Monday, July 2, 2012

Honda EV World: Ex WCG Minister Takes Trip Down Memory Lane

Check out this article from Honda's electric vehicle web site.  Bill Moore was a WCG pastor who left Armstrongism in 1980.

Driving the Honda Fit EV Down Memory Lane:  EV World's publisher takes Honda's new EV back thirty years in time.

 It's been 34 years since I last walked the campus of Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. It was early Summer 1978 and I had just spent a year on a ministerial sabbatical after more than five years serving as a church pastor in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. Now we were preparing to move back to Illinois to assume a new church assignment, but that year would prove a major turning point in our lives. It had opened my eyes to the world of Biblical scholarship, as well as offered me the opportunity to become a published author in two of the church's international publications. The first would lead me to begin questioning church doctrine, the second would prove to me that I could be a writer.


Anonymous said...

Wow! An environmentally conscious COG member, who knew! Oh wait, make that an EX-COG member.

Anonymous said...

Any religion that claims that the world as we know will end, replaced by the governance of a supernatural deity, subtly breeds a stupid sort of anti-environmentalism.

I'm not claiming that all, or many, Believers are anti-environmentalists, but it does dampen any concern for the environment- why bother with pollution when Jebus is going to come back and fix everything? Plus add the knee-jerk anti-liberalism inherent in right-wing religious types, and you have a large voting block that is more concerned with two adult males having consensual sex in the privacy of their own homes than they are with insuring that we don't crowd and pollute ourselves out of existence.

My environmentalism is based on the ancient philosophy of "Don't sh*t in your own backyard." It's simple common sense.

Paul R.

Anonymous said...

An odd venue to recount one's memory of the WCG, no?

Bill Moore said...

Odd venue? I suppose, but when you're within spitting distance of the old place -- like the house you lived in as a kid -- you have to go by for a look. Certainly no regrets that we moved on with our lives.

Bill Moore said...

Oh yeah... the website isn't Honda's. It's EV, which I founded in 1998. And be sure to check out the interview I did with ABC Channel 7 in L.A. :-)