Friday, April 26, 2013

Dave Pack: STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!! My TV Show Will Soon Be the Most Watched TV Show In the ENTIRE World!

IMPORTANT NEWS ALERT from Mr. Dave Pack!!  

This announcement is the most MIND-BOGGLING announcement that the 
Church of God has EVER experienced!  
There has been NO OTHER announcement such as this in the 6,000 years of human HISTORY!  
This is the most important thing to happen in the world since the PRINTING PRESS
was created for the express use of the Church of God.  
Not since the birth of Mr. Dave Pack has the earth experienced ANYTHING this earth shattering. 
Satan and his demons will be trembling at the SHOCKING announcement
 that I, Mr. Dave Pack, am about to make!  
The impotent Churches of God, particularly Living Church of God, United Church of God, Continuing Church of God, and the Philadelphia Church of God will be HUMILIATED beyond recovery with this news.
 Untold thousands will SOON leave the apostate Churches of God 
to return to the truth once delivered.   
Nothing more EARTH-SHATTERING than this announcement has been made since 
Mr. Armstrong found the truth that had been lost for 1,900 years. 
Share with us in the awesome miraculous POWER of God as he THRUSTS Mr. Dave Pack
 and the Restored Church of God to the FOREFRONT in the nations around the world! 
 God has richly blessed the work of Mr. Dave Pack who's presence is causing such a worldwide stir on television that we cannot keep up with the mail coming in. 
So much mail is coming in with donations that we have had to hire temporary workers 
just to open the MILLIONS of letters arriving every day.  
The demand for Mr. Dave Pack's videos has reached such an EARTH-SHATTERING magnitude that God has DIRECTED that Mr. Dave Pack
  build a THIRD building!

Yours in Jesus Christ,
Mr. Dave Pack

Sorry, I couldn't resist......

Dave writes:

The World to Come broadcast will soon be among the most watched religious programs in the world. Eventually it will be number one! To keep pace with its continuing rapid expansion, we are pleased to introduce the construction of a third building to be added to our Headquarters Campus—a Media Center. (It joins the almost completed Hall of Administration and the recently announced Mail Processing Center.) With The World to Come now reaching millions across the world, this tremendous media growth is causing us to outgrow our current television studio. More space, equipment and manpower is required. (For those who missed past announcements detailing our dramatic television expansion, be sure to read them.)
This over 4,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility will house three studios of different size, as well as our growing Media Production Services Department (MPS). These vitally important studios will contain various beautiful set designs, coupled with the very latest technology. More workspace will also be available for our media team to assemble the professional graphics, news footage, powerful statistics, music and other elements that make up The World to Come program. Besides regular broadcasts, MPS also produces extensive annual “Behind the Work” films, along with the Church’s many other video and audio productions.


Brethren, this is the facility that God has brought to us because of the weak impotent pussy-boys in the LCG, UCG, CCG, and PCG that God has turned his back on. 

The Living Church of God recently lost its Canadian television stations and God has made it possible that we bought them all up.  These impotent little pussy-boys cower at the mere mention of my name now.

Dave continues to humiliate Rod Meredith:

The Media Center will include a much expanded main recording studio—double the size of our current one. It will also have a cutting edge video editing suite, a photography studio, conference space, video machine room and expanded workspace for the graphic designers and video editors, both current and future. The building will be treated with state-of-the-art soundproofing, which creates the best possible recording conditions.

In an image-driven “video” world, a separate media building becomes a necessity. The constantly evolving television and Internet landscape of today’s media environment mean we must be ready to adjust accordingly, and sometimes quickly. The future will make clear in what ways television and video production will be further used within the final Work of God, but the Media Center puts us in a position to suddenly shift as the industry does.

Notice that Dave plans on building a concert hall too.

Dave then gives us a foretaste of what to expect with his next earth-shattering announcement.  He is still under the delusion that tens of thousands of exCOG members will soon be returning to his church (along with their money).

Next Friday I will start bringing the scriptural details of the prophecy revealing that all of God’s people will soon be back together. In time this will include exactly HOW and WHEN this will occur. The first elements of this “explaining” process will take three or four Friday announcements.

Consider this. Enough time has passed that an irony is developing regarding this prophecy. Having read the announcements, a great many people, apparently throughout the splinters, are growing in excitement about the “idea” of soon being back together in one organization. This much is good, and wonderful to hear. Strangely, some or maybe many of these people are at the same time known to resent me because I have said that their organization will disappear. Think just at the most basic level. Assume for a moment that what I am announcing is true—and it IS TRUE! So obviously, for God’s people to be together, ALL organizations but ONE must “go away,” meaning everyone must leave them to enter that ONE organization—the ONE Church that Christ built. Continue thinking at the most basic level. EVERY splinter leader would support this, but of course only if HE led that one organization.

Notice that he says that ALL of the 600 some splinter groups must ALL disappear and shut their doors so that ALL the COG members can come to the ONE TRUE CHURCH located in Wadsworth, Ohio.

This belief by Dave is about as stupid as his claim that he invented the Plain Truth Newsstand program.

Dave continues with more nonsense:

The question is not what I or any other leader thinks about who will lead God’s Church, but rather what GOD thinks—whom HE has decided is its leader. Think further. No leader, including ME, would ever have any “voice” in this. There is one great clue, however, that can be offered for brethren who believe we will one day be together and who are thinking even a little below the surface about HOW this would be. This includes the obvious steps that must precede the coming together.

First, God has to REVEAL that this coming together will happen—and that HE is going to bring it about. And He must use SOMEONE to announce it. Whom do you think GOD would use to make clear His plan? The answer is obvious: whoever is His CHOSEN LEADER. THIS becomes really the only major point necessary at this time to comprehend the way God would reveal His SUPREME PURPOSE for His Church. Think still further. Would He reveal His plans through a particular man in one organization, and then turn and put all of His people under another man in another organization? OF COURSE NOT. That would make God the author of confusion. Think a final time. Why do no other leaders understand ANY of the awesome and incredibly detailed prophecy that I am about to present—the what, when, where and how this reunification will occur?

Lastly, expect the top leaders of at least the bigger organizations (including YOURS) to resent and attack what they were not shown—and to be angry that I am declaring that they (the top men) will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS and REMOVED FROM POWER—EVERY ONE OF THEM! Repentant ministers and many faithful splinter employees will carry on, serving solely in God’s Church. (A growing number are already contacting us.) All declarations of “support” for and “loyalty” to the top leaders coming from ministers and members in the wake of these announcements will be meaningless, of absolutely no value. This is because they cannot stop what GOD is doing, and will do! By now, you should at least want to know what will be explained. The announcements of coming weeks and months will shock you beyond imagination!

Make no mistake. The last three paragraphs are TRUE! Read them again, this time more carefully.


Anonymous said...

Can COG members truly be this stupid that they would flock to Pack?

Frank said...

Yes! They went with Meredith and McNair, they went with Flurry, they went with UCG. They are dumb enough to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Sing it with me!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh the 'postle and the prophet can't be friends

Ohhhhhhh the 'postle and the prophet can't be friends

One church wants to win them now

The other says no way, no how

the 'postle and the prophet can't be friends

Territory folks can't stick together
Territory folks can't all be pals
One man claims He is God's Apostle
So many others say he's full of poo!

Territory folks can't stick together
Territory folks can't all be pals
One man claims He is God's Apostle
So many others say he's full of poo!

I know that didn't rhyme. LOL

Assistant Deacon said...

What a sociopath.

Secular-Humanist-Buddhist-Pagan-Methodist-Unitarian said...

I have a question for those of you who know some of these splinter groups well. Why do you think Armstrongism split into hundreds of splinter groups after the death of Armstrong and changes in the doctrines. Splitting off into one new group or even 2 or 3 or 10 which keep most of the original doctrines Armstrong taught is understandable but hundreds? That seems incredible for a denomination that previously saw itself as so unique, unified and "special." Even after reading the book "Fragmentation of a Sect," I don't have a good understanding of why the extent of the fragmentation although the author gave a good explanation of how it happened.

Head Usher said...

Haven't read any books about it, so I don't know what reasons any of them give. However, having grown up in that culture, it is pretty obvious to me that it has to do with the distinctly Corporate-America nature of the organization that HWA created. WCG was an intensely political, competitive organization, and the ministry were the vertically structured layers of management filled with ambitious corporate executive types. The introduction of god and "divine revelation" into the equation only made things worse, because it infused advancement within the organization with so much more importance. If HWA was "god's man" then was the ultimate goal of every ambitious and competitive minister, to have other people perceive you as being "god's man." But, there can only be one of these per organization. So, in order for there to be hundreds of "god's men" there has to be a separate organization for each one of them. Looking at this through slightly saner spectacles, each one of these head-honcho minister-types are narcissistic, selfish, insecure, needy, abusive, type-A personalities who are completely incapable of working with each other. Or in other words, HWA attracted and promoted people who suffered from similar sociopathic disorders as he did.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dave is the best speaker out there:
I just listened to his online message "The Synagogue of Satan Identified & Marked" message.
It ran for an incredible 131.5 minutes but i didn't lose interest.
It was a masterpiece of construction and mental organization!

