Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thiel Says: LCG Ministers That Leaked Letter Will Answer to God

After the deluge yesterday of the letter from Rod Meredith to Thiel and various comments to PLEASE post it, the flood gates have opened.  Prophet Thiel says that LCG ministers who forwarded the letter will have to answer to "god" for their insolence.  Bad, bad, bad ministers!  Shame on you!

The prophet writes:

As expected, some associated with the LCG ministry have leaked the 12/28/13 letter to me to anti-COG sources on the internet. They can later try to explain this to God as obviously several with insufficient love of the truth or trust in the word of God would not actually want to first talk to me to find out if these things are so (Matthew 18:15-20). The reality is that that letter contains false accusations, improper statements, and a variety of false statements. The Bible warns against spreading such things, for "whoever spreads slander is a fool" (Proverbs 10:18).

What I find interesting is that after years and years of the prophet writing that Rod Meredith and the Living Church of God does not lie, the prophet is now calling them liars.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought BT being a prophet and all would have seen this coming....

Like it or not, letters sent to one person that need to be shared with all concerned who must deal with the fallout are not going to be personal and private.

It is important to see what is said to another in such public matters. BT will want anyting he writes back to RCM to be very public because he is not really writing to RCM. He is writing to those he hopes to convince he is more correct and thus worth listening to if not following.

That's just how the game is played

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob=Dear Brethren, this is what I told Bob.

Dear Rod=Dear Brethren, this is what I told Rod

Anonymous said...

I would have thought BT being a prophet and all would have seen this coming....

Like it or not, these matters are not just about two men exchanging letters and points of view. It is about maintaining or creating a following. It is a joust to the death over credibility and territory. No LCG minister will have to answer to any God about this.

After all, if God inspired the NT He leaked a lot of personal correspondence himself


Anonymous said...

These people sure do like to sick God on each other.