Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ron Weinland, Convicted Felon, is Asking Church Members To Try and Influence Judge With Letters

Mike has the following letter on his blog from convicted felon Ron Weinland begging church members to write letters to the court on what a magnificent ministry Ron performs.  Weinland's Impacts

From: “Ron Weinland”
To: elders
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012
Subject: To All in the Ministry

Hello to everyone,

This is being sent out to all elders and I am requesting that you pass along this request to members in your area. This should be sent out in a coordinated manner, so please follow the structure of Church government to make certain that all areas get covered.

My lawyer has asked me to send out a request to Church members. It is not requested that everyone respond, but if you have what you believe is a strong story of what has impacted your life by my ministry, and you feel moved to write about it, please send a letter to the address listed below. The purpose for this is for the use of the lawyer in his appeal to the judge concerning my future sentencing if it comes to that time. This is a normal legal process, but this needs to be done immediately if you are going to participate.

Please first read the new post that should be up sometime tomorrow (Friday). It is in the spirit mentioned in that post that you should write–one that reflects God’s way. We are looking for examples of things that have impacted your life like financial assistance or other assistance, help through teaching that has changed your life in some manner or some counseling that has done the same. Perhaps your statement might be about help in overcoming some problem in marriage, addiction, relationships, etc. Your response should contain specifics, while being specific, and not be long and drawn out.

It is requested that nothing be sent that is critical or an attack against the government or the system, and do NOT proclaim anything about your belief in my innocence, injustice, etc. This needs to be done by way of mail and not e-mail, so it is all the more important that this be done quickly. So when you write these letters, you need to mention my name and what it is that I have done which has influenced your life.

Here is the address where you need to send the letters:

Frost Brown Todd LLC
Attn: Bob Webb

Thanks for your help in this matter.
Our love,
Ron & Laura

What Rona and Laura still fail to see, or perhaps are deliberately ignoring, is the fact that at NO TIME did the court, prosecutor or the government go after the church that Ron runs.  Many of the articles in the news media make that fact know in their headlines.  Ron was convicted because of HIS deliberate misuse of funds.  The jurors that comment on Mikes blog also strongly bring this point to the forefront in all their postings.  It was never about the church, it was all about him.

I hope the judge and the prosecutor see through these deliberate distractions and nail his ass for the full extent that the law allows.

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Forbes: Man Who Touted 'End of the World' Guilty of Tax Evasion

Doomsday Prophet Guilty of Tax Evasion


Byker Bob said...

Seems like they are pretending that they don't know.

I hope that some of the folks whose lives have been negatively impacted by Ron's false teachings will also correspond with the judge.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Wouldn't it be funny if no one responded to Weinland's request? After all, is there any one who has a strong story of what has impacted their life by Weinland's ministry?


NO2HWA said...

Richard: Don't hold your breathe on that one. Our track record in the COG indicates that Weinland's members will write glowing letters of praise. We did it to HWA during the receivership, we did it to Tkach when the church imploded. They did it to Meredith when he started three different church organizations. They did it to United when they had the split last year. Pack's minions will do it to him when he has his first scandal. It's like a broken record.

Douglas Becker said...

Still, it is not clear how many of the rank and file PKG members know of the felony conviction.

At least this email (apparently released only to the "elders"), discloses that Weinland was convicted.

Maybe a few PKG members who have not yet learned of the conviction will leave when they do learn.