Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rick Van Pelt Fired By Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College has fired Rick Van Pelt this week after after allegations of bribery were leveled against him and his business partner.  Van Pelt was the facilities manager at Pasadena City College.  He was also the former facilities manager for the Ambassador Campus in Pasadena.

Van Pelt was fired because he failed to reveal he had formed the company while on PCC payroll.  Van Pelts termination cannot be contested.

Pasadena City College brass moved to tighten oversight and hiring policies this week after firing Vice President of Administrative Services Richard van Pelt, one of two college administrators facing a bribery probe.

Van Pelt and school facilities supervisor Al Hutchings were operating a company together, Sustainagistics LLC, without the school's knowledge. Using that company, the two may have been doing business with firms they hired to perform work at the college, according to PCC President Mark Rocha. On June 7, investigators with the Public Integrity Division of the Los Angeles County district attorney's office raided the offices and homes of van Pelt and Hutchings.

On Wednesday, college trustees voted to fire van Pelt, who was the school's top financial executive.
The college will also break up the administrative services department — where van Pelt previously oversaw the school's budget, maintenance and construction of facilities, accounting, purchasing and even the campus bookstore and police — by hiring an independent facilities director reporting directly to Rocha, he said.


Douglas Becker said...

By definition, Armstrongism is not known for its honesty and its premier educational facility has quite effectively churned out functional sociopaths and unleashed them on the world.

Byker Bob said...

One of the problems with considering HWA as an apostle is that his followers fail to recognize his sins. They set him up as their standard, and even in cases where HWA committed certain acts which other Christians outside of Armstrongism would recognize as blatant sins, Armstrongites will instead imitate him and fail to repent even if caught.

This is why Ron Weinland and others have such a problem with rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's. The receivership era taught them nothing about accountability, just as it taught HWA nothing.

Here is yet another sad example of someone influenced by that system, and taking it back to the world.


Anonymous said...

My my my - aren't you all so full of yourselves. You are completely unable or unwilling to separate someone's PAST affiliation with current facts. And in this case, Mr. Van Pelt was PROVEN innocent but has that reinstated him? PCC administration should be ashamed of themselves. Let's turn the microscope on them and while we're at it let's look at their PAST memberships and tie them all together in a false but ever so entertaining smut fest.