Monday, August 6, 2012

GCI/WCG New Ministry Outreach: Sweating With Jesus Is "Crazy Good"

There is not more I can add to this other than to quote them.  Worship Workout

We recently launched a new service/outreach project named Worship Workout. It’s being held at Fitness Bootcamp Unlimited. About 26 people attended the first session.

I opened the session with prayer, which was followed by a 35 minute “Full Body & Soul” workout accompanied by Christian music. I then asked everyone to have a seat on the floor and gave a 10 minute message about our physical and spiritual health. We then ended in prayer.
It was CRAZY GOOD and we now are praying that it grows and that some who attend will move on over into our church congregation.


Anonymous said...

"It was CRAZY GOOD and we now are praying that it grows and that some who attend will move on over into our church congregation."

I hope the new attendees don't knock over any old ladies, rushing on their way over!

And why the heck would any Christian ministry want people to "move" from another church to theirs? (I suppose it's like what's written on pizza boxes- "You've tried the rest, now try the BEST!")

This reminds me a bit of something I read about recently.
Devout Christian mixed martial artists(MMA's) viciously pummeling each other --- but only after the brawlers begin the match with a prayer and commitment to serve Jesus Christ.

According to Pastor Paul Burress of Rochester, N.Y., who says he "loves to fight", sees no problem with MMA's barbaric nature, and proclaims, "These techniques of fighting are the gifts and the skills God has given me."

Perhaps Pastor Paul would give Jeff Chandler a "Holy Spirit slap upside the head" that will lead to even deeper biblical understandings.
(And it's so totally awesome how Stephen Baldwin uses "Monster Trucks for Jesus" at megachurch events, which of course also lead to deep and muddy biblical understandings.)


Anonymous said...

What's next?

Flurry, Pack, and Meredith all coming up with video exercise regimes, and all rushing to be the first to copyright the phrase, "Sweatin' to the Herbies" ??


Anonymous said...

Do they honestly think this is going to draw numbers into GCI????????????

DennisCDiehl said...

I'm starting a fitness class called, "Bounce With Buddah" or maybe, "Sweatin' with the Sikhs."
Maybe, "Muscle On With Mithras," or "Abs of Adonis,"

Hmmmm, on to something here.

'Jumpin with the Jews,"
" Punchin' With the Apostle Paul"
(well he said, "I beat myself," but that wouldn't sell to most..some, but not most:)

Then there is always the time proven already, "Jumping with Johasophat,"

Pretty soon we'll see a version of Christian Warcraft 3

DennisCDiehl said...

Oh my, I thought you were kidding about it being CGI.

I have clients with tatoos like that. One had the entire crucifiction of Jesus on his back from neck to butt. Red blood dripping everywhere. In the world of energy and bodywork, putting such a negative thing on you is going to make you feel burdened. He walked as if he had a cross on his back...well he did!

DennisCDiehl said...

PS It was like an interviewer for a job that asked me what I thought of the name "Massage Envy"?

I told them that in 5 years since they came to town I have not known one person who knows what that means or why they would name themselves that. One never puts a negative word in advertising if you can help it. Also it reminds people of the only other phrase in America where "envy" is used and that is not the thing you're going for... I told her they should change the name and start over. lol

I didn't get the job
(and now I am done.)

Anonymous said...

Ab-postles of steel?


Anonymous said...

Pastor says, "About 26 people attended the first session."

well was it 26 or not? I might say "about 500" but one should be able to count to 26

I suppose CGI has "about a million members."


Anonymous said...

My naughty wife came up with these-

Boxin' with the Baha'i's

Punchin' with the Presbyterians

Wailin' with the Witnesses

Zingin' with the Zoroastrians

Movin' with the Mormons

Quakin' with the Quakers

Punchin' that Paul(better known as, "Dueling with Dennis", as a commenter who proclaimed he's here to set Biblical things right for us all)

Clashin' with the Christians

Strikin' with the Spankies

Hittin' with the Hasidics

Gellin' with the 'Gelicals

Kickin' with the Kingies

Rappin' with the Rastas

Suin' with the Scientologigts

Punchin' with the Packies

Wigglin' with the Wiccans

Flailen' with the Flurries

Clashin' with the Confucianists

Tappin' with the Taoists

Bonkin' with the Buddhists

Byker Bob said...

I've been into physical fitness all my life. But, I wouldn't think of making a religion of it.
Many of the larger churches in major cities do have athletic programs for kids, or summer softball for adults, but it's all kept in balance.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the Jesus portrait with the tattoo looks reminiscent of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys!