Friday, June 29, 2012

Gerald Flurry-Philadelphia Church of God News Source Is A Purveyor of Porn

For some reason Armstrongism has always had a great interest in porn.  So it is no shock to find that Gerald Flurry is using a porn purveyor as his source for vital prophetic news.  Only in Armstrongism!

Gerald has an article up on his site dated July 2012.  In his article, A Deadly Secret Plot Has Been Uncovered, he starts hyperventilating about those nasty Germans who are secretly plotting to bring into power a new world dictator who will be really, really fierce.  I am assuming that when Gerald talks bout "fierce" he is not referring to it's current definition:

a term used in fashion for cool, sexy, awesome, or any other positive remark about something. it is most famously used by christian sirianos, project runway winner, and tyra banks.
Damn that dress is so fierce! I love it!

Look at that model and her feirce little strut!  Urban Dictionary

I digress, on to the earth shattering news that is ruffling Gerald's skirt:
A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

“The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union. Tellingly, the UK has been excluded from the confidential discussions within the shady ‘Berlin Group’ of Europhile politicians, spearheaded by German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle” (emphasis mine throughout). 

This “new bureaucrat” is going to get control of the EU by flatteries—not by being voted into office. That means that he and a few cohorts will hijack the powerful EU. It will be led by Germany, the only powerful economy in the Western world. 

There may be a few small twists and turns, but this secret plot is going to usher in a fierce dictator! Bible prophecy makes that powerfully clear.

He then breathlessly continues:

The Express secret-plot article continued: “Opponents fear the plan could create a modern-day equivalent of the European emperor envisaged by Napoleon Bonaparte or a return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages. …

For about 70 years we have been prophesying of the Holy Roman Empire and emperor soon to appear on the scene. It will be the seventh and last head of that superpower.

He then believes that a new German-Italian alliance will form, just as it did with Hitler and Mussolini.

These secret plotters saw the end of the Franco-German axis coming in the lead-up to the May 6 French presidential election. These two nations had led the EU from its inception. The plotters then moved to help form a German-Italian axis. 

Germany and Italy are the first two nations of the 10 nations or groups of nations to form the Holy Roman Empire. The other eight are already a part of the EU and probably eager to join Germany and Italy.

Germany and Italy have been at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire throughout the ages. When Hitler and Mussolini became allies in World War ii, it was the sixth head of the Holy Roman Empire. Mussolini even called their union the Holy Roman Empire

This new German-Italian axis—including the worldwide power of the Vatican—is a major shift in Europe’s direction. These two leading nations are going to shock the world as they demonstrate their worldwide ambitions—which they have done in the past.

Everything in Armstrongism has to have a conspiracy behind it. Satan is that big meanie who is influencing the Europeans to dump France and England in order to prepare for world domination.

So now that the secret plot has been exposed for all the world to see by the great Gerald Flurry, where does the porn connection come into play?

His source of news is The Express out of England. The Express has been kicked out of journalism associations and censured by advertising watchdog groups.  Here is what Wikipedia UK edition says in the "Desmond Era" section:

In 2000, Express Newspapers was bought by Richard Desmond, publisher of a range of titles including the celebrity magazine OK!. Controversy surrounded the acquisition because, at the time, Desmond also owned a number of pornographic magazines such as Big Ones and Asian Babes.. He is still the owner of the most popular pornographic television channel in the UK, Television X. Desmond's purchase of the paper led to the departure of many staff including the then editor, Rosie Boycott, and columnist Peter Hitchens moved to The Mail on Sunday, stating that he could not morally work for a newspaper owned by a pornographer. 

 The Express group lost an unusually large number of high-profile libel cases in 2008–2009; it was forced to pay damages to people involved in the Madeleine McCann case (see below), a member of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, the footballer Marco Materazzi and the sports agent Willie McKay. The string of losses led the media commentator Roy Greenslade to conclude that Express Newspapers (which also publishes the Star titles) paid out more in libel damages over that period than any other newspaper group; although most of the individual amounts paid were not disclosed, the total damages were disclosed at £1,570,000.[9] Greenslade characterised Desmond as a "rogue proprietor".[9]

Is Gerald Flurry so desperate to find news that fits his absurd prophetic brain farts that he has to turn to a porn producer to gather his information?  Apparently Flurry's news/editorial department did not have the sense to do a little fact checking before allowing this to go to print.  Flurry comes off looking like a fool.  Oh, no shocker there!

