Monday, May 27, 2013

House of Yahweh Cult and Ysrael Hawkins - Another Sad Legacy of Armstrongism

In this video Hawkins says global warming is caused by STD's


Joe Moeller said...

Off topic...

BUT... The ONE MILLIONTH WEB HIT for "Banned" is coming up very soon!

There is going to be an online potluck celebration! Perhaps the One Millionth visitor will also get a prize!

The online Potluck party is now being planned! Make sure you bring enough for your own family PLUS one more.

Those with the last names A to F, please bring a salad. G to P bring a main course, and last names Q thru Z please bring a desert.

Singles and youth will be in charge of cleanup.

Looking forward to the very first "BANNED" online virtual potluck social, celebrating the important million hit landmark!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

NO2HWA said...

Well heck! I thought you were doing a Wyoming ranch bbq where we could all sit around the campfire eating beans and bbq. Perhaps you could get some from Bubba's on Yellowstone Ave.

Joe Moeller said...

Bubbas BBQ is good stuff, I like them though for their breakfast menu.

They have another location I think in Jackson Hole as well.

I will bring some beans and fixins for the online potluck celebration!

Luv ,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

NO2HWA said...

I prefer Our Place for breakfast. Its the best I have had there.

Anonymous said...

can't help but remember the Blazing Saddles campfire scene....

Anonymous said...

but, just because someone who was never truly part of the Church, leaves WCG and starts a cult....can't really tie him to HWA...

the majority of those attending WCG were never truly part of the Church....just look at most of the splinters, it should be obvious that they never had a clue.

NO2HWA said...

Bill "Buffalo" Hawkins, aka Ysrael had an integral part in WCG while in Texas. He was a song leader and preached sermonettes. The beliefs he espouses have their foundation in Armstrongism. If you read his wife's book about her life in the cult and her exit you will see that while he was being a good WCGer, he was committing adultery with other women. Some things about the Church never change.

Anonymous said...

like I said....those that were never truly part of the Church, but only attended........

Byker Bob said...

"never truly part of the church"

What a mindless cliche! Virtually every word of that phrase requires further definition in order to make sense from an Armstrongist's point of view.

Assuming "the church" means the followers of Herbert W. Armstrong, as opposed to believers in and followers of Jesus Christ, then you have to go about deciding at what point WCG gave the most accurate representation of truth.

And, what about those who left because WCG presented a lying testimony? I know it's now fashionable to consider end time prophecy to be similar to Noah's ministry, and to pretend that that's the way it's always been, but what about the three math equations that were taught right up until 1972 to "prove" that Jesus just had to return in 1975? No amount of lying or revisionism is going to expunge those from the memories of those of us who were taught them.

Which D & R doctrine was correct (if any)? What cosmetics doctrine? Which doctrine about interracial marriage was God's truth? Medical doctrine? Did the church ever really comply with the Levitical dietary laws?

No, "never truly part of the church" really means that certain ones didn't continually drink the Armstrong Kool-Aid. It's like some rah rah cheer in a pep rally to encourage people who stayed. Fortunately, some who left the confused lying testimony behind discovered the real thing, the Living Waters, and are now part of the body of Christ.


NO2HWA said...

BB: The catch phrase in his comment is "...never truly part of the Church"

That interprets in Armstrongite speak as, "unconverted."

True Christians who were sabbath keeping, clean meat eating, holy day observing, submissive members are the only converted ones. All the rest were losers along for the ride and are bound for the lake of fire.

Armstrongism at its finest.

Assistant Deacon said...

It is indeed fitting that Anon 9:00 and 10:29's comments about "never truly part of the Church" are mixed in with those about farting around a campfire. They emit a similar aroma and are equally amusing.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be....another Armstrongite group. There is no question the House of Yahweh cult is a splinter group of the WCG. They keep all the Old Testament doctrines that we kept in the WCG, and the fact that Hawkins was a member of one of the Houston WCG congregations before forming the House of Yahweh cult qualifies it as one of the 700+ splinter cults of the WCG.

I have seen the House of Yahweh profiled on Nancy Grace, and I have read several issues of their monthly magazine. They are truly an Armstrong Church on the extreme fringe.


Anonymous said... always bring the watermelon dd