Thursday, September 13, 2012

Van Robison on "Splinter Group Heads Are Very Confused"


Splinter Group Heads Are Very Confused

It seems there are lots of men in WCG [Armstrongism] splinter groups, who want to be King.  No wonder because when you are King, you get all the goodies.  The $cash flows like a river into your bank account and you get to spend it on whatever you want.   I have been to churches where the preacher or pastor says that "the tithe is not your money, it is God's money."    Of course that is a total farce, because God cannot be purchased with money, nor can the forgiveness of sins, salvation, eternal life or the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ cannot be bought with a debit card, a visa, mastercharge or even $cash.   Therefore the whole tithing scheme is a total fraud.

If one splinter group church head is the "right" and "true" church, then where does that leave all the other WCG splinter group churches?   Of course what about all the endless thousands of church groups that have never ever been associated with the WCG?   That WCG splinter group heads are very confused is so apparent, that even a cave man can see through the deceit.   Every church head wants followers, even if the head is a group of men. It is sheer and utter vanity on the part of these self-appointed men, who assume the posture of being "God" to all the childish adults who submit their lives to these very insecure men, who want your worship of their person.

Presumption to speak for God and at the same time DEMAND $CASH is a guarantee of a religious racket. The only reason these splinter group heads call you "brethren" is because they want your $money.   Smart people will give these religious frauds the boot.   The salvation of no human being hinges upon or revolves around the "head" or "heads" of any WCG splinter group.    In fact salvation has nothing to do with churches or pastors.

Confused?  If so, it is only because you are going to church and rejecting Jesus Christ, to follow self-appointed men.

Van Robison


Byker Bob said...

Probably there are numerous individuals waiting in the wings to see if a breakaway group emerges, thus indicating who "has the conch". This also explains why so many of the players deal in hyperbole when describing their websites, body of literature, experience, and the scope of their work.

But, since it's a scam, it's all bogus. They're "lookin' for love in all the wrong places!"


Painful Truth said...

It gangsterism. Plain and simple. A shakedown using spiritual metaphors to scare that scarce cash out of your pockets.