Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bacon and Shrimp Pollute The Blood Supply To The Brain Making You Carnal

It’s been a while since I have had anything on Lope Columna, the ex-Church of God member who leads the Messianic Kabbalists.

Lupe thinks that if you have some bacon or shrimp you have polluted your blood supply and therefore pollute your brain which then makes you carnal.

The purity or impurity of the blood depends upon the quality of the person's intakes, such as, water, air, and especially the food that a person eats. This is why God forbids eating unclean meats, such as, pigs, etc. (Deu 14:3-21). Unclean foods pollute the blood. So if a person eats the prohibited unclean foods, that person also acquires the Spirit (Ruach) of Disobedience. This ruach of disobedience will attach to the nephesh level of the soul that is in the blood. This impure ruach will make a person selfish, and give that person impure passions and desires. When this polluted blood (with the impure ruach) is supplied to the brain, the mind will resist God's pure truths. Or, in other words, the natural carnal mind will not have the capacity to absorb or learn God's pure and supernal truths because they are spiritually discerned (1Cor 2:14).
Like any true prophet trained at the magnificence of Armstrongism he has declared his status in the world. Since he is in the Philippines he assumes he is that man
To fulfill the purpose of revealing the secret Messianic Kabbalah Light to the whole world, God the Father promised to call and use a Man from a far country, in the Far East! Who is this Man?
  • I CALL a bird of prey FROM THE EAST, A MAN FOR MY PURPOSE FROM A FAR COUNTRY. Yes, I have spoken; so I will also bring it about. I have planned it; I will also do it.  (Isa 46:11 HCSB)
For those with open minds and ears, it is obvious to know who is this Man. That Man is the pioneer and the only one preaching God's Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom in the world today! And please note that, as Isaiah 46:11 prophesied, this Man is from a far country, in the FAR EAST; NOT from the West, NOT from America, NOT from Europe!

Lope has attained this knowledge because only uses the Hebrew Bible which is the Holy Tongue of God.  That Hebrew Bible makes him privy to revelations about almost everything in the universe!

I understand why you can't relate yet what I said about 2 Peter 3:18. The main problem with the Bibles that people are using today is that it is not the original Bible that God gave to Moses, which was written in the Hebrew Language called the Holy Tongue. People are using only the many Bible translations that hides many truths that can be discovered only via the original Hebrew Bible. The True Bible is not just like an ordinary textbook on religion.

The True Bible is the very soul and substance of the whole universe! All my biblical posts are based on this infinite and divine Hebrew Bible; that's why my presentations are very different from the ordinary Bible Teachings. And because of this, God has given me His Spirit of Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom, giving me the power and revelations of almost all subjects in the universe! With this supernal wisdom, I never run out of subjects to think and write about.


Anonymous said...

Church of God reasons for not eating pork are anti-scientific bullcrap, and some of the churches who still preach it seem to know that full well, as one anti-HWA person already pointed out in several articles on the topic.







Douglas Becker said...

Except for the trichinosis.

Name misspelled -- missing vowels: Should be Loopie.

Anonymous said...

Wacked out religious groups claiming to represent God - there never seems to be an end to them, does there?


Anonymous said...

God haunted whacked out loon that is just interesting enough in his manipulation of the Bible to attract God haunted, whacked out loons.

Joe Moeller said...

One thing that is true is that HUMAN FLU comes from swine, most of the time via China.

As I understand it, birds get the flu, defecate in a pig pen or such, and the pig eats it. The flu can transmogrify in the pig so as to be transferable to humans. Pig organs and human organs are actually very similar.

If you are eating pigs, and domesticating pigs, you are going to be around pigs. Could it be argued that this is the reason The Eternal said not to swine? Not about the meat being bad, but the germ association in regards to being around swine in getting the flu?

Flu is one of the biggest killers in the past and current history of mankind.

How many FEWER cases of flu would there be if there was avoidance of human contact with pigs?

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

How many FEWER cases of flu would there be if there was avoidance of human contact with pigs?

There would be far fewer cases of flu if humans avoided one another.

The question is, which is worse for you, pigs or other humans?

