Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dave Pack Spending Money on New Cable Stations While Church Still Struggling To Pay For New Buildings

Despite the Restored Church of God being in deep financial doo doo at the moment because of it absurd building program, it is paying huge fees to get Davey's face on more cable stations.  Dave is breathlessly announcing that he is now being beamed around world utilizing all kinds of satellites and cable stations. 

The world’s greatest man, leader of the world’s greatest Church of God, is now the worlds largest satellite user for expounding God's word. Take that you pussy boys at LCG, PCG and CCOG!

WADSWORTH, OH – January 16, 2013 – The Restored Church of God® has expanded its television broadcast coverage of The World to Come™ with David C. Pack around the globe, tripling the number of weekly time slots. Utilizing a fleet of geostationary satellites and a variety of cable operators across multiple continents, each telecast will now be available in more than 200 countries and territories.

The telecast will be available in virtually every time zone and multiple times per week. Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and South Africa will be able to view the program on Wednesday mornings. Australia, the Philippines, and Asia can watch it on Wednesday evenings. In North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, viewers will have an overnight Tuesday-Wednesday showing, which will supplement the existing U.S. Wednesday morning time slot. To round out the schedule, the program will also be broadcast Sunday mornings across Canada on Grace TV, starting on February 17.The World to Come with David C. Pack Television Program Expands Around the Globe

I can’t wait for the fraudulent numbers of viewers to be posted by RCG.  Those numbers will be just as absurd as prophet Thiel's numbers.

Perhaps some people need to inform Grace TV about Davey's aberrant and heretical teachings. I am sure they don’t want to be party to a cult disseminating its silly beliefs as truth.


Corky said...

I love it. The sooner the money is spent and wasted, the sooner the cult goes belly-up.

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is only doing exactly what Herbert Armstrong did.

Herbert Armstrong was notorious for overspending himself. He'd be contracting time on new radio stations, while starting a massive building project on the Gladewater site for the Tabernacle, and later on at the Pasadena Campus. Herbert Armstrong would often let the bills go on one while focusing on the other, nearly defaulting on a bill, and then running to the co-workers with emergency and crisis letters asking for enough money to cover his over-spend. If he did not get enough money out of the co-workers, they'd be guilted into having their whole hearts not in the work, they'd be blasted with letting down, until he got the extra money to do both.

This pattern continued throughout his entire ministry. At one point, he didn't have enough money, he had to make a choice, so he "green lighted" the program, and let it be known if there was a stoppage in "the work", it's the CO-WORKERS fault, NOT his. In his mind, he had his part, which was the expansions, and they had theirs, which was the funding. Herbert was well adept at high pressure sales to increase money, I'm pretty sure Davey is doing exactly the same thing, though I can't prove it.

Davey is simply following HWA's growth and building strategy to the letter, of that I have no doubt. There's one problem. He's not getting the growth numbers HWA got, not anywheres NEAR. The last I heard he's got, what, 1000, 2000 members? or something? HWA had 100 times that, but yet Davey is trying to build a world complex of a grand order with 100x less then Herbert had. Davey has a lot less to work with, and as much as he tries to pull in coworkers and members with "all the stations", it's not going to work. Why?

Davey Pack is no Herbert Armstrong.

DennisCDiehl said...

I have gotten one email for every 631,505 who have visited this site. I rock...well....ok....I don't rock...but ...nevermind..


Anonymous said...

Dave is endeavoring to spread the Gospel of Send It In (SIN) over a larger audience.

Byker Bob said...

Once again, reminding us of the fact that Pastor spelled backwards is Rot Sap.


Assistant Deacon said...

I was flipping channels this morning and quite unexpectedly caught the tail end of Pack-man's telecast on the ION Network. It was about (drum roll...) the TRUE IDENTITY OF THE BRITISH AND AMERICAN PEOPLES.

Anyway, two things made me laugh out loud:

1.) He actually ended the program with, yes, "Goodbye, friends."

2.) Immediately after the closing credits ended, a commercial ran for Gerald Flurry's program.

I didn't know whether to keep laughing, or start crying.

ION Network must be a bunch of desperate hombres, let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through TV channels a few weeks ago one morning and was looking at the Cable Guide and what I am about to tell you is NOT a joke, and is completely the truth. The lineup was:

1. Want More Sex?
2. The World To Come
3. Tomorrow's World

The first one was an infomercial of some sort of enhancement drug. I thought it was incredibly fitting that two splinter group "programs" follow THAT. I nearly split a gut. I sure wish I had captured a screenshot of that!

Back in the day Herbert Armstrong had his World Tomorrow telecast between Hour of Power and other very well known religious programs, not following a male enhancement drug commercial!!!!!

Lurker said...


Douglas Becker said...

Manic spending is a symptom of bipolar disease.

Pack is mental.

Spirit of a sound mind?

The program isn't working.

Anonymous said...

1. Want More Sex?
2. The World To Come
3. Tomorrow's World

I recognise #2 and #3. Is #1 GTA's program?

Allen C. Dexter said...

The way HWA built his empire in a day when radio was the main and usually only mass media was by rethlessly grabbing every radio slot he could, then using every psychological trick to squeeze more money out of co-workers. Workers were left to beg for paychecks which were given grudgingly.

Al Portune straightened out the mess, partly by firing every employee they thought they could do without and Mattson took the blame and was fired as financial manager.

Looks like the same approach here, but times have changed and he just doesn't have the base or the con man smarts and circumstances to pull it off.

DennisCDiehl said...

Come on Dave...I know you read this stuff here. Debate me. Let's go head to head on your theological perspecitives.

Send yourself in!

Redfox712 said...

Regarding GraceTV I've looked at their TV shows at

They are also broadcasting:

Armor of God (CGI)

Beyond Today (UCG)

Tomorrow's World (LCG)

But despite that I do encourage people to send messages to GraceTV telling them what a terrible idea it is to have Pack broadcast on their network.

You can contact GraceTV at

If anyone is thinking about ideas on what to say you can look at my message to GraceTV at: