Friday, October 19, 2012

Van Robison on: "Banned by HWA is a Lifeguard"

I never would have thought that a blog done in my spare time would become such a hit.  Close to half a million viewers since I started with over 1,100 hits a day.  All because I have fun making fun of the craziness we have all come out of.  You have to laugh at it all otherwise you become so disgusted that life becomes intolerable.

Van Robison wrote the following piece.  I had never thought much about what a positive impact this is having on people.  Much to the chagrin of a few idiot splinter group leaders out there. Hee Hee!

Banned by HWA is a Lifeguard

Banned by Herbert W. Armstrong is a lifeguard for church goers caught in the riptide of WCG splinter groups.   Riptides can pull the unsuspecting into the deep where the end result is almost always a sad result.  The few who are rescued by lifeguards are the only ones who live to tell what happened.  Spiritual riptides pull many into the deep, where there is little chance of survival.   Many church goers end their lives in the depths of spiritual and religious deception.

Beach goers in Southern California are there to have fun and enjoy the surf and sand.   Spiritual beach goers, think they are there because they have "truth", when in reality, they are so deceived, they have no clue that they are actually drowning in religious fraud.   The Worldwide Church of God was a RIPTIDE of deception, as are ALL splinter groups of the
WCG.   The "deep" in the spiritual ocean of fraud is full of sharks.   Church goers don't wear LIFE-JACKETS, they just plunge into the deep and think nothing will happen.

Quite often, those caught in the spiritual riptide of deception, refuse help or rescue, because they "think" they are "safe."   They really are not, they just don't realize that they are SHARK BAIT.



Allen C. Dexter said...

I like the symbolism used here. It is so easy to grasp. I've experienced the currents on those Californian beaches and I almost got knocked off my feet by a wave and undertow on Kaanapali Beach a few years back.

I go to this site at least once a day, often two or more times. It's one of my musts. Good job!

Anonymous said...

This blog has been great. I check it out several times a day. It has helped me with my healing process.

Anonymous said...

The problem with WCG was that the vast majority of people were following the man. As he flip flopped on issues, they flip flopped too, back and forth, never using their gray matter, but simply doing as some guy told them.

That is confusion, and a lot of people were hurt by it. Many of those same people are now very bitter about the whole experience (and I can understand that).

Douglas Becker said...

The land of Armstrongism is a land of sociopaths.

Byker Bob said...

Good analogy, but it actually stops with the fact that surfing is both exhilarating and enjoyable.
From the get go, Armstrongism destroys your enthusiasm for all of the normal things from which God intends for His children to obtain enjoyment, and focusses all remaining (albeit depressed) energies on a piss-poor, nowheresville church and its cookie cutter "spiritual guides" who long ago subverted their own personalites for the UAP (universal Ambassador personality).
Their credo: Legalism is love.

One of the most wonderful truths hidden by my years in Armstrongism that I've discovered is that you can actually be Christian, and have a fulfilled and exciting live full of blessings right here and now. A daily adventure with God, filled with mentoring, training, loving interaction with others, and no gloom and doom or resentment of the types of fake authority never taught by Jesus.

The rip tide nearly wrecked me, but I'm so thankful that God had something better in mind for me, as He now helps me shoot the curl of a ten footer.