Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Armstrongite Says It is OK For Christians To Be Killed "It is about time they got a taste of their own medicine..."

Young Tunisian about to be beheaded for converting to Christianity.

The minds of Armstrongites continue to fascinate me with the sheer stupidity that comes out of their mouths.  A reader on Yahoo sent this to me tonight. It is from one of the Yahoo groups that claims to hold on to all things HWA pre-1986 and has a few Armstrongites pretending to be Jews.

A lot of the putting down of Christianity I see involves the Sunday keeping Christianity. For example, their Christmas programs not being allowed in public places like public schools and elsewhere, their Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations not being allowed in public and and public places. And their religion not being allowed in the public schools. I don't believe or accept anything that they teach so their being persecuted doesn't bother me one bit. It is about time they got a taste of their own medicine, how they have persecuted Jews and others, forcing their filthy pagan religion on others. Maybe this sounds harsh, but maybe you would not think so if your family was Jewish and you had family members that had been persecuted by that evil religion of Sunday keeping Christianity. It needs to be abolished and stamped out completely.

And most of the Christians you read about being persecuted or killed over in the Middle East are the Sunday keeping Christians.

HOWEVER, when those of the true way are lumped in with the Sunday keeping
Christians, that is a cause for concern. And yes, it too is increasing.

Where on this entire earth are Church of God members being martyred, tortured or prohibited from worshiping?  No where!  Yet, thousands of Christians die around the world almost daily because they firmly believe in their faith. These sick Armstrongites pretend to be abused for their beliefs and that the world is picking on them.

Obviously to that warped mind it is OK that Egyptian, Syrian, Pakistani and other Christians are killed for being "fake Sunday keepers."   Apparently it is OK to murder the women and children that have been killed recently.  They deserve it for picking on the True Church of God and for worshiping on Sunday.  Can you imagine the hell hole the world this COG member thinks they will be ruling over in the world tomorrow would be like? Sick, sick people!  Can the depravity of Armstrongism sink any lower?


Assistant Deacon said...

The assumption the Yahoo poster seems to make is that Judaism is better than "that evil religion of Sunday keeping Christianity."

How Armstrongish. So, in his world, it's better to deny Jesus as Messiah than to worship him on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting for you to show a photo of that pitiful young man who is dying for something he is giving his life for.

Your website is shit, but he was faithful to his principles.

Have SOME respect!

Douglas Becker said...

If I were a psychiatrist who had the Armstrongist Churches of God assigned to me as the patient, I would do everything I possibly could to get them assigned to another psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

Last night, as I was cooking falafels, the TV show The Big Bang Theory came on, and the guy Sheldon on the show was railing against Christmas and explained how it's an updated version of Saturnalia.

My comment is basically, "Why let that bother you- what else should you have expected?"

It's simply how religions have evolved over time.

Christians have adopted pagan sun-worshiping rituals. It was bound to happen, and did.
Most "new" rituals are based on older rituals that date way back, just like Christians practice voodoo but have "christianized" voodoo, and now call it SanterĂ­a.


NO2HWA said...

Anonymous: I am glad you are disturbed by that picture. He is a real martyr for his faith, unlike the pathetic fool that wrote that he/she said it was about time Christians " a dose of their own medicine." Armstrongite hypocrites have never suffered for their faith. They are allowed to freely assemble, worship as they wish, and say the most disgusting things they can without suffering for it. It's too bad you were not equally disturbed by the moron's comments. Like any rabid Armstrongite you want to see people suffer because they do not believe the "truth" Herb delivered that was for some reason was lost by an impotent god who could not take care of his own teachings.

Byker Bob said...

Over the past few years, I've read just about anything I can find from primary sources describing the events of the first few centuries of Christianity. It was quite surprising to learn that the vast majority of Christians who were martyrred at the hands of the worst of the Roman emperors were Sunday keepers.

People such as the one whom you have quoted from this Yahoo group are basically ignorant. They need to do a bit more research rather than accepting the picked and chosen items carefully lifted from context by their teachers. Of course to do this, they must get past the doctrine of the infallibility of their alleged apostle. That is perhaps their most formidable obstacle.


Anonymous said...

This is appalling that someone in the COG would even make such a statement. What kind of sick individual would even think such a thing? Just more proof that Armstrongism destroys brain function!

Painful Truth said...

Radical Armstrongism is on the increase. The talk on these boards has not escaped notice of big sister in Homeland Security. Ask me how I know!

The mindset of the person/psychopath who wrote this on the Yahoo board is of the same ilk found in the Nazi regime. Nazis that killed millions of innocent human beings.

Not too far in the future these individuals will be prosecuted for hate speech, and rightfully so.

I do hope that this individual does not have a teaching rank within their hate group.

This hate the cog member express's can be compared to that of the Aryan Nations. Those sicko's who hate people for their color or nationality.

Anonymous said...

Nazi's. All of them.

Anonymous said...

that Tunisian pic is haunting me..

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the crunch I wonder how many "Christians" in the affluent Western world will be willing to give up their life in the most debasing and gruesome of manners for their Faith like this poor soul did? To be butchered in the dirt like a filthy dog? And to add insult to injury what if at the same time fellow "Christians" were wagging their finger at you saying, "You're not a true Christian" just because you don't follow their version of Christianity?! It makes you wonder who is the real Christian in such a situation--the one using the sword or the one falling victim to it?