Saturday, July 7, 2012

UCG Begging For One Million Dollars

Beyond Today TV Studio is Really, Really SMALL!

United Church of God wants all it's members to know just how incredibly small their TV studio is.  Just look at those three men all crammed on to one pathetic little stage.  Poor little guys! One desk cannot serve them all properly.

After the membership initially balked at the the proposal for  new studios earlier in the year, now the UCG brass are trying to ramrod it through again.

I would like to ask for your prayers regarding the need for a larger and improved television studio so that we can produce even better and higher quality programs. We have a great team working together, and they do an amazing job considering the small size of the studio and the equipment available. And please pray for our three TV presenters, Darris McNeely, Steve Myers and Gary Petty, that God will continue to inspire and strengthen them and help them grow stronger and wiser in preaching and teaching His truth! They need our prayers and support even more with the expansion of our Beyond Today TV program into many more countries around the world.

Then UCG takes a page right out of the Paul and Jan Crouch fund raising book.
And one final matter that I would like to share with you and ask you to pray about. God has blessed the United Church of God with a good, steady income because of your faithfulness in tithes and offerings, and we are doing well considering the church split we went through about 18 months ago. But now we are growing and expanding our efforts to preach the gospel and prepare a people.

So what am I asking you to pray about? It is this: that God will provide the “faith line,” an extra one million dollars income that we have included in our new budget, on faith, in order to keep growing and moving forward. Our treasurer, Aaron Dean, included this same amount in last year’s fiscal budget as a faith line—trusting God to provide the extra income that we would need to balance our budget—and God did provide it!

Oh, and we are just one big happy lovey-dovey family!  The reality is, you are only loved as long as you toe the line.  Deviate anyway off the path and you will experience true Church of God love rather swiftly.

Here at the home office in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are working together in peace and unity to accomplish God’s work. We all love one another and enjoy working together. As a result, God is opening many doors and blessing us with new opportunities to do His work and serve others.


Steve Kisack said...

What bullshit! The same old con game. Why don't all of the lubby dubby "ministers" sacrifice their paychecks, go out and get a real job, until they get the one million dollars built up in their coffers? Of course, hell will freeze over first. Once they get the one million, do you think they'll stop there? Then they would need another million to build bigger and better HQ offices. Then they would need another million to start building a hall of administration.Then they would need another million to start building an auditorium, er, a "house for god". Then they would need another million to start building a college. Then they would need another million to start building dormitories. Then they would need another million to start building a cafeteria. Then they would need another million to start building a gymnasium.Then it would be, "You're not sacrificing enough for Gawd's work! If you don't give more and more money, this work will end, and it will be your fault! Let me burn your ears before Gawd burns them in the Lake of Fire!".

Assistant Deacon said...

Why don't they just build a bigger desk?

Douglas Becker said...

we are working together in peace and unity

Finally? After more than 40 splits over the years (we've lost count)?

"Preparing a people" for yet another split?

Of course, all Armstrongists should be familiar with the five tithe tithing system by now.

Steve Kisack said...

Assistant Deacon said...
Why don't they just build a bigger desk?

MY COMMENT: Or...those FAT boys could just lose some weight.

Anonymous said...

But have you seen the BT clips where the presenters use a chalkboard?

A CHALK-board. In 2012! How antiquated!

Why, Tim Russert was able to have a tablet-sized WHITE-board on the NBC election set in November 2000 - a board that become famous in TV news history.

Now do you see why UCG needs that extra million? :-)

Douglas Becker said...

I think I will go pray now and ask for $2 Million.

There's no sense limiting God (in how much He can give me).

Douglas Becker said...

United reminds me of Haggai 1:6 Ye have sown much, and bring in little, except I'm not so sure what the UCG has sown except division.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make an offer to UCG. For $50,000 I will give you excellent sermons where every week you will walk away saying either "I always wondered about that," or"man, that guy says what I'm only thinking."

I have my own desk that my dad made in High School and I don't wear suits.

I drive a Yaris already that gets 40 mpg and I don't need a Beemer even though they are made right here in town about five miles from me..

We would have a lot of fun. No drama and we can just agree to disagree and have a good laugh along the way.

I'll never beg you to "send it in," and promise never to build and auditorium, House for God, college or huge administration building for just me.

Think it over
M.T. Coffers

Anonymous said...

UCG Full of Sin

The local congregation of the UCG actually had quite a few wicked people running wild and out of control. Habitual liars from the WCG (now GCI) would even show up at the UCG to slander innocent people in the UCG and try to cause division.

UCG Council of Evil Supports Sin

The UCG minister (who was also a member of the Council of Evil) supported all this evil behavior under the guise of "showing love" to these people. With so many unrepentant, unconverted evildoers in the UCG, the UCG minister probably felt it was impossible to do anything about the situation anyway, and that it was politically expedient to play along. So the minister, as an elected servant of the mob, just suspended any victims and kept the perverts, even promoting some of these bad characters to the jobs in the ministry that they continually badgered him for.

UCG Ministers Serve the Wicked

This probably seemed to the UCG minister like the best way to grow the congregation. After all, trying to stop the sin would have offended the sinners and might have greatly reduced the size of the congregation, though the quality of the group certainly would have been improved. WCG ministers had been reported to Tkach headquarters in the past and fired for not going along with some of these perverts who were now in the UCG. So, it is understandable that the UCG minister would fear them, and do their bidding for them.

