Sunday, January 20, 2013

Apostle Malm Now Paying Homage to the Lord of Ayurveda?

Dhanvantari, an incarnation of Krishna[1] 
and the Lord of Ayurveda worshiped at an Ayurveda expo

Has apostle Malm has jumped over to the dark side?  Apostle Malm has been such a proponent of the law and hated of paganism over the years that it is funny to now see him promoting Ayuvedic in his writings.

For some reason the apostle feels he needs to tell people how to believe, how to worship, what kind of music to listen too, which new moons to observe and what foods to eat.  Apparently he is an all purpose apostle!

Today the apostle is promoting asparagus.and its healing qualities.  He gives proper instructions on how to cook it so that all TRUE Christians will get its best healthy benefits.

The god of asparagus

Asparagus is full of healthy nutrients.  Everyone except leukemia suffers can enjoy this delectable vegetable and best of all it does no harm.  For those whose experience with asparagus has been limited to the mush sold in cans, or in most restaurants; try preparing this treat from the fresh at home.
Select young thin spears instead of the larger more mature stems; bring some water to a boil while snapping off any woody ends from the spears;  then place the stems in rapidly boiling water.  It is most important not to over cook asparagus!  Watch carefully and within a minute they will begin to change colour into a vibrant bright green.  When this colour change is apparent; remove the asparagus from the water immediately and serve immediately.

The spears will be lightly cooked and full of important nutrients and cancer fighting agents; they will also still have a light satisfying crunch.  Make asparagus a regular part of a healthy diet.
He also goes on to talk about Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurvedic medicine (similar to the mumbo jumbo of prophet Thiel) is folk medicine from India.
Asparagus benefits the body in many other ways. Ayurvedic healing refers to asparagus as “shatavari” which means “women with a thousand husbands.” Ayurvedic experts have used shatavari for centuries to treat the symptoms of menopause as well as infertility and loss of libido.
Maybe apostle Malm should really look into Ayurvedic medicine some more.  It has some areas of medicinal practice that apostle Malm could benefit from.  Perhaps it could help with his diabetes problems and poor eyesight. Maybe the apostle might want to work with the treatment for mental diseases brought on by demonic influence.  Just sayin......since it seems mental issues are a big problem in the COG lately with all of these prophets, apostles and two witnesses floating around.

In classical Sanskrit literature, Ayurveda was called "the science of eight components" (Sanskrit aṣṭāṅga अष्टांग), a classification that became canonical for ayurveda. They are:[7][8]


DennisCDiehl said...

Malm says

"Everyone except leukemia suffers can enjoy this delectable vegetable and best of all it does no harm."

If you have gout, certain arthritis and kidney problems, you must avoid it as well. It is loaded with ocilic acid which is the culprit in gout in the feet and never damage. It loads the Kidneys and can produce stones.

I do remember the Kingdom of God was NOT food and drink even though COG types act like that's exactly what it is.

DennisCDiehl said...

sorry, oxalic acid,

DennisCDiehl said...

Don't know where my posts go at times..Let's try again.

"Everyone except leukemia suffers can enjoy this delectable vegetable and best of all it does no harm. " Malm

Not so. Oxalic acid which produces the heavy urine smell with asparagus aggravates gout bog time. It also puts much pressure on Kidneys and can cause stones. It is an absolute countraindication for arthritis .

Other than that, everyone except leukemia patients can have it lol.

Anonymous said...

Dhanvantari, lord of Ayurveda, is supposed to be a form of Krishna.

Krishna is a god who had sex with women other than his wife, and with other men's wives.

Maybe GTA should have looked into this.

Head Usher said...

Wikipedia also says:

"Rasa shastra, the practice of adding metals, minerals or gems to herbs, may have toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic...Ayurvedic proponents believe that the toxicity of these materials is reduced through purification processes such as samskaras or shodhanas (for metals), similar to the Chinese pao zhi, although the ayurvedic technique is more complex and may involve prayers as well as physical pharmacy techniques."

So, you might want to consider some lead, mercury, or arsenic to your asparagus too, but of course, only as prescribed by the appropriate ayurvedic texts, and only with the appropriate "purification processes" and prayers to Dhanvantari (I guess.)

Malm instantly appears about twice as cool as before, but only half as rational.

Byker Bob said...

He can have his aspara-gas!