Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron Weinland Juror Says: "...I am not willing to donate my life for some pile of sh*t like Ron Weinland..."

The jurors that convicted Ron Weinland rock!

June 17, 2012 at 08:40

Which brings me to my next point. I have three honorable discharges. One from the Navy and two from the Army. I did what I did and was good at it. I was recalled for war and that is why there are two from the Army. Enough said. I paid my dues. Glad I did it and even happier I am done and still in one piece. I also never talk about my military service nor brag about it but felt I should mention it because I was insulted during the trial. Webb stood in court pointing at the flag and wrapped his egotistical ass in that flag. “That flag stands for freedom of religion”, he said. Well let me tell all of you that I am not willing to donate my life for some pile of shit like Ron Weinland to abuse that freedom. Although many have. It makes me sick and pissed knowing that many have given their lives just so Ron can rip people off. Go ahead and give me a death threat or whatever type of voodoo it is that you use Ron. I like stuff like that. You may be able to b.s. and bully little old ladies and lost souls, but I don’t think you will have much luck with me.

On a more upbeat note. Let’s look at the positives.

#1. I will be keeping an eye on you and the “Clan” and holding all accountable as well.
#2. The IRS and prosecution will be keeping a better eye on you.
#3. You were caught and convicted.
#4.You are going to prison.
#5. Others are seeing what you really are.
#6. I feel damn good about being one of the twelve that put you behind bars.
#7. I know exactly how the other jurors felt about you too.
#8. The U.S. Government has specialists and unlimited resources to hunt down and find any and all hidden assets you have. Even if they have to put the rest of your clan in prison to find them. I know how it works so my suggestion to you is to quit lying and come clean.
#9. The extensive church funded travel is over.
#10. You have been exposed and are on the public radar. That makes pulling your junk a little more difficult.
#11. Everyone associated with you is also exposed.
#12. These others can, and likely will, be looked at.
#13. You think you can go over seas and hide stuff.
#14. They will find it there as well.
#15. Your game is OVER.
#16. When you get out of jail you will be special enough to re-offend.
#17. They seem to like little bald men in the pokey.
#18. They really seem to like men who beat up on little old ladies.
#19. Your bald head is easy to fit wigs on so you could be a red head one day and a blonde the next.
#20. You will be a novelty in there and a lot of dudes would like you just for that…..being yourself. True Love!!!


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Again, I thank the jury for performing their service and civic duty. And, I thank this particular juror identified as “Bags” for his military service to his country.

Bags said, “Webb stood in court pointing at the flag and wrapped his egotistical ass in that flag. That flag stands for freedom of religion”.

MY COMMENT - The flag still stands for freedom of religion. My understanding from what I’ve read about the Weinland trial is that NONE of the doctrines of the COG – PKG were in question. At issue was the tax evasion and using church funds for personal use without declaring it as income on personal tax returns. So, the astute jurors were able to see clearly through this false smokescreen of wrapping Weinland around the American flag.

The jury verdict is very clear, and it should be a wake-up call “jolt” to the other 700+ splinters. You cannot use your church non-profit legal entity as your personal piggybank - and if you do, you better damn be sure you are declaring the proceeds withdrawn from your church entity as PERSONAL1040 INCOME.

This tax concept is so simple that even an idiot can understand it.

The Weinland conviction had nothing to do with “freedom of religion” or “persecution of the Church” which is what I heard preached last Sabbath through Weinland on-line feed. Of course, the big pink elephant in the room – Weinland’s conviction as a tax cheat – was never mentioned publicly to the “dumb sheep” being sheared.


Assistant Deacon said...

If this is literally what a juror said, then it should find its way into the inside cover of every COGer's Bible.

This is what so many people thought of us in the historic COGs as we flapped our jaws about true this and true that.

Sincere is one thing, arrogant is another, and arrogant is the way we came across all too often to those on the outside looking in.

Ron took it to the extreme, and it obviously caught up to him.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The IRS has an excellent publication - Publication 517, Social Security and Other Information for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers. It is a good read for any Armstrongite Church of God splinter Church to help make sure your HWA wannabe apostle's "fear religion business" (OOooops! I mean "Church") isn't the next Ron Weinland tax cheat case.

Also see the rules on meals and entertainment avaialble on IRS website.