Hat tip to Tom who had this to say as a perfect conclusion:

Which of Desmond's publications is he going to cite next?  "Big Ones?"  "Asian Babes?"  Or maybe his porn network, "Television X?"
"It's a shocking demonstration of how infantile his thinking is, and of how his entire organization is built on sand. What a complete joke."


Byker Bob said...

Well, of course they're going to read the rise of Germany into most any news event, large or small. They are still attempting to validate the Herbster and his pet theories.

That's why we call it Armstrongism, a religion based on the hypothesis that the Holy Spirit causes one to accept that HWA was God's endtime apostle, and will help one to crave observation of the picked and chosen elements of the Old Covenant that HWA supposedly uncovered as restored truth after an alleged 2,000 year absence from planet Earth.

They are like Joey Caruso on Everybody Hates Chris, in that they never tire of this, and it never gets old. They just keep fanning the nearly unnoticeable flames, hoping to eventually ignite the bondfire of the end times. Good luck on that.


Painful Truth said...

If anyone is taking over the world its America. Read this:

The EU is nothing compared to this country. We could take out their financial system starting on a Wednesday and be done with then on Friday.

Flurry's hype is for the ignorant sheep of his fold. He uses armstrongism as his authority to preach, and ignorance to back it up. It simply is dribble.

Anonymous said...

"based on the hypothesis that the Holy Spirit causes one to accept that HWA was God's endtime apostle..."

The Holy Spirit: The means by which a human is able to go to a drafty meeting hall every Saturday and refrain from eating shrimp. The Holy Spirit also enables one to give +20% of their income to arrogant young men in suits, and to obey these young men unquestionably. That is, the means by which humans can keep the Law (imperfectly)

Jesus Christ: The Son of God who died so that humans can keep the Law imperfectly without being executed.

Grace: The removal of the death penalty that enables one to keep the Law imperfectly without being executed.

Love: Keeping the Law.

God: The being who made everything, but more importantly, the Law. The being who will kick the ass of everyone who ever made you feel small and stupid and ever criticized the Law.

The Church: The group of people who keep the Law.

Paul R.

Assistant Deacon said...

Hahaha, The Express. What a total piece of dung that scandal sheet is.

What's Gerry going to cite next, The National Enquirer? The Star?


This is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Gerry Flurry has written: "...For about 70 years we have been prophesying of the Holy Roman Empire and emperor soon to appear on the scene. It will be the seventh and last head of that superpower..."

But that is a "snow job" if ever I heard one. It's a lot of non-nourishing junk food.

Gerry cannot properly identify the heads of the Beast and fails to realize that the "10 kings" won't exist until after Satan is loosed from the bottomless pit and goes out during a "short space" to successfully deceive the entire world again .

If that weren't enough, what does Gerry mean when he writes: "...It will be the seventh and last head of that superpower...?"

The seventh head is not the end of the Beast! Even scripture makes mention of an eighth head!

"And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition." Revelation 17:11

With Gerry, his prophecies come like one flurry after the summer time!


Douglas Becker said...

Armstrongism: Failed prophecy since 1933.

Never change a losing game.

Andrew said...

Forgetting the pr0n connection, I thought the Express was a tabloid rag.

Anonymous said...

"Gerald Flurry-Philadelphia Church of God News Source Is A Purveyor of Porn"

Somehow this is no great surprise.

Gerald's PCG cult has always been a hangout for old sex perverts and predators.

People actually get kicked out of the PCG for refusing to go out with old sex perverts two or three times their age.

The godless, power-hungry scumbags that Gerald set up as PCG "ministers" will rant and rave that they and the PCG sex perverts they wanted to fix their victim up with have done so much for their victim and tried so hard to help their victim, and that now the "minister" will have to make an example out of their victim.

Some cults really are satanic. Gerald's PCG cult certainly is.

Assistant Deacon said...

"And of course, brethren, alien creatures have visited Earth MANY, MANY times -- probably demons, if not Satan himself -- and that can be EASILY PROVED from back issues of 'News of the World'...."

Anonymous said...

Last year, at an airport business lounge, a fellow-passenger stuck up a conversation with Gerry. After enquiring about his life and occupation, the young lady was a little taken aback by his purchasing of a Rolling Stone magazine. In spite of that; he went on to explain his ongoing research into the perfectness of Steve Jobs. And told her how all those who seek power, should strive to emulate the "Greats" of the world.

Gerry's strange man-crushes with HWA, Steve Jobs, and the apostle Paul intensifies with age...and can only end in tears.

Tohu said...

"Gerry cannot properly identify the heads of the Beast and fails to realize that the "10 kings" won't exist until after Satan is loosed from the bottomless pit and goes out during a "short space" to successfully deceive the entire world again."

