtimes Apostle, and equal or superior to the original disciples/apostles of Jesus Christ, they believe that HWA received the theories and opinions I've enumerated above from God, and that therefore these theories are "God's Truth", and classic WCG "God's True Church".

Those of us who realize and acknowledge that HWA was a horrendously damaging and toxic false teacher have no truthful option but to refer to HWA's teaching as "Armstrongism", because that is what it really is.
While HWA may have purely accidentally taught some of God's precepts, he was in no way what he represented himself as being. His lifestyle and the decay of his empire alone should be positive proof of that fact.


Anonymous said...

BB are you saying an Armstrongite cannot be a Christian

Byker Bob said...

Well, all of them certainly think they are.

The Bible seems to indicate that Christians have a personal relationship with Father God, and with Jesus Christ. Armstrongites often have a Pharisaic relationship with "the law", and the more extreme have virtually replaced Jesus and the original apostles with their own apostle.
They've been brainwashed to believe that these two practices show their love for Jesus.

You'd almost expect to walk into an ACOG sabbath service and to hear them singing "Amazing Law".


Anonymous said...

I have relationships with imaginary people, but only when I forget to take my meds.