Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feast Bumper Stickers Are Back

Remember those old green diamond shaped stickers that were passed out every year to affix to your car before you traveled to the Feast?  They transformed later on to large rectangular stickers.  FOT stickers were done away with years ago when it was realized that criminals were hitting cars displaying the stickers.  Church member became targets for theft.  Those green stickers became a symbolic red "A" for all the world to see.

Like all great things Church of God related, there is a catch.  It seems the web site where you can order these stickers is also a money making enterprise for a couple of COG members looking to make money off other members.  Apparently you can sell anything as 'Feast Gifts" and people will buy it.

The Feast of Tabernacle gift page is here:  Gifts 

Ties, jewelry, toys, watches, Murano glass and more.  It looks like the old money making schemes that several in Pasadena fell for years ago.  People bought in with money for the right to sell items from a warehouse catalog that drop shipped items to customers.  People were told they would make hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling to their friends and then involving their friends in the scheme.  Apparently the tradition continues on.


Assistant Deacon said...

I love that the mug pictured on the gift page features a quote from Mother Teresa. The irony...

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

No2HWA said, "It seems the web site where you can order these stickers is also a money making enterprise for a couple of COG members looking to make money off other members".

MY COMMENT - Typical of WCG and its splinters - like the minister leeches feeding off the tithe slave members, some COG members also target the dumb sheep for exploitation.

Is there any real market for Feast stickers? Not really. Whoever is attempting to bring back this WCG tradition is pissing in the wind and won't make any real money.


Anonymous said...

If they sold deacon arm bands, hilarity might ensue at the festival parking lots, with a bunch of over-enthusiastic deacons bonking each over the head with their magic flashlights, fighting over who's in charge.


Assistant Deacon said...

Norm, it would be even more chaotic with us Assistant Deacons, since we don't even need to be ordained to get one -- just pastor-approved.

Byker Bob said...

The mark of the Feast. LOL


Anonymous said...

Assistant Deacon,

Actually, I did mean Assistant Deacon arm-bands. One was sold on eBay a few years back, and iirc, was oval and had "ASSISTANT DEACON" and "FESTIVAL" written on it. I have a picture of it somewhere.

We have a festival brochure from '69, and unlike the 'dollar store trinkets' at the website mentioned in the OP, it has some practical things for sale in it's last few pages(items including Coleman sleeping bags, lanterns, heaters, cots, and tents).
There are also some interesting articles in it, like "How to Have Your Best Feast Ever", and an article explaining that all "negro" members are ordered to attend only at Big Sandy and stay at a special campground for them there.


Assistant Deacon said...

Yes, five years after the Civil Rights Act was signed, "God's Church" was sequestering "negroes" all at one site, and forcing them to camp and sit in their own sections.

The typical explanation for it was that it was the only way for the church to assemble in peace in the Deep South. In truth, it stemmed from the disgraceful premise of British Israelism, a theory on which all COG doctrine is based to this day.

Richard said...

There's another site where you can get the classic green stickers (add your own group name at the top) -- and this site claims it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!