Anonymous said...

"Think a final time...Make no mistake. The last three paragraphs are TRUE! Read them again, this time more carefully."


another seekeroftruth

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave notes:

"That would make God the author of confusion.."

Now I realize God can never actually get the credit He deserves for actually being the author of religious confusion but He could stop if chose to. He's already got the title in the world of denominations, cults, schisms, splits, splinters and slivers. Humans are confusing and God is credited with authoring their construction.

While humans apologize for God all the time, there is some accountability there for not doing for people what He clearly promises. However the Book comes with enough of it's own disclaimers such as "My ways are not your ways, there is a way that seems right to a man, the wisdom of man is foolishness with God, God sees not as a man sees, etc to get the Deity of the hook when things don't qo quite as one might expect or have asked in faith, nothing wavering.

Dave is one of the strangest people you could ever hope to get to know.

He may be a good speaker but his strange ego and authoritarian behavior oozes out at the same time. He is driven and it's all about him.

oh...and he is a Bible reader like them all and has no clue about genuine theological realities so his truth is not quite as real as he supposes it to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have to accept that all those who refused to understand and accept that we were all taken for a ride by HWA will stick together one day as they realize that they were holding to what they think as truth but Christ will spew them out of his presence because they are deceived and liars. How can one claim to be a Sabbath keeper when there is fire ignited on Sabbath night? How can one claim to keep OT dietary laws when even the butcher's knife used to divide the carcass touched pork and other unclean meats. How can one say he tithes when tithes were paid to those who are not Levites. How can one claim to keep the Holy Days but refused to keep the New Moons? These WCG remnants who keep the law fall short of it, and it is only logical that they all be united in the future so that Christ could spew them out of His presence. Hypocrites!

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon said:

"Mr Dave is the best speaker out there:""

Someone being "the best" speaker is not a measure of being correct or presenting the Bible as it really is.

"I just listened to his online message "The Synagogue of Satan Identified & Marked" message.
It ran for an incredible 131.5 minutes but i didn't lose interest."

Time something kept your interest is no indication you are being presented with the truth of anything. Magic shows and circuses run up to three hours at a time.

"It was a masterpiece of construction and mental organization!"

So were the speeches of Adolf Hitler.

This sounds like Dave Pack himself promoting himself anonymously LOL
Dave? Lurketh thou herein?

Anonymous said...

I uphold Bible prophecies but since HWA is already proven to be False Prophet cum False Apostle, it is clear and evident that all these WCG remnant churches are clinging to false understanding of prophecies. When Christ comes, they are looking at the wrong direction, and they will all be united, together with HWA and his fragmented executives, to be told that they simply missed the trip. For all we know, Pack is correct after all. But, he should include HWA himself to be with them in the future; after all HWA is the initiator of all these mess and destroyed lives, families, and future.

DennisCDiehl said...

PS Actually holding people in their seats for over 2 hours, beating them up with musings prooftexting and awesome self centeredness is not is not organized a all. It is rude, thoughtless and merely an indication the speaker is lost in his own thoughts and importance. He is not so much preaching or teaching as promoting.

I challenge Dave Pack to explain what "soon" meant to the Apostle Paul or in the Book of Revelation . Explain why the apologetic is not a lie and both were failed prophecies and Apostles. If anyone dreamed the Book of Revelation today, he'd be put on meds and ignored.

Dave has so much indoctinating of the members to do he simply can't waste time not pushing it for hours every week.

Dave promoting highly organized feast of unleavened bunns opinions, mistaken beliefs and wrong headed conclusions is no great thing.

Anyway, the approach is rude and telling.

DennisCDiehl said...

anon said:

'after all HWA is the initiator of all these mess and destroyed lives, families, and future."

And David Pack perpetuates it and it will all end the same way.

DennisCDiehl said...

