Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ron Weinland Court Documents Guilty Verdict


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

According to the link, Ron decided to testify in his own defense. I guess his proclamation that he is one of the two witnesses finally came true. I wonder if his wife was in the Courtroom to witness the trial as one of the other two witnesses of the Book of Revelation.


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine RW totally confusing the judge by announcing, "For the defense's first witness, I would like to call to the stand the First Witness."

Douglas Becker said...

Hopefully, the defense called the two witnesses.

Ah, all those billable hours.

At least it wasn't a total loss... for the lawyers (not that this does one thing for their reputations).

Anonymous said...

He would have been better off pleading insanity.

Kentucky's pretty insane, anyway.

You've got insane Christian Weinland in the eastern part of the state, insane Christian "Dinosaur-Ark-Park" builders in the northern part of the state, and insane Christians like this and this to round out the state.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I'm not surprised he got convicted, seeing how brazen and careless he was. He obviously thought he could get away with anything under the banner of church and ministry. HWA did, but he had Rader and Helge to cover his behind. They knew all the legal tricks.

I can't rejoice in anyone going to prison, but I believe it will be a federal prison and those are not quite as hard to bear as some others. This should be a wake up call to at least a few people.

Watch. I'm betting this will be tied to the great tribulation in some hairbrained way.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"Kentucky's pretty insane, anyway."

Yep. He fit's right in. The cultural of that part of the nation is especially atuned to imbecilic thinking. It's ground into their minds from the moment they are born.

Isolated for centuries and poorly educated with circuit preachers and camp meetings all over the place, they really had very little chance to develop any criticsl thinking. If they did, they got ostracized rather quickly and ended up fleeing north or west.

Anonymous said...

This will be Weinland's great tribulation. Rapture not included apparently, so, that means he's a laodicean!

Richard said...

I agree in part with the view that Kentucky is "insane."

If the basketball fans were a little more calm, my alma mater Kansas might have won the NCAA men's finals. :-(