Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ferdig: Angelic Wit, Wisdom and Humor WIll Amaze You

The mind of an Armstrongite is a terrible thing to waste and not make fun of:

 My Angel Friends (SIB102)

In this delightful and informative booklet, the author shares his
relationship with his angel friends. It is both fun and eye opening.
Angelic wit, wisdom and humor will amaze even the casual reader,
leaving no doubt about the reality, activities and loving energetic
exchanges with and within the spirit realm.

Metatron Suggests Rethinking 'KARMA' (SIB103)

Is there a 'Karmic Law' at work in the universe that affects us from
one life to the next? Here is a fresh look at the concept of 'Karma'
energies and some profound insights that will clarify common
misconceptions. The magnificent Angel Metatron gives us some
amazing and loving advice. Approximately 30 pages).


Anonymous said...

This guy's a regular Joseph Smith, isn't he.

Black Ops Mikey said...

I was young in the ACoG and Art Ferdig was a ministerial ass in the church I attended.

Perhaps he had a good reputation with many, but he treated me personally with contempt and arrogance fairly oozed from every pore.

I see that now that he has grown old he has not departed from it.

Assistant Deacon said...

Ferdig is further evidence that HWA had no clue how to select or trust anyone. Anyone. The man was an absolutely horrible judge of character. Where was the wisdom one would expect of a "man of God?" Where was the clarity of thought, or the insight that would normally have come from spiritual insight?

The dirty little secret -- which eventually became obvious to all -- was that there was none. And yet, his loyalists continue to perpetuate some myth that he was a giant among men.

The truth is, Ferdig was more typical of HWA's decisions and choices than not. It's indicative of what a joke the whole house of cards was.

Anonymous said...

Agreed AD. But HWA himself, I believe, admitted he was a bad judge of character. However, I believe that nothing more than a one-size-fits-all excuse to explain what he was doing with Stan Rader for 20 years, with Ramona, doing business with other miscreants, or any time he got caught in dealings on the seedier side of the tracks. He would just plead innocence by ignorance. Hogwash