Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ron Weinland, Convicted Church of God Minister Serrenaded

Today, convicted felon and failed prophet Ron Weinland ventured out of his home and into church services.  People in attendance at this wonderful event are posting comments as the day progresses.

The minds of the brainwashed members are exposed in all their wacky glory.  They idea that these people would do such a thing is amazing.

Reporting live:

Reporting live from the Saturday service. When Ron entered the room five minutes ago, the attendees rose and gave him and standing ovation. Then they broke into a rousing: “for he’s a jolly good fel-on, for he’s a jolly good fel-on. It was a moving experience.


Anonymous said...

...which nobody can deny...


Douglas Becker said...

Do ankle bracelets come in gold trim?

Anonymous said...

This surely must be some kind of sick joke. A situation such as this is would be a somber occasion in anyones life.

Anonymous said...

If only a box load of leaflets printed with the charges and testimonies against Weinland and co. had been dumped all over that place before he arrived--the look on his face would've been priceless!

"For he's a dirty, rotten, stinkin, thievin, odd fellow..."

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I think its a joke. I listened to the services yesterday out of curiosity. As an aside, the tow sermon speakers sounded like a traditional WCG sermons that I remember from my youth in the 1960s/1970s.

However, the big pink elephant in the room - Ron's criminal tax evasion conviction - was not mentioned.


Lake of Fire Chuch of God said...

OOOPs - I fat fingured "two" to be "tow" in the above post - although "towing the two titilating text teachers takes tenacity tempting the temperment". How's that for a tongue twister of the top of my head?


Byker Bob said...

It may be a joke, or it could be real. If the serenade did in fact occur, it would be typical. It's not as if Weinerdude's idol (HWA) didn't profit from obfuscation, spin, and blurring of the law during receivership, and that's the blueprint these guys all apparently use. They simply don't repent when they sin in the same ways as HWA did.