I just watched about as much of Dave's explanation of Satan's fall in Isaiah 14 as I can stand. You all know the story.

For an alternative view try this. As above, so below as they say and stories get started with the most simple of observations in the sky over our our heads.

Go out any morning Venus is in the morning sky as the 'Light Bringer" and heading for the zenith only to crash back to earth as each day goes by.

Ideas aren't taken from the vacuum. Stories originate with simple observations of things not yet understood.

Dave is wrong in this dramatic presentation of a non-existent spook.

DennisCDiehl said...

A good read for anyone interested in Real Truth and wants to avoid getting suckered into a costly and misguided Church.

“Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation” (Viking), Elaine Pagels sets out gently to bring their portents back to earth. to make an honest living though I'd prefer to be a paleontologist and the guy on the Discovery Channel telling you all about Neanderthals in Ice Age Europe, or Cosmology

Anonymous said...

When you concur that Dave is a good speaker, I give that much credence
as you know what's involved in presenting a 60, 75, or even 90 minute coherent message.
So when the master sails along for 131 minutes and makes it look easy
you can't help but be amazed.
His smooth delivery, improvised real-time thought organization
I'm going back for more because I guess I'm a fan.
(It's easy to go back because his Ads pop up on my other pages)

DennisCDiehl said...

Anon said:

"So when the master sails along for 131 minutes and makes it look easy
you can't help but be amazed.
His smooth delivery, improvised real-time thought organization
I'm going back for more because I guess I'm a fan."

All great reasons to let someone else process your life through his own eyes and you filter yours through him.

Somewhere down the line learn to ask..."but is it true?" Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This over 4,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility

Uh, oh. Doesn't Davey know both Flurry and Meredith have studios LARGER than 4,000 square feet?

By building a smaller studio, isn't he admitting that his work is LESS powerful, and LESS ground-breakingly-jaw-droppingly AWESOME, than the work being done by those other men?

Why would Davey deliberately LOSE the "mine's bigger than yours" contest, and then BRAG about doing so?

One sucker said...

For several years Flurry seemed to be unstoppable. The people and the money flowed in. Everything he did seemed to be of God. I witnesses miraculous events and saw and heard about answers to prayer. He "won" lawsuits, built buildings, was on TV, cranked out booklets and magazine...Were these real fruits? Absolutely not! Pack is doing the same thing and he and RCG will flop just like PCG and others. These things just take time....

Anonymous said...

If you choose to work for RCG and Dave get it in writing. Show it to a lawyer before you sign on. Dave does not have your best interests in mind and will pull the rug and plug on you at a moments notice if it benefits him. Most in his office last 6 months to a year or go brain dead to keep on. Let the buyer beware.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Head Usher,

Good analysis. I would add to your analysis the Church’s belief that the messages to the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation are 7 successive Church eras. The belief among many (and spurred by Mr. Armstrong’s latter words at the end of his life) was that the Philadelphia era ended with the death of Mr. Armstrong. I myself once heard Mr. Armstrong say in person when he reached the podium to speak, “Greetings Philadelphia Church of God”. Along with you posted, the 600+ splinters were a natural progression of the “self perceived” “Philadelphia remnant” holding fast to the faith once delivered in the Laodicean era.

Of course, this is NOT what Mr. Armstrong taught in the 1960s. Mr. Armstrong taught the Philadelphians would go to a place of safety (Petra) while the Laodiceans suffered through the Great Tribulation. While Mr. Armstrong often talked about the Laodicean condition and that it could be found in the WCG, HE DID NOT TEACH that the two eras would organizationally co-exist side by side in the pre-Great Tribulation world like Sardis (Church of God, Seventh Day) and Philadelphia (Radio/Worldwide Church of God).

In fact, on another occasion when I heard Mr. Herbert Armstrong speak in person, he seemed to slightly alter his belief and said the Laodicean era “would be some other group” (HWA's words) which leads me to believe by the way he said it that Mr. Armstrong might have thought that the Laodicean era could be a group not associated with the Worldwide Church of God at all.

So my question to Dave Pack would be – which Church era are you if you think everyone from the many splinters are going to reassemble themselves under one organization?

By the way, Dave Pack is right just from what I know of WCG post Mr. Armstrong. There is some sentiment out there among some to be under one larger organization. There is power and safety in numbers and economies of scale that none of the 600+ splinters can achieve.

There are many out there that want to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.


Anonymous said...