Corky said...

Yep, a slice of smoked ham is bad but a roasted locust is so gooood for you.

And, if you boil your locusts, don't forget to suck the heads - you know, wouldn't want too waste any of "clean" meat.

Anonymous said...

Lope's wrong about pork and shrimp. What makes you carnal is oysters. Remember what Prince Charles said after his wedding night with Diana? Something about having a dozen oysters for dinner, "but eight of them didn't work."

Randi R. Swigler

Byker Bob said...

Boy, Lupe surely doesn't believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a true and accurate Bible in our own modern languages, does he?

It would be interesting to look into this Hebrew Bible of which he speaks, and to investigate the processes which produced it. You have to wonder if even it would survive the legalistic tendencies of extreme Armstrongists.


Retired Prof said...

Randy Arse-Wiggler, I think you blew Prince Charles's punch line. Didn't he say "only eight of them worked"?

Anonymous said...

There was no hebrew bible given to Moses.

Anyone who has spent the smallest amount of time studying true scholarship on the provenance of so-called hebrew books knows this.

Moses was just a fictional adaptation of the Sargon, Horus "hero" to the people, but dressed up unique for his "hebrew" sponsors.

Darkness reigns...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you know? God speaks Hebrew. In Zephaniah 3:9, when it refers to a "pure language," yep, you guessed it! Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

The Hebrew says Jesus would be born of a young woman, NOT a virgin. The word in Hebrew does not mean virgin. But the Greek translation, which Matthew quoted, came to mean virgin. So the only "basis" for the claim that Jesus was the son of God is found in the Greek, Greek that had changed in meaning over the centuries. And, the New Testament was also written in Greek. So people who emphasize the importance of the original "inspired" Hebrew are in a heap of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Beef -- tapeworm
Pork -- tapeworm
Unclean Fish -- tapeworm.
Clean Fish -- tapeworm.

Cook your food thoroughly: no tapeworm. Ever.


Chicken -- salmonella.

Anonymous said...

There is one BIG difference between the pork tapeworm and other tapeworms. The pork tapeworm larvae can burrow out of the digestive tract and form cysts throughout your body, including your brain, causing irreversible damage to your body. Other tapeworms remain in the digestive tract and can be cured with a single treatment leaving no lasting damage.

Grant said...

I reckon this is illogical, unbiblical and totally nonsensical!!!
Isn't it written that everything we consume goes "into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats" (Mk 7:19)?
So who do you really think I'm going to associate with:

Person A--a baptized Christian who eats only unclean meats and yet is an adulterer, self-righteous, a liar & materialistic

Person B--an agnostic who eats a typical Western diet eg pork, chicken, lamb, beef, shellfish, etc and yet is a down to earth, honest & selfless person

I for one as a Christian would much rather befriend the latter person & have absolutely nothing to do with person A! Imo it's not the diet that matters, but the person's character. Wasn't Hitler a vegetarian, for instance?!
And knowing also that so many within the ACOGs have been baptized according to HWAs formula & that they stick to a clean meat diet & yet are some of the most carnal & judgmental people I've met who, like the rest of the general population in American society, are equally susceptible to cancer and other "Western" diseases that HWA/WCG taught would be alleviated by following the Leviticus diet, prove that it's wrong.
And isn't it written in Leviticus 26:29 that the Israelites would resort to cannibalism when invaded? And what about cases thruout history of people eating other people who've died? So are you telling me you wouldn't consume unclean meat or a human carcase to stay alive? Granted I'd rather die than eat human flesh, but then again reading about news reports of meat being sold as beef or lamb & finding out it's actually horsemeat makes me wonder wth they're really selling to us to eat (Soylent Green comes to mind!) & only God knows what I'd eat in a life & death situation!

Anonymous said...

When you are a cannibal and consume Jesus' body, does it give you transmogrified tapeworms?

Byker Bob said...

I was just remembering some of the disingenuousness of the whole Armstrongism type thing after reading one of the anonymous comments about the Armstrong formula of "conversion".

