Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Van Robinson On: "Worldwide Church of God Splinter Groups---The Plain Truth"

The plain truth about all splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God, is that if you are a member of any of them you ARE NOT being persecuted because others speak out.  The real motive of every "pastor" or "elder" of all splinter groups of the WCG is self-importance, even if any of them are sincere in what they do and preach.  Sincerity is not a surety or guarantee of truth and never has been.  Speakers in pulpits may speak with conviction, but conviction does not mean there is a guarantee of truth from the speaker.  In the world of politics, the world is overrun with human beings who have political aspirations and they speak with conviction to convince those who listen to them to cast their vote for them.

Splinter group leaders of the WCG are human beings with great ego.  They present themselves as reps for truth and God.  Many of us have long ago taken an exit from following human "pastors" or "elders", knowing that no man or woman is God in the flesh, even though many seem to think they are.  The "secret" that the common church goer is unaware of is that the man in the pulpit DOES NOT represent God or truth.  The man in the pulpit represents no one other than himself and the simple minded believe this character is God's agent on earth.

The PLAIN TRUTH is that every splinter group of the Worldwide Church of God, is a man-made institution, founded for no purpose other than to gratify the ego of the ruler of the group.

Van Robison


Douglas Becker said...

The real motive of every "pastor" or "elder" of all splinter groups of the WCG is self-importance

Well, yes, narcissism is a great motivator and not just a sickness.

But the money is good too.

And having power over other people is so... so... empowering!

It's the crap triangle: Power, Ego, Money -- pick any three.

Anonymous said...

Members of these groups need to remember one thing: On judgement day, you are going to stand alone before God and Jesus. Your minister will not be standing next to you as some sort of quasi defense attorney! Better get a clue!

Good work, Van!