Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ron Weinland: I will Be Spending The Feast In My Basement

Mike has a letter up today on his blog, "Don't Drink the Flavor Aid by False Prophets," from Ron Weinland concerning the recent decision by the sentencing judge to move his sentencing date to October 29th.

This of course has come as good news since if fully relieves us of all stress concerning how to plan for the upcoming Feast. Laura was still a little uncertain how to plan since nothing was definite concerning what would happen to me. Now we will be able to observe the Feast right here just as we do the weekly Sabbath.

Now Laura can go out and by that Dom PĂ©rignon to wash down the caviar as they have the best Feast ever!

Check out the letter here:  God Places His Name in Ron’s Basement


Byker Bob said...

I've been trying to think of a theme song for Ron Weinland's immediate future.

The closest I can come is an old "deep cut" from the Rolling Stones. "Dead Flowers" is the song. If you can't find it by the Stones, New Riders of the Purple Sage (one of Jerry Garcia's side projects from the Grateful Dead) did a pretty good cover version.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ron could keep a proper feast by tabernacling out of his home, but he appears to be fear the commandments of men...

Assistant Deacon said...

Who attends with this clown? And...evangelists, plural? For what?

In the email Ron says, " is awesomely exciting to see how God works things out."

For us, too, Ron. For us, too.

Anonymous said...

This better be his best feast ever because the next 5-10 feasts he will be keeping at the feast site from hell. Behind bars!!!

Anonymous said...

If Ron thinks his message is so great, why isn't he shouting it from the rooftop.
(That way, the lady across the street who posted his bond would have front row center seating.)

Oh, and for Byker Bob, click here for the studio version of the NRPS doing Dead Flowers.

And speaking of Garcia, I just can't help leaving a link to this from 1963, which I came across.

And Bob, if you say you still only have dial-up, I'm gonna come and punch you in the nose!


Black Ops Mikey said...

The very definition of "subdued".

Byker Bob said...

Thanks, Norm. Maybe in the Kingdom we'll get to party down as a kind of a blog reunion at a Grateful Dead concert! Imagine the treat everyone else is in for!

As for Jerry's wives, my favorite was Mountain Girl.


Anonymous said...

"Man is humbled, and each one is brought low into the basement, and the eyes of the haughty are brought low as in the basement..."

Isaiah something or other...

Assistant Deacon said...

Ha, ha, ha.

Every time I scroll down and see the headline on this post, I crack up all over again.

"I will be spending the Feast in my basement."

That's hilarious.

Byker Bob said...

Well, I guess it's better than being in a third world country, contracting amoebic dyssentery, and spending the whole feast on the toilet!


Anonymous said...

"Well, I guess it's better than being in a third world country, contracting amoebic dyssentery, and spending the whole feast on the toilet!"

You mean like in Kentucky and Arizona?

Assistant Deacon said...

Remember when there was a site in Detroit?


All that proved was that some people were too busy to apply for a transfer.