Tuesday, February 5, 2013

COG Secrets: Adam and Eve's Nakedness and Learning Greek So You Can Think Like God

For many years Rob Petry was on various COG groups preaching his understating about all kinds of COG related topics.  He was particularly prolific on the Yahoo groups.  I had forgotten about the guy because he was so crazy that he was easily dismissed.

A reader here sent me the following from him.  I did not know he was till around, but I always fail to remember that COG men who claim to have prophetic understating never fade away.

He offers these views on why Adam and Eve never knew they were naked until they ate the "apple."  Apparently since they were "god" beings at the moment of creation they were clothed in a dazzling aura of light that surrounded them. It was soooooooooooooooooo bright that they could not see they were naked. This amazing new teaching makes the picture above by Basil Wolverton to be a deceitful lie!
This is a simple question also. But, it is the simple that confuses and befuddles the human mind with it’s attitude of “being so superior” and “self-knowing.” Here’s that simple answer, first without explanation.
Before they sinned they could not see their bodies. So, if they could not see their bodies they could not have known they were naked.

How could that be, you ask? Well, they could not see their bodies, that’s why. Why is that so hard to understand? Because you are using a normal, carnal human mind in rebellion to the Creator in order to try and understand the simple teaching of the Bible. Even Paul speaks of the simplicity of the Evangel.
OK, here’s why they couldn’t see their bodies, and what happened so they could see them clearly. At that moment, they knew they were naked.

Let me ask you this question. If you believe what the Bible says, and IF you “know” what it says, can a human being LOOK at the Father in all His power and glory? If you don’t know the answer, then no wonder you don’t know what happened to Adam and Eve. You are truly ignorant of the Scriptures.

Let’s look at the obvious, after understanding. For, before understanding the answer lies hidden right before our eyes. Once you “understand” this, it will jump out of the Scriptures at you clearly. You know, like those moments when we say to ourselves, why of course, I knew that, I just never put it together before.

How then did Adam and Eve realize they were naked?

Adam was formed first.
“YHWH Elohim formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”
Later, Eve was taken from the side of Adam. The normal translation says from a “rib” but the implication is more from his side than just a rib. Be that as it may, they were formed as adults, with certain knowledge and ability already built in. Language and basic knowledge so they could communicate. Now, here’s a key part that tells us what happened. That is, IF we use a stable mind and not the double-mind of unconverted mankind. Here’s the statement:
“… Man is the IMAGE of Elohim, and the mirror of His glory.”
“… let US make man in Our own IMAGE.”
Well, what was that image like? Well, speaking of YHWH, we have a beautiful description.
“Thou art CLOTHED with honor and majesty. Who COVEREST Thyself with LIGHT AS WITH A GARMENT.”
Adam and Ever were also of that image. Although not of the same quality, their original bodies were COVERED with LIGHT, that is, with a GLORY like the glory of the Father!”

So, what happened to make Adam and Eve see their nakedness? Very SIMPLE. The MOMENT they SINNED, they LOST their glory, or LIGHT covering.  i.e. Their “clothing.” They now were fully exposed. No longer did they “glow” as does the Father and His Son in light. That light also kept them warm, but no longer.

This is also the same guy who thinks that God speaks in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, otherwise why would the Bible have been preserved in these languages? By learning those three languages you will learn to think just as God thinks!  Woo!
The Bible was preserved in three specific languages. Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. And, the Father has inspired and led you to learn a language that leads to something very important. In fact, exceptionally important. That is:

“Let this MIND be in you….”

That’s right. By learning Greek, and Hebrew, you actually learn to think as the Father thinks. Including His Son. Remember, they preserved their thoughts in these languages for a reason!
From his blog where he claims to be revealing the "secrets" of learning Koine Greek (taught to him by Charles Dorothy)Introduction to Biblical Greek


Anonymous said...

Wonder if COG ministers will ever catch up with reality and understand the origins and real intent of the Adam and Eve mythologies? What a rude awakening that will be.

And if the ever get "Let Us make man in our image," and "Lest they become like one of US..." figured out, they will shut down

Byker Bob said...

It's impossible to wrap one's mind around Armstrong based fantasies these days. Even when I heard other students and faculty at AC get into this stuff back in the day, it seemed like they had gone too far.

But, I guess whatever floats their boat!


Douglas Becker said...

It's tempting to say it was their feathers.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage my minister buddies to catch themselves up on the origins of Sabbath and the Adam and Eve creation and fall myth.



Head Usher said...

"That’s right. By learning Greek, and Hebrew, you actually learn to think as the Father thinks."

How did the deity think before the "babel incident"? Or was he just the sound of one hand clapping?

A guy might just as well attempt to logically deduce the truth about Heracles' fashion choices, the identity of the nymphs of Hesperus, the exact location of Hera's orchard, and whether or not those golden apples were the Golden Delicious we have today, or whether they were a rare variety of solid gold pomegranate. The truth is out there (except when it isn't).

Anonymous said...

Adam and Eve read MAD Magazine!

Tilabenda said...

Well its kind of a cool interpretation, however he doesn't know his bible either in that he uses yhwh elohim which does not appear in the original at all.
It simply says elohim.

Michael said...

Ah, Eve created from the rib of Adam. Man first... Not so says basic biology: It is in fact the female in most species that is the basic body plan, with males being no more than a modified form thereof for the purpose of being able to inseminate the female. The Genesis writers would have been oblivious to the fact that the female has two X chromosomes, like all the other ones, whereas the male has this "aberrant" non-paired Y chromosome, containing all of the "maleness", so to speak. No, the metaphorical Adam is an offshoot from the metaphorical Eve, not vice-versa.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with this interpretation ie that Adam & Eve were clothed in light before they sinned. I think it makes far more sense than the view within certain parts of Xianity that sex was the forbidden fruit & hence they must've been asexual until then.

Anonymous said...

Lol, and I thought God spoke King James English!

But seriously, it's a comment on the state of religious belief that these folks don't realize so much of the Bible's mythology was taken from earlier non-Hebrew myths and given a Hebrew "twist" to make it their own and teach things related to their particular religion.

I've even heard biblical inerrantists say that Satan must have "planted" the earlier similar myths in order to trick us, much like some claim that Satan "planted" all those fossils in order to trick us, too.


Head Usher said...

Yes Norm, the magic bag of Satan's counterfeits was an ever-present feature of Armstrongist theology. A minister could just reach into it and pull out a convenient counterfeit of Satan to fit any occasion. All manner of questions about things that don't fit right on the time continuum, or similarities between god's true whatever and the many pagan versions can thereby be answered on the fly. It's a really useful tool for the new kids on the block (christianity and islam) to first be able to steal everyone else's ideas, but then turn the tables and claim that their deity stole your deity's plans and then beat him to the punch. Good stuff!