Friday, June 22, 2012

Ron Weinland: Making The Churches of God Proud!

Weinerdudes story has hit the Huffington Post.  No longer is this story sitting in the shadows and read by a fringe few with ties to Armstrongism.  This must be a proud moment for all the Churches of God!

Ronald Weinland, Doomsday Prophet, Found Guilty Of Tax Evasion 


Douglas Becker said...

A significant moment, since this means that all the ACoGs have been had.

And they are exposed for what they are as they should be.

Just wait until you get the penalties for this sort of thing in Australia!

It gives one hope.

Byker Bob said...

Well, then there is the NIMBY attitude that most of the ACOGs have. Probably most of the members will cop the attitude that Weinland is some sort of anomaly, and this stuff is not happening in their own little compost heap.

It's interesing that Huffington implies motive, ie, the end is coming, so don't pay your taxes. This has never been a doctrinal approach of Armstrongism, not that I wish to become some sort of defender of the HWAcaca, but the truth is that members in the old days were always taught to pay their taxes honestly. OF course, Herbie himself and his close students were known to write off as ministerial or church expenses many things that were tenuous at best under IRS requirements.

Probably there are a bunch of business meetings happening as we speak to discuss how better to conceal these things. I hope the IRS will be scrutinizing any church remotely connected with HWA!


Anonymous said...

The warning message is going out! Preach it from the hedgerows, the highways and byways, the rooftops, and yes, even the liberal blogosphere! Stay away from COG's! Case study as to why: Ron Weinland!

A door has been opened, which when shut no man can open (think sliding with bars, not wood with hinges)! He who has an ear let him hear!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The "choice" if there was such a thing was: God or mammon.

It is obvious what Ron Weinland's "choice" was: SELF...that is mammon.

By their "fruits" we know them...


Douglas Becker said...

"Ron Weinland: Making The Churches of God Proud!"


Too late!

The Armstrongists are already proud!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Ron Weinland is NO Herbert W. Armstrong!

If he was, he would have taken out large full page newspaper advertisements in The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times with banner headlines challenging the IRS which read:



VonHowitzer said...

Well, in his own special way, Ron Weinland has become a witness!