Saturday, December 8, 2012

EW King: Put All Americans On Dope!

The worlds most accurate end time prophet (sorry Dave Pack!), E. W. King, says that ALL Americans should be on dope because everyone is too stupid, too lazy and are dependent on government assistance.

EW brags:

In a November 7th 2012 article I stated regarding the ‘sluggards’:
“They smoke dope, put children on dope and could really care less. They want government aid because they are too lazy to work. If your state takes a strong position in controlling food stamps that state gets less federal help.”

Next he boasts:

I yet another March 2012 article I stated:
“Here is a generation who watches a so called “science network TV program” and is taught that all humans were actually created by little gray bugs called “extraterrestrials”. Here is a generation on crack, energy drinks, heroine, crank, LSD, ecstasy, PCP, and the list goes on. The pharmaceutical industry now has a pill you can swallow for just about any problem you might have. Meanwhile the Boogie Woogie Beatnik Parents are right alongside their fornicating children smoking a joint with them and listening to Pink telling their children things like: “Boy, I wished my dad would have smoked pot with me and let me fornicate. They were just so old fashion.” Again, you must understand, the mentality of the parents from the 80’s and 90’s is this idea of a “new enlightenment”.”

I have to really wonder here WHO is actually smoking the dope!  Does EW have a problem he is trying to deal with? No one I know does this.  The kids  I know don't do this.  In fact, the young people I know give hope that this country still has potential.  Only in the negative mind of an Armstrongite, who is wrapped up in the stupidity of prediction addiction is one too blind to see this. They cannot find good anywhere because all they want to see is the bad. Bad and evil legitimizes their religious rantings. Good does not exist because this is Satan's world and they (Armstrongites) are being held captive.

King is ticked at Seattle for its recent voter approval of marijuana for recreational use.

“A Seattle resident takes marijuana from a plastic bag shortly after a law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana took effect on December 6, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. Voters approved an initiative to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana making it one of the first states to do so.”
So here we go. Now the United States government authorities whish to keep every one stoned so that they ignore the reality of what is really going on. As government continues to grow and grow and grow…..and even grow pot, the rest of us are left dealing with the consequences of a satanic system.
While I am not a marijuana advocate and never will be, King jumps to far too many conclusions.  Besides, if King believes in the God who created all things, then God created the marijuana plant.  How does he reconcile that?


Anonymous said...

Hot damn! Now I can smoke pot at the Feast when I am drinking. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Um, who says we are not already smoking it at the feast? As an Imperial grad I learned all my pot tricks there.

Byker Bob said...

Sounds like a couple of good bong hits might mellow out Ewww's extreme legalism.

Oh well, now, in addition to everything else, we know he probably listens to Rush Limbaugh and watched the X Files.


Anonymous said...

a couple of hits might make his sermons more tolerable!

Byker Bob said...

Where in the name of Obama's Pajamas did this guy come from? Was he ever an ACOG minister? If so, which splinter?


Allen C. Dexter said...

I've been wondering that also, BB. Where did this wing nut originate? Can anybody clarify?

Head Usher said...

I am always amazed at people's chuzpah to brand themselves as god's one and only mouthpiece and their tiny new group as the one and only true church, without even a curriculum vitae. Then they proceed to spew forth all sorts of obvious lies and cockamamie bull hit. The other thing that always amazes me is people's ability to suspend disbelief. I don't know who's smoking more, the false prophet or his false followers.

Byker Bob said...

This guy isn't even smoking legitimate dope. He's probably rolled up some of his mother's chives and is smoking them.


Painful Truth said...

This EW is an idiot. He has no basis of understanding concerning the Washington law on marijuana.

He doesn't even notice that this is the first step in restoring states rights.

He's a conservative as all herbal worshipers are and lacks the basics necessary intellect to judge the concept behind the Washington law.

And for your information EW, it is the state of Washington that passed this law moron! The federal government doesn't want you smoking dope. They want to oppress you, kick in your door and terrorize your family, shot the family dog, all for having even a seed of the evil weed in your space.

Anonymous said...

Exactly true, James.

In Washington DC, One party wants to take your money away through taxes and expanding government, while the other wants to set things up so there are no regulations on our own home grown version of the oligarchs, so that they can take your money away through unconscionable profits made by their oil and gas companies, sports franchises, insurance companies, etc. Only in America do we get a choice as to who we prefer to be ripping us off!