Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is God Going To Curse Me For Attacking His Spiritual Organism?

Spiritual organism?  Organism????  That has always been one of the stupidest catch phrases that Armstrong came up with.  It always sounds like some dirty infectious germ in a petri dish.

I have been cursed so many times of the last 20 years by God's most perfect "christian" church members that I should have been fried to a crisp decades ago.  For 5 years straight I was guaranteed to be killed on Passover eve by the idiots in the Neville Stevens splinter cult. Not a thing happened!  Not even a skin rash. Nada!  Zippo!

Whether I die tomorrow or 30 years down the line, I am secure in my standing with God.  If it is tomorrow it is not by the hand of some magical god sitting up there constantly pissed at exmembers or  so-called pagan humanity.

Alas, it is not my fault that there are well over 600 splinter cults out there all preaching a different gospel, lead by men who say some of the most idiotic things imaginable.

TWT, if you would please contact them all and let them know that they should stop doing so, I would greatly appreciate it.

Peace, brother

From: TWT <>
Date: February 26, 2013, 7:33:02 PM PST
To: no2hwa
Subject: Your defamatory blog
If you grew up in The Worldwide Church of God as my brother, sisters and I did - and you grew bitter over splits, doctrinal changes, personal sins of others which they committed against God - not you; the misuse of monies; whatever - you should just let it go and move on.  
Rather, you've dedicated a great deal of your time in hostile satanic attacks and bitter angry resentment against a lot of guys who have been dead for many years.  Just go take a piss on their graves why don't you.  You'll feel better if you make a trip to HWA's grave in LA, and GTA's grave in Big Sandy, and relieve yourself - really.  Then you can take down your hate fueled website, stop name calling and making fun of folks, and maybe check into some nice Sunday church on your local street corner.
I'd go to a nice false pagan Babtist church or any of the other pagan churches out there if I were you. so you can overcome your hatred and put it all behind you and put a smile on your face.  Otherwise your just going to die young of a heart attack or something.  God may curse you for attacking HIS spiritual organism, His people, His TRUE Church.  I believe you're already under a curse having left your first love, the truth of Gods word, and HE has given you over to a reprobate, backward, satanic mind - as His word says will happen to those who fall away from the truth of the Bible.  It would be better of you never knew the truth - so help you God.
Repent.  Before you wake up some day being thrown alive into the lake of fire!   


Assistant Deacon said...

TWiT checked his/her brain at the door. Nothing new here, just mindless repetition of hackneyed old COG phrases designed to impugn, malign and condemn. Totally ineffectual. Carry on.

Anonymous said...


Head Usher said...

Why do "faithful" religious people like to throw their beliefs all over the "unfaithful" ones when they know full well you don't believe that anymore. It's like they're hoping there's some sort of old emotional tab still sticking out that they can hook into, reactivate old programming, and start controlling you like a marionette.

Why does TWT write in the first place? Because he wants you to stop pointing out how foolish his church appears to anyone who does not view it through the appropriately-colored glasses. And leave Britney alone while you're at it.

Good for you, TWT. I'm happy for you. Why can't you just be happy for others? Just because you can live like that doesn't mean everyone can. What makes you think that attempting to manipulate others like this isn't arrogant, rude, and insulting?

Repent. Of what? Demanding that sense and rationality prevail? Meh...

Anonymous said...

This is the same shit that my relatives in LCG told me when I stopped attending.

Anonymous said...

Since when has the Church of God been a "true" church now that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them out there. They all can't be true. Perhaps TWIT can tell us which church is the true church so we can all join.

DennisCDiehl said...

I get these little threats in email as well. The theme seems to be, "just move on then." I believe when you stick around to share your views, experiences and insights or even a better theological view on old "settled" topics, it is very threatening to their spiritual status quo. Thus the rage.

In both politics and religion, when challenged, it brings out the rage in people because both topics are very personal truths and views and you don't pull the mask of the old Lone

Anonymous said...

Someone better tell all the cults, not just the COGs but also the others, such as the JWs, SDAs and Mormons, that God doesn't like the self-righteous and boasters of pride.

Anonymous said...

Once again another powerless true believer proclaims threats of divine punishment to come in one way or another. These people are all alike: agree with my interpretation of scripture or our loving God will strike you down in wrath.

Can you imagine the bloodbath that would occur if such folks were actually granted legal/political power? It's obvious what would result because their verbal threats reveal their underlying true motives. COG fanatics are no better in principle than the most radical of Islamists, for they all wish for the same thing: the gruesome punishment and death of all those who disagree with limited, Dark Age view of reality.

Anonymous said...


That letter is pure comedy gold!

Douglas Becker said...

The letter is nothing more than libel based on defamatory lies, rendering unviable opinion without knowledge or fact.

Next time make it a video so we can cite theworldtomorrow2012 for slander.

We've all proved that Armstrongism is a stupid crazy bogus cult religion: No bitterness need be involved, just science and history, thanks.

In fact, the stupidity is hilarious, which is the primary this blog exists.

Anonymous said...

"Hostile satanic attacks!"

"Bitter angry resentment!"

"Hate fueled website!"

Painful Truth said...

I get the same crappy letters. They send them because websites like this one along with 'The Painful Truth' get in between the prospective tithe slave and the bank of a cultist group.

When a group quits growing they see it as a sign that God might not be giving "His" approval.

Really, what group founded by a child molester, teaching the same exact crap, would find approval by the creator of the universe?

These churches are but a bad joke!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear someone obviously has gotten their panties in a knot! It's sad really that such people hold on to their false beliefs like HWA being a "mighty end time prophet" or "theElijah to come" or "theendtime apostle" blah blah blah and that everything HWA taught about tithing or masturbation or der Deutsch or Petra or "the best Feast ever" or the 19 year time cycle or the petrine doctrine--whateva!--prior to 1960 or 1972 or 1986 or whatever the f---ing year they want to hold on to as meaningful to them remind me of some really ardent Catholics I know--you know the type--who in spite of all the sex abuse, religious corruption, mafia connections, papal politics etc. still worship the Pope (or even the local pedophile priest) as if he's God and that he can do no wrong and everything he says is God's L-A-W! Very similar, cultish, brainwashed, groupthink IMHO don't you think?!