On top of that Richard, the letters to the 7 church of Revelation were actually for those congregations and have NOTHING to do with the future. Revelation is Jewish Christians furious with Paul's introduction of Gentiles to the Jewish Christian fold Of Peter, James and John without the work.

The future "types" of churches is a made up fairy tale and the cause of why these COG churches are not only not on the right track but on the wrong train.

Anonymous said...

"How can one claim to be a Sabbath keeper when there is fire ignited on Sabbath night? How can one claim to keep OT dietary laws when even the butcher's knife used to divide the carcass touched pork and other unclean meats. How can one say he tithes when tithes were paid to those who are not Levites. How can one claim to keep the Holy Days but refused to keep the New Moons?"

you cannot use the Jewish understanding of the law as a guide....the oracles were entrusted to them for safekeeping, but that doesn't mean that they understand them.

Anonymous said...

They understand them more than you can possible imagine. Gentile Christians telling the Jews they don't understand their own religion, books or history is hilarious and stupid. NT Gentile writers made their religion, books and scriptures mean what they never meant. The Apostle Paul made egregious leaps to illogical conclusions based on the OT
misquoted, misreprepresented and mispoken.

Anonymous said...

without the Spirit of God, no one can understand the scriptures.....but fear not, the Spirit will be made available to everyone, at a time God chooses.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Secular-Humanist-Buddhist-Pagan-Methodist-Unitarian:

You asked: "Splitting off into one new group or even 2 or 3 or 10 ... is understandable but hundreds?"

That's easy. I was once in a few of these groups. I can tell you why.

1. Jesus said to live by EVERY word of God. So every LITTLE doctrine can become a matter of salvation. If two leaders disagree on some little point, they feel compelled to split, to save themselves and their flocks.

2. The Bible has piles of ambiguities and contradictions, and so do people (see point 1).

3. Some groups are too small and geographically separate to get together.

4. A lot of ministers like to run their own show ... the childish alpha male syndrome.

5. Money. All you need is 10 tithe payers and you have a full time job. If you have 100 you are raking in 10 times the average income, and you can set your own salary!

Michael said...

NO2HWA, you outdid yourself this time.
I couldn't stop laughing. I need air....

Head Usher said...

Davey said:
"Having read the announcements, a great many people, apparently throughout the splinters, are growing in excitement about the “idea” of soon being back together in one organization. This much is good, and wonderful to hear. Strangely, some or maybe many of these people are at the same time known to resent me because I have said that their organization will disappear."

What "announcements" has he been reading? And what plants has he been smoking? Very few people in any of the splinters pay any attention whatsoever to what the leaders of other splinters are saying. Nobody is excited or resentful of Davey, because nobody pays him any mind at all. If Davey thinks that everyone is listening to him, and believes that what he says is true, then he's a lot less sane than I thought. I feel sorry for people like Davey who make the COG world their whole world. They shut themselves off from so much.

Architecture Critic said...

The media center looks like a funeral home.

Guess that's about right.

Anonymous said...

A funeral home. Exactly! I knew there was a weird look about the building and could not nail it down. A funeral home for a dead church. How appropriate!

Joe Moeller said...

Anon at 4:49 wrote:
So when the MASTER sails along for 131 minutes and makes it look easy you can't help but be amazed.

Get used to using that word "MASTER" anonymous. For you will be nothing but a SLAVE and HUMAN FUEL for "Master Pack".

Meanwhile, I will remain a "free man" and not need a MASTER in my life other than Jesus Christ.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...


Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A poor Dave Packer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was tired of being fool ,
And up through his mind came some spiritual food

Truth that is, righteous gold, Spirituality

Well the next thing you know ol Pack's a millionaire,
Kinfolk said "Jed move away from there"
Said "Ohio is the place you ought to be"
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Cincy.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

(Write in candidate for UCG President)

Anonymous said...

Watch for the erection of an iron security fence as the big-ticket items, such as office and studio equipment, are installed.

The preliminary plans presented to the public don't accurately reveal Dave's gated community mentality.

In a years time, the Pack project will have the resemblance of a tiny Flurry compound, making Pack a mini-me of a mini-me.

Byker Bob said...

Pack's basic problem is that he cannot offer a valid spiritual experience to any who attempt to seek it through his ministry.

