Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fred Kellers Killing 'god' Is LOL Funny!

This was on Yahoo on a thread about what a wonderful fun day Atonement is.  Apparently it is also  hilarious that Armstrongism's god is such a blood thirsty murdering thug.  LOL brethren!  LOL!

It is a day to rejoice and not feel ugly because you are hungry!

One of my favorite memories was of a minister, Fred Kellers, who came out and yelled at us, "God is RIGHTEOUS to destroy his enemies!"  lol. Once he brought a statue of Mary out & broke it with a hammer, to everyone's astonishment.


Anonymous said...

sick people!

Douglas Becker said...

We highly recommend that the Armstrongists sacrifice the blood of bulls and goats to illustrate what the Day of Atonement is all about.

Anonymous said...

you should see how angry he can get with a hotel clerk when he got his phone bill

Byker Bob said...

Yet another example of an anthropomorphic "god" modeled after HWA.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Giving credit where credit is due, Fred Kellers sent an e-mail to me several years ago apologizing for a sermon he gave in Washington, D.C. in 1969. Here is what he wrote:

"I would like to apologize for the comments that you mentioned. In 1969 I was just 29 years old, too young to be a pastor. Many of the things I said and did in the first years of my ministry are a great embarrassment to me. I was a young fool. I apologize to both you and God."

End of Fred kellers quote.

It takes a big man to admit error, and the words Mr. Kellers wrote to me apologizing for a sermon he gave over 35 years ago makes him a big man in my book.


Steve Kisack said...

Apologizing doesn't minimize the

Allen C. Dexter said...

I agree that apologizing doesn't minimize the damage done, but it still reveals character. I said things and wrote things when I was a young, stupid ministerial assistant in New York and a brainwashed, equally stupid letter writer in Pasadena that I now repent of and am horrified over.

I can never make adequate amends for those statements and the harm they did. My only defense is that I was deceived and didn't st that time know any better. Thus, I can be a bit forgiving toward Mr. Kellers. At least he had "balls" enough to apologize. That takes a bit of character.

Byker Bob said...

Even those of us who are not or were not ministers mispoke, made mistakes, and ended up damaging others. Most of us, due to the teachings of the Bible, tend to hold ministers to a higher level of accountability, because we've relied upon them for spiritual guidance.

Apologizing (without reservation or minimizing modifiers)does not undo damage, but it can often make things less bad. Most of us would like to see Armstrongite ministers go all the way and totally repent of their Armstrongism, but a partial and non-self-serving apology is most definitely at least a very excellent first step.


NO2SIN said...

there must be a special place in the 'roasting room' for you guys...

Retired Prof said...

Thanks, Richard, for quoting that e-mail. Never mind our theological differences; I like Fred Kellers and admire him. That message sounds typical of the man I know.

That sermon where he smashed a statue must have been a hoot. I generally dislike CoG sermons even by likable preachers, but that one would have been fun.

In conversation Fred is witty and fun. Once I hunted deer with him and some members of his congregation. That year's feast was still fresh in their memory, and when we assembled for lunch, one man was reminiscing about it fondly. He said, "You get all that good wine, all that rich food, you feel like you've got to get a little piece every night."

Fred grinned at me and said, "That's why [Prof]'s not in the church. He can't come up to our standards."

Steve Kisack said...

Oh, the good old boys club!

Anonymous said...

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