Heavy sigh... And let me guess, you have some idea when that'll be, do you Whiteknight777 er... i mean... John?

We've missed you over on Silenced by the way! Your quiet departure, while expected, has left a void in the crazy christian corner of the room. Come back and fill it already!

Anonymous said...

"...[Gerald] went on to explain his ongoing research into the perfectness of Steve Jobs."

Look out below! The sewage in the PCG is about to flow down hill like never before. And it was bad enough before.

Jesus was perfect.

Steve Jobs was NOT perfect.

Gerald "That Runt" Flurry will now try to explain that the ignorant, immoral, godless, lying, fake PCG "ministers" he set up go into their abusive satanic fits and kick innocent people out of the PCG because his (and Satan's) "ministers" are actually a bunch of perfectionists.

Some people avoid Apple products because Steve Jobs was an imperfect jerk, yet he at least produced some gadgets.

People would be well advised to avoid Gerald and his fake PCG "ministers" since they are complete jerks who have done no good at all.

Someone once said that the PCG epitomized the tyranny of Satan and that each lying, slandering local tyrant in the PCG gets to pass off his own satanic abuse as the government of God.

Now, Gerald's fake PCG ministers can also claim that the reason they do nothing but evil continually is that they are perfect.

Jace said...

"Now, Gerald's fake PCG ministers can also claim that the reason they do nothing but evil continually is that they are perfect."

Back again with your same tired "evil" "Satanic" "Godless" routine, eh anon?

I never see you posting this nonsense on any other Banned' postings, PCG must've really done something to piss you off!

These issues are deeeep seated!

Byker Bob said...

Gerry should actually read "Rolling Stone!" I read it as part of my musical interests, but there are also some really good and insightful articles in it about politics, the environment, and some of the movers and shakers such as Steve Jobs.

Of course, some of the stuff is painful. Like the knowledge that the Beach Boys are all in their late 60s and early 70s! Now I know how my parents felt as they watched Sinatra age, and the music of their youth gradually fade!

I hope Flurry realizes that Steve Jobs was at one time the quintessential hippie. Wonder what he thinks of that?


Anonymous said...

Jason "Jace" LIEbold said...

"...PCG must've really done something to piss you off!

These issues are deeeep seated!"


Before this is all over, the PCG will have seriously harmed literally thousands of people. You do not seem to care about this. In fact, you seem to relish the thought.

As for your deep seated issues that you mentioned, the problem appears to be that you still love Gerald and still hate God. This is not just meant to send you into another one of your usual angry, cussing rages. I'd like you to think about it seriously.

(Protip: Notice the clever use of ALL CAPS, bold and italics for emphasis in LIEbold.)

Richard said...

If there's a "new German-Italian axis," then why was this past week's breakthrough in the "Euro-Crisis" portrayed as a win for Italy and a loss for Germany?

At least, that's how CBS News put it in a Friday evening report - as did a discussion on public radio's "Marketplace."

And why hasn't that beady-eyed former Nazi (Pope Benedict) done much to bring this European colossus together, to start the rout of America?

Especially since Mr. Flurry reported once called Benedict "the last Pope ever"?

Jace said...

Dear Anonymous Troll for Jesus:

1) Show me one instance where I've lied.

2) post a link to one of my "angry cussing rages".

3) give me one example of how I "seem to relish the thought"

4) explain to us all how I can hate something that I don't acknowledge as existing.

Thanks again!

Jace said...

Exactly. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Somebody got Jace all riled up, and it was done so cleverly that Jace now feels that he has to try to restrain himself from flying into another one of his usual angry cussing rages. Well, at least he now refrains from doing it online, at least for the moment. What he does offline is easy to guess.

Jace's continual fibbing about how Gerald is just an average, normal guy, and not really evil at all, and about how evil does not even really exist, gets really tiresome. Jace should shut up and try listening to some of Gerald's many victims.

Jace hates God so bad now that he wants to pretend God does not even exist. Yet Jace still loves Gerald, who kicked Jace's sorry butt out of the PCG. Jace won't even stop blathering long enough to consider that maybe he has this exactly backwards. He should love good and hate evil, instead of loving evil and hating good.

Jace promises not to waste people's time anymore, but cannot resist. Nobody wants to talk to him. Perhaps Jace appears to be unstable and scary, like someone who could be a danger to himself and others.

What Gerald does to people and their thinking really is scary.

Jace said...


Once again:

1) post a link to one of my supposed "cussing rages"

(protip: calling you a fucking moron does not constitute rage on my part, simply very accurate observation.