Oh, that's right! These arrogant apostles of God wannabes (good point, Assistant Deacon) think these laws don't apply to them. IRS? What IRS?

It reminds me of WCG offshoot House of YAHWEH Yedidiyah Hawkins (I surmise brother to the apostle Buffalo Bill Hawkins), being convicted of child sexual assault. Armstrongite wannabes don't think the laws apply to them - that they are only accountable to God, and no one else!


Douglas Becker said...

Greatest appreciation to all the members of the jury: It is terrific to see competence in action and we thank them all.

I saw the same arrogance at the hearing to grant relief to the UCG members being stalked by a United member: The two deacons, deaconness and stalker were all derisive and mocking the judge and the judge told them that he would clear the courtroom and eject them if they did not stop. They were attempting to treat the judge as if he were some sort of lowly church member. They quickly learned how little power they really have.

It is this sense of entitlement amongst all the 700+ Armstrongist Churches of God which makes them so disgusting in their arrogance -- as if God is going to defend them in their pride as though they are something special.

This is something absolutely every one of the Armstrongists seem to have: The stench of holier than though arrogant pride in their pathetic dysfunctional cults.

Anonymous said...

These are some excellent observations and comments from the astute jurors!

The vast majority of Churches in the US are Registered Nonprofit Organizations(RNO's), and enjoy a tax exempt status.
The rest of who pay taxes are subsidizing their indoctrinating and brainwashing people, as well as subsidizing their multimillion dollar homes and luxury lifestyles.

Personally I think they should not have tax exempt status.
(Although in today's political climate, it's not going to happen anytime soon.)

Please don't get me wrong- For instance, if a church has a program that solely helps people in need(without attempting to indoctrinate them), then I would support that program having a tax-exempt status.

(And I write this full aware of the irony that there is a hell of a lot preached from church pulpits that does much to promote the hatred of peoples of differing beliefs, promoting anti-science agendas, attacking the rights of women and minorities, and working against other civic progression.)


Douglas Becker said...

You know it would lend a ton more credibility to the Armstrongists if they had local church buildings for their (stable... hah!) congregations.

But they don't.

They have "headquarters" or "home office" and that's about it, except the ones that operate entirely out of box office.

Mark said...

They seem overly vindictive

Byker Bob said...

Yeah, sometimes the legalities and ethics of a situation are as plain as the nose on one's face, and peer-jurors can make clear cut decisions and then state what should be perfectly obvious to all, including (ahem) the accused.

As I stated in an earlier entry, don't expect any of these ACOG leaders to repent of sins which they learned directly from HWA, and which he got away with scott free.

Weinland would be a fool if he didn't attend some sort of executive prison survival class, although there are multiple levels of federal prison, and he will probably be incarcerated with non-violent types who are less likely to foment sexual molestation.

One down, 600 to go!


Allen C. Dexter said...

"One down, 600 to go!"

One can only dream. I suspect many of the others are a tad smarter in the way they operate, making sure they have a legal way to justify their thievery.

Ron was so blatant in spending that had no connection with any religious work that he left himself without legal recourse.

HWA was a bit smarter and made sure he had meetings and speaches to back up his trips, etc. I suspect some of the others have been astute enough to follow his example and avail themselves of adequate legal counsel.

To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!"

Anonymous said...

I still believe in God and the Bible, and still think that HWA had some very good points.

At the same time, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the so-called Churches of God are full of liars, thieves, perverts, and predators of the worst sort. This is especially true in the larger splinters like the Philadelphia Cult (PCG), and the United Cult (UCG), etc. Some of the vilest characters around ended up in these splinter groups.

It might seem perplexing to some people that the very churches that claim to have the most truth are actually full of the worst lies and evil to be found anywhere.

One theory is that this is the Laodicean era and that their bad behavior is the reason why they need to, and fully deserve to, "Fry in the Trib." for a while to get cleaned up.

Another good theory is that they are simply satanic imposters sent to lie and steal and kill. That would explain their behavior perfectly.

The teaching in the past was that the church would be persecuted by government authorities for its righteousness. This very likely will happen yet. However, so far, the only COG people to be targeted by the authorities really were liars, thieves, perverts, and predators. Thus far, the God-ordained authorities seem to be doing the right thing in punishing these wicked people. Furthermore, the authorities are being extremely merciful and lenient, giving them much less than what their evil deeds deserve.