The UCG minister then went on to talk about how the UCG "meets in peace."

UCG Secret Code Talk Cracked

Do not be too quick to believe anything these UCG leaders say.

When they talk about how they meet in peace and harmony, that is a sign that they have done the will of the perverts that they serve and have kicked out another innocent person for them.

When the UCG leaders say that the UCG is growing, that is simply an outright lie. The UCG has done nothing but split from the start.

Byker Bob said...

What message are they preaching these days? Same old Armstrongism? If so, then I really hope God will prevent them from growing, and inspire their tithers to find Bible based churches that teach the true gospel, not one contaminated with stupid theories and distorted vision of world news.

One wonders if the IRS, via the Weinland experience, has discovered a new subcategory of potential tax evaders. A little surveilance might go a long way!


Douglas Becker said...

The UCG is growing... smaller.

Anonymous said...

These UCG bums are some of the same bums who had helped the Tkaches to grow the WCG by MINUS 90%. They think they have learned how to be sneakier this time around. Hopefully they will do for the UCG growth statistics what they did for the WCG's. They are just there for the paychecks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Near the conclusion of the letter it says: "...As a result, God is opening many doors and blessing us with new opportunities to do His work and serve others...."

Since when do they think God wants anyone to do His work? Isn't God big enough to do His own work? Christ thought they could take care of their own work:

John 5:17 "But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work."

Oh, and then wanting a $million bucks$?

It appears they have the provervial "cart before the horse."

If God were really in charge, with Christ as Head of United Association, then God would provide the budget that all of the hirelings ought to get in harmony with. In God's Church human beings don't need to be telling God how to run His Church. I guess it just proves that the United Association is not "of God," but time shall tell....if it hasn't already...

Those of that ASSociation and other org(s) just don't get the point that they either serve "God or mammon," and woe and behold it appears that mammon comes out the winner again.

And God just continues on doing His own work. Well, somebody is sustaining this earth, this universe, keeping that moon up there, etc....


Retired Prof said...

John, your last statement above makes your theology sound like that of a Hasidic Jew. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Everybody's got the option of choosing the world view that's most satisfying.

It's just interesting that, whereas James Malm demands a quasi*-Hasidic practice, you express a quasi-Hasidic philosophy.

*A philosopher I used to know defined "quasi-" as "half-assed."

Allen C. Dexter said...

Giving and sacrificing becomes an addiction. It's almost like a compulsive gambler blowing everything at the casino or race track.

Sacrificing for something you've become emotionally involved with makes a person feel good and more righteous. The longer they do it, the more engrained the compulsion becomes. It's a lot like alcoholism.

Richard said...

I attend UCG, and don't recall anyone mentioning the million-dollar "faith line" last year. It certainly wasn't emphasized at weekly services as a goal to meet. (In fact, my pastor hardly ever mentions the church budget during announcements anymore.)

So if God provided that million, who are you to scoff at it?

Assistant Deacon said...

Richard, how many times do we have to say this:

Scoffing at all these ministerial sycophants in the COGs is not the same thing as scoffing at God.

We've moved past all that. Hope you can too, someday.

John said...

I can imagine if a minute is like a million years to God and a penny is like a million dollars then UCG's request for "a measly penny" of Him will probably be granted on the condition they "wait just a minute."

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Just for the record, I am not the same Richard as the previous Richard who posted. I have not attended the WCG since 1976, and have never stepped foot into a splinter - other than my own church, The Lake of Fire Church of God.


Anonymous said...

Richard asks, So if God provided that million, who are you to scoff at it?

If God provided it, that would be nice, and maybe some kind of sign.

However, it seems general practice for sleazy preacher salesmen of whatever beliefs they're hawking, to squeeze the money from their "faithful flock", and not to simply rely on God for it.
It's a psychological squeeze, and they fleece their flock by using sleazy tactics that appeal to and grow the flock's fear("The Lake of Fire awaits those who don't give what they can."), hate("The evil World is under Satan's influence and wants to stop God's work."), and ego/greed("You will reign in God's Kingdom and become like God yourself.").

These carnival barkers fail to impress me.
Maybe I just don't have ears to hear, LOL!


Allen C. Dexter said...

"So if God provided that million, who are you to scoff at it?"

God provide? Come on. It's people who do without and deny themselves and their families who do the providing. I was there. I know where it comes from.

A lot of it used to come from me, at the expense of myself and my family.

When I worked in mail processing, it often came from basically poor but dedicated people who sent in money they had been saving for something they desperately needed just to answer Herbert's pleadings while he lived in opulent luxury and drank himself into a stupor every night on Harvey's Bristol Cream.

Steve Kisack said...

It never ceases to amaze me how those in the splinters have to continually convince themselves, and try to impress others, that GOD is there, somewhere, with their particular group, especially guiding and directing their "ministers". They have to cling to that fallacy, otherwise they're just another false "church" like they believe all the rest of the splinters are. "We're right. They're wrong. God is with us. God is not with them." How will we know if God provides you with one million dollars? Is that the way God works? Did He work like that in the New Testament "church"? Could it be that the "ministers'" priorities are a little f#@&ed up? If they have to send a letter out and tell you that they need one million dollars, who do you suppose they are trying to get to supply it? It is deceitful to say that they are just asking for your prayers, when they really mean they are asking for your money!