Saturday, June 23, 2012

Van Robison: "Hypnotized by Pastors"

Hypnotized by Pastors

Is there some kind of magical spell cast upon people by pastors who preach from pulpits?    Seemingly there is.  Anyone who watches television preachers will see multitudes of people sitting in pews, seemingly hypnotized and spell bound by the speaker in the pulpit.    Like little children in a school classroom, adult human beings are mesmerized by those who stand in pulpits and pretend to have all the answers about God and truth.  Pastors of churches seem to have a magical spell upon the gullible and naive who think the "pastor" is the source of all truth, all knowledge, all wisdom and all understanding.

Where does this idea come from that "going to church" is where "truth" is found?    What is the origin of the "pastor" or the clergy/laity system of the church world?  Churches in general are all controlled by one individual or by a group of individuals or by an organization that is the source of their existence.  Charismatic public speakers often prance back and forth across a stage and act like performers in a movie.    Theatrics plays a big role in the world of churches.  The gullible are often sucked into a vortex of religious nonsense, thinking that "truth" is spoken by the quack in the pulpit.

Just because an individual has a bombastic personality and speaks with a sense of "authority" does not make that person the source of truth.  A speaker in a pulpit who addresses the simple minded in the pews as "brethren", does not make the speaker in the pulpit---God.    "Co-worker" letters or "partners" is nothing more than a play on words and it seduces only the naive.  Jesus Christ is not the Head of organized church groups or the author of "Church, Incorporated."    Those in power in all church groups are self-appointed human beings, who love free $money, power and control and who thrive on self-importance and vanity.  Such people have no real power or authority, they just live by deception.    Human sheep who submit their lives to "pastors" and churches are indeed sheep, who are mere followers, not of Jesus Christ, but of vain men who take advantage of simple minded folks.

Church goers are indeed hypnotized by pastors, whose persuasions keep many in religious bondage and captivity for life.

Van Robison


Anonymous said...

So what can we do about it?

solaris manzur said...

nothing because the man that wrote this article is WRONG! GOD sent the song and the song ask us to go to all over the world and teach them the truth for them to be FREE by the POWER of GOD!

redneck4Christ said...

Yes, there is something that can be done. First, do not listen to pastors and their sycophants who want you to believe nothing can be done outside of the institutional church. Second, test everything and prove what is Truth by the Word of God. Finally, stop going to church and start being the church. I encourage you to listen to these recordings and request the transcript at the email address provided: or