"Before we can baptize you, you've got to be keeping God's laws! This means that until you are invited to our sabbath services, you should keep the sabbath at home. Are you familiar with all of the unclean meats? You need to stop eating them. Do you happen to smoke? Your body is going to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, so that's another thing you need to stop immediately. How about your marriage background? Ever been divorced? If so, you'll need to separate your current family, at least until God's ministers determine whether you are bound. We'll be getting back to you in about three months for another counselling session, and hopefully you will be ready for baptism into God's Church at that time."

Jake Gryzinga makes the cut, is baptized and invited to local church services. On his first or second sabbath, he is informed that there are three tithes!

By the way, nowadays, he's got to swear allegiance to HWA as God's Apostle and eschew the medical profession as prerequisite to baptism into Flurry's group!


Anonymous said...

"There is one BIG difference between the pork tapeworm and other tapeworms. The pork tapeworm larvae can burrow out of the digestive tract ... causing irreversible damage ..."

No dead tapeworm will burrow out of anywhere. Dead tapeworms are all equally harmless. Cooking kills them all. And that is the only relevant SCIENTIFIC fact.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep condemning Hitler? Pick on Stalin, Pot Pol, or Obama for a change. Hitler was defamed because he was the enemy. We made most of that shit up so we could blame him for the war, just like we made up shit about the Japs, Saddam, Gaffy, and everyone else we pick a fight with.

Anonymous said...

How did we get "confessions" out of the Germans at the end of the war? American soldiers stomped on their penises. That is what a lot of today's "history" is based on. And if people would learn the truth they would see how much historical bullshit that ignorant "inspired apostle of God" HWA was promulgating.

Velvet said...

Okay, riddle me this: How exactly are pork and shellfish going to "pollute the blood supply to the brain" when none of it can cross the blood-brain barrier in the first place?

Or is this more of the over-the-top type of rhetoric used to try and convince people they HAVE to stop eating unclean foods? (Nobody HAS to do anything!) That was the wrong approach to take, IMO, and I know I was pretty self-righteous about it, when I was a kid.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that eating unclean food doesn't make one more carnal; at least it didn't seem to make me more carnal...and I ate unclean food from 1999 up until 2011. I didn't have the greatest health during those years, but I didn't eat particularly good food at all, even when I was eating clean food.

I also found out the hard way that I have a shellfish allergy....I kept eating it, thinking it was only psychological, due to the Church's self-righteous attitude about it. Nope, turns out, I actually have a shellfish allergy.

Here's what I think is a better approach to take (I could very well be wrong): Read the context of Peter's vision (i.e., that the unclean food was symbolism, an allegory to instruct Peter to let Gentiles, or in this case, one specific Gentile, Cornelius, into the Church), mention the fact that "(and thus he made all meats clean)" was a whole-cloth parenthetical addition to the Bible that exists absolutely nowhere in the oldest texts that we have, and let people alone to make their own decisions.

Besides, it's much easier to eat clean food without making a scene about it, these days: Just order vegetarian (or vegan, if you're lactose-intolerant like I am), if you have to choose from any food you haven't cooked/prepared yourself. People won't even blink, these days, and you don't have to get into the big long story that was the closest thing to proselytizing (which is a sin) I've ever seen Church members do.

I personally think that turning people's stomachs from unclean food through some sort of over-the-top verbal aversion therapy, the way the Church did ("Scavengers of the sea," anyone?) was NOT letting people make their own free will choice in the matter, in my opinion; I know Evangelicals in the Church who are STILL battling their aversions, and they don't even believe any of it anymore! Which took away their free will to choose in the first place.....

I self-righteously chose not to eat unclean food when I was growing up in the Church. After my family fell away, I chose to start eating unclean food (mostly because I was unemployed and living on my own at the time, and pork was the cheapest food I could find to eat).

Since 2011 I made the choice not to eat unclean food. Make no mistake about it: It is MY choice, and I don't judge or insist upon others' adherence to MY choice; that would be taking away their right to choose....

Unfortunately, some Evangelicals in the Church don't extend ME the same courtesy, and have said to me that, because of my personal choice, not only am I not saved by grace, I don't deserve to be. Obviously I disagree with this.

