Friday, October 19, 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Which Church is the Fairest of All?

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Which Church is the Fairest of All?

Every WCG splinter group church thinks they are the fairest of all.    All splinter group heads of the WCG, are self-worshipers, considering themselves as spokespersons for God.    God/Jesus Christ has not appeared to any of these men, spoken with them or implied that they speak for God.   Every WCG splinter group pastor or group of elders speak for no one, other than their own private opinions and they most definitely DO NOT speak for God.

All these groups jockey for control of as many empty headed followers as they can muster.   

Mirror Mirror on the wall which splinter group is the fairest of all?   Is it:

*The Philadelphia Church of God?
*The Restored Church of God?
*The Living Church of God?
*The Intercontinental Church of God?
*The United Church of God?
*The Church of God's Faithful?
*The Independent Church of God?
*The Christian Biblical Church of God?
*The Church of God-PKG?
*The House of Yahweh?

*Or name your group?

No doubt the Mirror on the wall would say "NONE OF YOU SNAKES are the fairest of all."   The Fairest of all is Jesus Christ.

Van Robison


Douglas Becker said...

You forgot the fairest church of all: The Supreme Cult lead by my cat, The Supreme General.

He's quite open about the fact that his church is all about him.

Allen C. Dexter said...

At one time I would have seconded your conclusion, Van, but I'm convinced the Jesus we read about may be based on an individual who actually lived, but most of the account is fictional. He certainly was no god made man by any virgin birth. That fiction is as old as all the great empires of the past.

Christianity is a syncretic religion with deep roots in ancient religions Christians denounce and ignorantly follow.

Byker Bob said...

The phrase "comparison shopping for diarrhea" certainly comes to mind.

Whatever relative good might be found in any one of them is perverted and contaminated by the sheer level of evil.