Thursday, May 2, 2013

COG Chief Pharisee Says "In Vetro" Fertilization Is An Abomination!

The worlds greatest law enforcer and greatest law breaker, James Malm, is ragging on UCG today stating that they are promoting the practice of In Vetro fertilization and abortion.  I don't know of any COG that advocates abortion.  I can guarantee Malm that there are probably hundreds of children in the COG's that have been conceived this way.  They truly have the right to call Malm the jackass that he is.

UCG NEWS:   The next GN focuses on condemning abortion.  I know of many instances of abortion in UCG, including the abomination of “ in vitro” fertilization which fertilizes several eggs and then destroys the ones not chosen for use.  I sincerely hope that the many elders in UCG and the other COG Groups now approving of abortion; deeply repent of that vile grotesque abomination and turn to God.

In this article Bob Berendt presents what Denny had told him, apparently unaware of Denny’s acceptance of abortion and in vitro in his private counseling’s with brethren. The Beginning of Life
Denny was not alone in his positions.  Congratulations are due to Scott Ashley for standing on official UCG teachings regardless of the strong opposition within the UCG ministry.

Here is an another article fighting these things as approved by Denny in his congregations.   When Does Human Life Begin? by J L. Merritt, M.D. & J. Lawrence Merritt, M.D


Byker Bob said...

In a way, I agree that this is the best policy for his church and all of the other ACOGs. Fact is, it's bad enough for naturally born children to have to suffer being brought up in Armstrongism and warped for the rest of their lives! Anything that would limit this type of suffering certainly had my vote.

In the case of sane parents with healthy normal outlooks on life, in vitro can be a wonderful blessing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Malm knows more than medical doctors. But of course.

What an idiot. Simply not worth any more wor--