Friday, April 19, 2013

E. W. King: I Predicted An Explosion! Aren't I Amazing!!!!! Oh, And The Great Tribulation Is Fast Approaching!

E.W. is back again from his mountaintop.  I think the guy may be suffering from altitude sickness because he sure has been coming up with some winners lately.

Today he is bragging about how he accurately predicted that there would be an explosion some place and some time in the U.S.

Mr. E.W.King gave warnings about the current terrorist attacks!
In my first COGSR Study Guide that I wrote last year [“Identifying the True Church”] I stated the following warning:
“Exposed hypocrisy on all levels and in all parties. Lack of trust, fear, anger stirring in the masses. Pressure will create an explosion…big explosion.” [COGSR Vol. 1 p.48]
And in COGSR Study Guide Two I gave this warning;
“Of course we must never underestimate the acts of Terrorism. We will see many more unfortunate and terrible acts. Egypt will play a key role along with the surprising fact that Russia and China are, in some ways, teaming up against America and Briton.” [COGSR Vol. 2 p.74]
COGSR continues to help awaken America to the “signs of the times”. True Christians are saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in Boston [2013] and we pray for all involved but we are not surprised at the evil. We are soon to enter the Great Tribulation.
In COGSR Vol. 2 p.79 I made this startling prediction;
“Muslims worldwide will come under a new organization. This will give them more authority. This new organization will start with an American Muslim group.”

What is with all these buffoons in charge of the various splinter cults calling themselves "Mr." all the time?


Byker Bob said...

Once again, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make sound?

There are several ingredients required for successful prophecy. One would be the accurate forecast of events yet to occur. The second would be that sufficient numbers of people had read or heard your prophecies in order to verify that you had made them.

King fails on several levels. First, the only way we know that he has made prophecies is that his after the fact bragging is chronicled here. Secondly, his prophecies are extremely generalized and totally in keeping with past repeating trends.

Now, if he made his "prophecies" during an official media covered visit to the White House to meet with President O'Bama, and if the prophecies were were extremely
detailed and highly accurate, his status as a prophet might actually be arguable.


Leonardo said...

Of all the wannabe COG gurus currently on the scene, E.W. King seems to be the most psychologically needy in terms of his pathetically frantic desire for attention and recognition of his feeble "prophetic abilities." I wonder if this religious nutcase has ANY followers at all, or if he's just another M. John Allen, who merely ranted on for years AS IF he did have a following, only to finally give up in frustration due to lack of interest (financial and otherwise), angrily blaming others for not being interested in the "spiritual things" he thought he was offering. The level of mental delusion these folks must be operating under is absolutely well as being potentially very dangerous.

Leonardo said...

"What is with all these buffoons in charge of the various splinter cults calling themselves "Mr." all the time?"

The honorary title of "mister" is nothing more than a 15th century variant of the word "master" - the term a subservient, inferior person would use to address an obvious superior. Though it's mainly used as a polite sign of respect these days, that's the actual linguistic derivation of the word. Many of the lesser third-string COG "authorities" are so desperate for recognition they can't even hide it anymore. E.W. King is just one of the more pitiable examples of such eagerness. Yet strangely, they do absolutely NOTHING to deserve recognition or respect. They just arrogantly ASSUME they deserve it because they claim to represent God. Astonishing but true. Yet another example of the cultural "free pass" religious gurus tend to be given simply because they are presumed to be a divine spokesman for a deity.

Anonymous said...

"Once again, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make sound?"

According to Bohr, if nobody can hear the tree fall, it won't fall.


Glenn said...

If a man expresses his opinion in a forest and his wife is not there to hear him, is he still wrong?

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

The bible clearly refers to Mr. Peter, Mr. John, Mr. James, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Paul, Mrs. Mary, and Mr. Jesus. You can't call Jesus Jesus, you have to call him Mr. Christ or Mr. Jesus. It is done that way through all the gospels.

HWA did not claim for himself and his ministers more respect than Jesus or Paul. He always referred to them as Mr. Christ and Mr. Paul.

Ya know that dontcha?


Corky said...

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make sound?"

It made sound waves that would have been heard if someone had been there to hear it. So, the question is, should there be anyone there to hear it? Is there any reason why anyone should want to hear it?

As far as I can tell that tree has no more authority or right to be heard than any other tree in the forest. Even less - since it's dead.

Anonymous said...

Once again, King has just farted into the wind. That's the only explosion......

Anonymous said...

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make sound?"

Not sure if it made a sound or not. More to the point, have we found the perfect place for a ministurd to deliver his weekly sermon?

Anonymous said...

First, the number of people hearing what a religious person says doesn't determine whether it's true or accurate.
Just look at the fact that the leaders of the Catholic Church claim that practicing birth control is a sin. Surely, because they are "heard" by so many does not make it true!

Second, the internet archives things that people like EW and Weinland write(even if few "heard" them at the time, or remember), and people are able to later evaluate their claims.