Wednesday, November 7, 2012

E W King Predictions for 2013

God's greatest endtime TRUE teacher is now E. W. King.  God is apparently only using him to get the end time witness out.  Merdith, Flurry, Pack and the rest of the loser prophets are impotent and girly compared to this he-man!
Well, we have come through a little over a year since God has called me to officially speak as a Christian teacher. 
What can we expect for the year 2013 & Beyond?  
An economic slowdown! We will see a very extreme continuation of economic slowdown. This will continue to reorganize what’s left of the middle class. The world is temporarily learning how to “fit” itself. 
Weather will continue to show us new things. Earth’s atmosphere is undergoing a great change. 
We shall unfortunately see an increase in crime worldwide.  
An issue with American police departments will arise. Police departments will seek more authority in power. This has been an ongoing process but will come to light in 2013
America will become more dependent on government to the point that if anybody speaks badly about the government they may be arrested or even worse, their lives may be threatened. 
We will see strong government control over the internet.
Government will try and control freedom of speech.
Storms of great magnitude will hit the United States.
Gas prices will stay high…while international wars over oil increase!
Our court system shall also go through a great change, a reformation. The government is seeking more control and authority. We shall witness great changes in the structure of legal matters.
The US stock market will witness challenges like never before. 
Muslims worldwide will come under a new organization. This will give them more authority. This new organization will start with an American Muslim group.
Earthquakes will be noted; big quakes! 
We can even expect another title wave
We will see great controversy in the world of American sports. I do not have all the details regarding this but it is coming.    
There will be Muslim gun attacks here in America. There will be terrorist attacks on a new level. 
We will witness big changes in Russia. Russia will be talked about in every news outlet.  
China will become more vocal.     
People in America will connect to new political parties. They are fed up with the Republicans and Democrats. The new parties however will be controlled and manipulated by mone
Air wars will happen with military jets involving more than three countries. These wars [air wars] will continue to become a norm. Militaries will try and rule the skies. 
America will announce a new ‘space program’. 
We will see navel battles.    
Big countries will fight for border definitions. World War 3 will be discussed!
FOX news will face legal battles. 
Mexico will become a place of great excitement. 
American Indians will become more vocal.  
Food prices will keep going up!  
New concerns about the earth’s atmosphere will become public. 
Animal born diseases will come to light. 
Violent crimes will enter our homes through the news media. 

Spain and Greece along with other countries will see unrest. 

Economy issues shall increase. 

Astrological signs will become the talk. We will see things like never before! Germany will make the news for European control. Major signs in the “heavens” will occur.

Those involved in the UFO movement will come to public news. These groups are seeking to develop a ‘new religion’. 

Socialism will be introduced in a powerful way. 

A new technology shall become very controversial. 

The UFO phenomenon will be broadcasted like never before! 

Drugs and pornography shall become issues like never before.

Last but not least, political leaders will have to watch their backs more carefully. Unfortunately they may become targeted for assassination due to all the hatred and confusion.

Never fear though!  If you immediately join King's small cult you will be saved!

COGSR is here to help you stay awake, aware and alert to the Signs of the Times.

Whew!  It's sorry tiring trying to decide who has my interests at heart.


Head Usher said...

"Well, we have come through a little over a year since God has called me to officially speak as a Christian teacher."

Oh my! How can anyone say/write such a thing with a straight face?

Here's my Top 5 list of doozies:

"We can even expect another title wave." (Great, I love books!)

"We will see great controversy in the world of American sports. I do not have all the details regarding this but it is coming." (Oh? The details will be coming? Is that what god said when he told you all this jive?)

"We will see navel battles." (The Battle of the Belly Buttons! That's hot!)

"Mexico will become a place of great excitement." (I'm excited, are you?)

"Food prices will keep going up!" (Couldn't imagine the opposite happening.)

This was the best that god could come up with? Most of these things sound like the crap it says in my horoscope!

Steve Kisack said...

"God" doesn't spell too good, does he? Maybe he doesn't know the English language very well.

Anonymous said...

But he forgot the part about..."But Jesus will not return anytime soon if we go by past history of end time fantasy."


Anonymous said...

It is not wrong or inappropriate to "notice" that "my Lord delays his coming," when in the original context my Lord was supposed to be right back 2000 years ago.

Anyone with internet access can come up with a list of surefire endtime indicators...

As we know, the early Church went from sharing all things due to the near coming event to not so much when the wealthier members began to realize they were funding the operation.

Soon, shortly and it is the last hour turned into months, years centuries and millenia.

Those who noticed "my Lord delays his coming" were not scoffers. They were realists and noticed what was plainly true.

Even Paul gave up his "we" and "us" for the grave and the long sleep...

The delay has simply become a no show.


Anonymous said...

What's a "title wave".

Douglas Becker said...

We will see great controversy in the world of American sports

That's already happening.

The Jets won't let Tim Tebow play as quarterback.

He's too buff for passing and also (gasp, choke), Tim Tebow is a Christian.

Anonymous said...




Douglas Becker said...

To paraphrase:

Last but not least, Armstrongist leaders will have to watch their backs more carefully. Unfortunately they may become targeted for assassination due to all the hatred and confusion.

Certainly, if PKG members ever wake up to Weinland and what he has done to them, he'd be at risk if he weren't serving a prison term (sentencing is days away).

Of course, the LCG has already had experience back in 2005.

You know, one of these days the ACoG membership may go postal from the hatred and confusion the Armstrongist ministers have kicked up.

It's unfortunate the Armstrongist leaders can't see the downside to the sham they've perpetrated.

Perhaps they will receive an unexpected enlightenment in 2013 and beyond.

Byker Bob said...

What did he do? List all of the worst case scenarios on each topic?
That is supposed to be inspired insight? Basically, this guy is just a negative thinker who attributes his negativity to God.

I wonder what his life is like?


Richard said...

We can even expect another title wave.

In my part of the country, this could refer to pawning car titles for extra cash.

We will see great controversy in the world of American sports.
I can help Mr. King with this one. In my part of the country, it's called college football. It's ALWAYS controversial - especially during November.

Anonymous said...

Armstrongist leaders will each release memos, which will cause many people to leave their respective organizations, unfortunately, most will not get the memo.

LOL said...

He forgot this one:

There shall in that time be rumors of things going astray and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia work base that has an attachment. At this time a friend shall lose his friend's hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before about eight o'clock.

Painful Truth said...

Words that are speculative as events to the world at large. He reads Gerald Celente or a lot of news. Nothing in this crap is special.

Let king predict a large earthquake. Pick the location, the day and month. When you are right (har, har), then we shall worship at your altar. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Did EW King predict who would win the election?
If he makes predictions about the world of sports etc, you'd think he would have made a prediction about something of greater importance, like the election.

Or does he have egg on his face over a wrong election prediction, so he reacts by making a bunch of super-easy predictions?