Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Name of Elijah To Come Is Daniel Dawson! Woo Hoo!

Here is another crackpot Armstrongite that believes he is Elijah.  Reading his blog they look like pleasant people, but are just more in a line of COGers that believe they now need to be Jewish.

     So, two forces or supermen will be in the forefront before the day of the Lord: the son of man, Elijah the prophet (Ez 2:3-5; Mal 4:5), and the man of sin, prince of Tyre the false prophet (2 Thes 2:3-4):
-         The Man of the sin, the False prophet: will represent Satan, the devil (2 Thes 2:8-11 ;Rev 13:11-17)
-         The Son of man, Elijah the prophet: will represent God (Ez 2:3-5; Mal 4:5; Matth 17:11).
         Daniel, the son of man named by God, who will talk to the man of sin at this endtime, cannot be Daniel the prophet of the Old Testament, who died long time ago, and is still waiting in the grave, the resurrection of the saints (Dan 12:9,13 ;Heb 11:39-40).
         Daniel, the son of man who is Elijah, is also the descendant or son of David; his name, then, is literally: “Daniel-Son of David” or “Daniel Dawson”, as God has called him before his birth (Isa 49:1; 45:3-4).
         Jesus, another descendant of David, was also called: Jesus-Son of David ( Dawson ) – (Matth 15:22; 20:30-31; Mark 10:47-48; Luke 1:32; 18:38-39).
         So, the name of Elijah to come is DANIEL DAWSON (Judge of God-Son of David)!Sabbath Fellowship

Dawson is part of a small Messianic group that meets in peoples homes in Washington State.  Given the number of "elijah's" that have come to the forefront in Armstrongism over the last 70 some years, I wonder which number Dawson is?  780? 70? 200?


Anonymous said...

Of late I am feeling that NO2 is taking us on a tour of a mental ward.

"And in this room we have Mr_______ who thinks he is_______

Next, we have in this room..Mr_____
who tells us Mr_______ in the last room is not __________ , but he is.

Next we have......


NO2HWA said...

If these morons would keep their mouths shut there would be nothing to report! When I think the day will have nothing to mock along comes another wingnut.

Douglas Becker said...

Open air mental ward... this time in Washington State.

Oh, L-rd!

It just seems that even after the 3 and a half years after Jesus' death (fulfilling the very last part of the prophecy in Daniel 9) to the death of Stephan -- the beginning of the offering of Salvation through the Apostle Paul (under the Christian flag, of course) to the Gentiles, the Gentiles want to turn to the Old Covenant (which was, according to the text, done away) and turn to all things Jewish (including the heresy they acquired during their stay in Babylon). The 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 (another topic I will tackle on the Painful Truth this fall, which will like everything else there be thoroughly ignored by everyone, but still amusing because it completely disproves Armstrongism) is roundingly Passed over by these nutcases wanting to completely ignore the gospel of Christ (such as it is) and turn to Judahism. I guess people yearn for high button shoes, buggy whips, magneto box telephones (they can give you quite a nasty shock) and return to the religious equivalent of cave man days (at least with those really long dresses for women, hair plunging past the waist and bow ties for men -- not that I'm knocking the new season of Dr. Who beginning tonight).

We're in the Twentieth Century... at least some of us are, and not in the First Century B.C. (although using the concept of negative numbers in the calendar strikes me as a bit bizarre, not that we have much in the way of alternatives).

All day services and that suspiciously sounding as if they are at least partly in Hebrew doesn't seem much like making calling the Sabbath a delight: More like a drudge. When do we eat? Well, at least they got the potluck thing right.

But one wonders?

Can we start a fire on the Sabbath in our spark plugs and drive to Bellingham and a little past? (And how far from Canada is this place -- and as United States Gentiles will we get to meet the Gentile Canadian brethren)?

Just what do the Orthodox Jews have to offer Christians? Did the Christians in the first century go to the Jews (who would have killed them) to ask them about the Calendar? Do we really build booths to live in during the Feast (Washington Weather can be rather punishing that time of year)?

There is, of course, a prime opportunity to set up a new Christian Sanhedrin. The Jews haven't been able to do it since Hillel II.

So much insanity.

So many questions.

Mazel tov.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

I knew a Daniel Dawson in the Washington, D.C. congregation of the Worldwide Church of God in the late 1960s. Based on internet research, I learned the Dan Dawson I knew from the Washington, D.C. Church initially went with Gerald Flurry and the PCG when the Church began splitting. Later, Dawson split with Flurry and formed his own offshoot Church from the PCG.

Is this the same Daniel Dawson referred to in this post?


NO2HWA said...

I don't know. The quote is off a page of a couple in Washington State.

Anonymous said...

Hold on, there!

How come the name has to be Daniel Dawson?

Why not Daniel Davidson? Davidssonn?Davison? Davies? McDavid? FitzDavid? Davidowitz? Ben David? Ibn David?

Nazzo Fast

Anonymous said...

So, what we have here is a case of a guy who, if he anachronistically, and in every other way twists the bible in his favor, suggests that a man with his name is prophetically foretold in the bible to be a prophet? And therefore he is Elijah?

Assuming all of his goofy logic is correct, (I know, quite a lot to assume) pulled up 15 different Daniel Dawsons from the listed telephone numbers in Washington State alone. How many more Daniel Dawsons are there in the world today? But what if now is not the right time? It could still be some Daniel Dawson who has not yet been born!

Another Armstrongite egomaniac.



Brian Drawbaugh said...

To clear things up a little, the blurb about Daniel Dawson was found in a comment to the blog, not the blog itself, and it does not seem to reflect the views of the group in Washingtom. The commenter mentions affiliation with Church of God – Avoicecriesout, which is a website associated with Dan Dawson, who died some years ago. I have known the family for years, and just had dinner with a few of them, including his mother, yesterday as my wife and I passed through their home town. We usually talk more about old friends and memories than anything else, so I cannot provide information on the current state of the small group associated with Dan except to say that it does still exist.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Hi Brian,

This is a comment post from your long distance Baltimore, Md. Worldwide Church of God past. Thank you for clarifying. I was unaware that Danny had passed away.

I have nothing but great memories of the people who were considered my brethren from the WCG experience. Please give my regards to the Dawson family the next time you see them.

And thanks again for attending my mother's funeral in 2009. I hope time has been good to you and your family.