Why? You can't have a personal relationship with God if you filter all of your mental processes through bogus theories, through the idea that someone who calls himself an apostle assumes more importance than Jesus Christ, and by accepting an organization's bogus authority structure. Those are factors which actually impede a genuine spiritual experience, because your trust has been switched to a man-made corporate structure and everything which they say.

Pack, based on his accelerating hyperbole is headed for major crash and burn. I think he actually believes his own pronouncements, and when they come to nothing, it's not going to be a pretty picture. Let's hope it doesn't end like Jonestown or Waco, or even like Wisconsin.


Byker Bob said...

Here's another unbelievable thing, folks! It's further indicative as to how Armstrongism reduces the Bible to cliches. How many times have we heard such things as "Let the dead bury the dead!"? How about "God is not the author of confusion?" Well, neither one were intended to be all purpose paradigms!

Does anyone remember one of God's favorite weapons in the Old Testament? Positive indication of His power? How many times did God author confusion as a supernatural weapon against His enemies? Can anyone say Tower of Babel? What about the numerous stories of Israel launching a token force against great, huge, armies, only to find that when they arrived at the battle field, God had the enemy so confused that they were actually killing one another?

Also, what does that say about Armstrongism today? What state are the ACOGs in, and is that getting better or worse? If they are confused, then how could one say that God is with them? Wouldn't that factor make them God's enemies, false teachers?

These people really need to do some deep thinking before supporting any kind of Armstrongite ministry. The idea that any one of them could emerge as God's chosen group would be like expecting one of the Gentile groups to emerge from defeat at the hands of God through the Israelites!


Anonymous said...

Also, BB, how can anyone forget the all-important prooftext, "Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together"?

Byker Bob said...

Yep, they made that one all about themselves, and their own little exclusionist group, too.

This stuff all dies hard! Those cliches are offered as trump in just about any discussion which includes Armstrongites. It's one of their shibboleths.


Douglas Becker said...

Let's hope it doesn't end like Jonestown or Waco, or even like Wisconsin.

Or Port Austin, Michigan (OK, well, it was a tragedy, but not that big a one, except for the fire).

Anonymous said...

The current average PCG member knows nothing of a David C. Pack, let alone the details of his master plan to become their "CHOSEN LEADER". If it were only permissible to get a word of warning to the insulated PCG, and give them a heads-up, then many could be spared from a second or third slaughter.

Oh, the humanity of it all!

Corky said...

You should stand in awe, IN AWE, of the awesomeness that is Dave Pack. He is the leader, the grand poo-pah of an ACoG - and youuuu're not! He rakes in FREE MONEY and youuuuuu don't.

And now, NOW, he's going to build some buildings with youuuuu're money that will be HIS own property and not youuuuuurs. Although, he might allow you to visit them - if you are a member in good standing and make an appointment in advance...

Next...A COLLEGE, of course, how else is he going to put well trained (brainwashed) ministers in the field? It's the way of GIVE, brothers and sisters, YOU GIVE - that's your part - his awesomeness will handle it from there, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Armstrongism (defined as idolatrous reverence for HWA false and erroneous teachings) will most probably be ranked with all other idolatrous worships and religions as difficult to eradicate even when Christ comes. They are so deceived and have left logical thinking and common sense to even recognize and acknowledge the true Christ. It will take a lot of God's love and mercy to bring them back to their senses.

Lefty Kazooski said...

There will be kazoo concerts in the music hall or maybe blue grass hog calling music.

Anonymous said...

I see in his campus picture there is no bird fountain. I suspect Dave has not yet decided on just what kind of statue of himself will look best there.


Anonymous said...

Or it might be that he hasn't decided how tall of bronze statue of herbert to place there. Or maybe he's hoping the price of copper is going to fall soon. It is astounding the levels of HWA idolatry these guys have already gone to.

Byker Bob said...

In my current non-ACOG church experience, it is amazingly refreshing how little the pastors speak of themselves. None of them imply that believers should be following the ministers' examples, or matters of personal taste, either.


Anonymous said...

The matrix is a maze. Dave's victims have their heads shoved up one blind alley, Gerald has his victims up another. Obama has his up his, and the Pope has his up their. The media have the rest of the people up theirs. You can escape the cult but you're still in the matrix. Don't be so smug people. But people can't handle the truth that they are still in the matrix.

Assistant Deacon said...

The Matrix!

That's a new one when it comes to COG theories. Hooray, Anon 4:04! We needed a fresh bit of nuttiness.