Velvet said...

Oh, and by the way, for Anon @ 10:15pm, I can tell you that I have absolutely no "cysts" or tapeworm or whatever, from eating pork for years. (I can show you my last bloodwork, if you need proof.)

The acids in the stomach DO break these cysts down, and even if they didn't, they would be too big to pass through either the membrane of the stomach (or the villi of your intestinal system) and into your blood in the first place.

Stop trying to justifying a religious choice with science. I choose not to eat unclean food because of my religion. If science finds out it's healthier, so be it. If science finds out it's NOT healthier, so be it. I make my own choices.

Anonymous said...

Ok so why was it alright for the Jews to give unclean meat to the gentiles to eat, but the Jews couldn't eat it themselves? And why doesn't God stipulate to Noah the difference when He seems to ordain that all meat now can be consumed by mankind after the Flood in Genesis 9:3?

Velvet said...

"Ok so why was it alright for the Jews to give unclean meat to the gentiles to eat, but the Jews couldn't eat it themselves?"

I'm not sure what you're referring to, can you elaborate?

"And why doesn't God stipulate to Noah the difference when He seems to ordain that all meat now can be consumed by mankind after the Flood in Genesis 9:3?"

Because God already specified earlier that unclean animals were to be taken in pairs, but clean animals were to be taken in sevens.

Before Corky steps in with a comment, I don't know for certain that the Flood story is literally true; neither can I say it is 100% untrue; I am simply answering Anonymous' question.

Anonymous said...

Velvet I'm referring to Deuteronomy 14:21. In it (I'm assuming) a clean animal that has died of "natural causes" is not allowed to be eaten by an Israelite, but a gentile is allowed to eat it. Perhaps the verse is all-inclusive and, therefore, includes also unclean animals having died of "natural causes," which the Israelites or Jews were allowed to sell to the gentile to consume, but couldn't eat it themselves.

So if "unclean" meat is really toxic as some Christians believe (e.g. Adventists, ACOGs, etc) and the argument goes that God wouldn't encourage something harmful to be given or sold to another (since this would be akin to murder now wouldn't it?) then why would He allow His People to give or sell "unclean" meat to foreigners to consume? And, moreover, if it was a "clean" animal that had died of "natural causes" (perhaps a disease!) then why would He forbid the Israelites to eat it, but allow them to give or sell it to the gentiles for consumption--when it'd most likely harbor some disease that could be passed on second hand to the human?

And so if Christians are forbidden to consume "unclean" meat then why isn't it clearly reiterated in the NT canon since the Bible is clear that in Eden Adam & Even (and all the animals) consumed a vegetarian diet (Gen 1:29-30; 2:16) and after the Flood Noah was permitted to consume the meat of "every moving thing" (Gen 9:3 cf Gen 1:28). But, it's not until the Mosaic Covenant that God stipulates that there is a distinction between "clean" and "unclean" meat. So if Noah could only limit himself to "clean" animals then why didn't God give this information there and then to Noah rather than much later to Moses? Futher God commands Noah to take in 7 pairs of "clean" animals and 2 pairs of "unclean" animals, but He doesn't explain why this is so. The only inference we can gain from this instruction is that later Noah sacrifices "clean" animals to God. So it was a sacrifical distinction and had nothing to do with diet.

I'm starting to wonder now, however, that if it was alright for Adam and Eve's children to marry one another (yes incest I know!) and this was the case up until the Mosaic Law when God prohibited incest (obviously because of the genetic impairments that this would lead to) that perhaps in the same vein although all types of meat were allowed after the Flood that later on certain regulations had to be imposed (i.e. "clean" and "unclean" meat)? But, again if this was for health and dietary reasons rather than sacrificial and ceremonial reasons then why not be explicit about that? I don't know, but am just trying to understand it more consistently and in context that's all...

Anonymous said...

The more you try to put the words of the bible into a specific, literal framework, the further down the rabbit hole you go. There is no specific interpretation that works universally throughout the whole bible. All interpretations create unresolvable problems somewhere else in the text.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people are allergic to milk, which is approved in the bible.