2) post one quote where I ever called flurry a normal guy.

3) provide me with one single shred of evidence that Yahweh exists outside of your wild imagination.

4) give one example of where I've come across as unstable.

You will of course continue to ignore these questions and attack my character. It's all you've got. After all, I'm the one with facts and logic on my side. All you have are fairy tales and, I suspect, lots of projection fodder.

Andrew said...

What's the deal with all the trolls lately? Did somebody unlock the gates to Mordor?

Jace said...

Presuming you're not referring to me (and hey, I can be trolliesque at times! Lol) that's a great question!

I'm more of a lurker these days, but I always see this same guy trolling all the PCG posts, always harping about how they're a tool of Satan, all the ministers are evil, acting like theyre the 4th reich or something.

Obviously, theyre a bad group, probably the worst of the armstrongite cults, but why he cant just leave it at tha, without trying to interpert the grand plans of Satan and Yahweh is beyond me.

Personally, i think it's his way of relieving some of his own responsibility for being duped/hurt by PCG. After all, if supernatural forces were at work, how can he blame himself?

I also get the impression that he's still an Armstrongite. Maybe he thinks Lucifer is using the PCG to make his cult-o-choice look bad.

Either way, he's good for a laugh.

Andrew said...

Obviously NOT referring to you Jace. WTF? This guy is so far over the top. Why is he coming to attack you here? Hoping an influx of social tards is not what we can expect for the future.

Anonymous said...

Jace, did you break up with a crazy person recently?


Jace said...

@ Andrew

"Obviously NOT referring to you Jace."

Yeah, I was pretty sure you weren't, but since I had started out being a bit antagonistic with our crazy troll, I figured it was a possibility :-p Just covering all the bases lol.

WTF? This guy is so far over the top. Why is he coming to attack you here?

The similar writing style, personal attacks, the inability to respond to questions or otherwise act like an adult, reminded me of Maynard. Then again, at least he had the balls (at one time) to post his name, so who knows what this guys problem is or even who he guy is.

@ Norm

"Jace, did you break up with a crazy person recently?"

It sure feels that way at this point LOL

Anonymous said...

A former member of DCP's RCG once claimed that David Pack used to shudder whenever someone from Gerald Flurry's PCG came over to DCP's RCG. Apparently DCP thought that PCG members were as spiritually insane and unstable as their leader Gerald, and were likely to detonate.

In a sermon, DCP mentioned that 400 PCG people came over to the RCG, but that one by one they all left.

Anonymous said...

"Jace, did you break up with a crazy person recently?"

Most likely, no one was crazy enough to put up with Jace's chronic verbal abuse in the first place. If anyone had, it would be they who broke up with a crazy person.

Andrew said...

We just met, troll,
And you seem crazy,
Our Jace doesn't,
Wrong Jace maybe?

Jace said...

@ Andrew

Careful Andrew. While I do appreciate the support, I suspect that you're only setting yourself up to receive more of the same infantile ad-hominem nonsense that I have for days on end.

Then again, maybe he'll feel outnumbered this time and scamper back under the bridge? One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Jace said...

"Careful Andrew. While I do appreciate the support, I suspect that you're only setting yourself up to receive more of the same infantile ad-hominem nonsense that I have for days on end."

Days on end? Stop sitting and staring at the comments over and over day after day or soon you will whine that you were harassed all year long. LOL

People can believe in God without believing in Flurry. Flurry wants people to believe that if they reject him, they are rejecting God. This is NOT true at all. Flurry has nothing whatsoever to do with God. Never did have. Never will have. All Flurry will ever do in this lifetime is make God look bad by doing all his own evil in God's name. The fact that he wasted your life so far is sad, but don't get too mad.

For an interesting little read you might want to check out a book called Modern Science In The Bible (copyright 2011)
by Ben Hobrink.

Jace said...

Sigh... Are you still talking troll?

Anonymous said...

I always found it interesting that Flurry republished the bible stories even though it is common knowledge that Basil Wolverton illustrated for Mad. An artist connected to a publication of that caliber really does not belong in any religious context let alone be exalted as excellent reading material for children.

PCG also went to great lengths to acquire the David Wynne sculpture for their auditorium. I was taken aback because I had read that Wynne used nude sketches of his adolescent stepchildren for many of his sculptures. I am an artist myself and find this very bizarre. Flurry droned on and on about Wynne being the best sculptor ever alive and all I could think is he was a perve.

If a group is going to commit themselves to being morally superior to all others, one might think they would keep their nose clean in their choice of artists.