Thursday, May 9, 2013

No Campfire Stories With Joe, Vic Kubik Usurps Him. Malm Proclaims: "THIS IS THE WORK OF THE FALSE SPIIT OF THE ANTICHRIST!"

UCGers were looking forward to the write-in candidate Joe to become UCG's new President.  They were hoping for some campfire chats and maybe a few brawls in the corral, but alas, Vic Kubik won the vote.  Vic is now UCG's new President.

The United Church of God, an International Association, has been involved in a systematic process of selecting a new president (chief executive officer) since late February of this year.
At the current May session of the Council of Elders meetings, Council members, after prayer and fasting to gain a sense of God’s will, interviewed the final six candidates and collectively deliberated on the matter before choosing a president.
The Council is pleased to announce that Victor Kubik has been selected to fill this position for the next three years. Please remember Mr. and Mrs. Kubik as they step into this new opportunity to serve the church. Mr. Kubik assumes the presidency May 9
Robin Webber—Chairman, Council of Elders

Immediately James Malm starts screeching "THIS IS THE FALSE SPIIT OF THE ANTICHRIST!"

Victor has been actively putting his “good works” forward to influence the elders in his favour, and already was the most influential man among the evangelical set, and the most influential [powerful] man in UCG.

The President has no power to set policy, his job is to enforce policies as set by the CoE under the leadership of the Chairman.  The Chairman is Robin Webber who is an infamous permissive regarding God’s commandments, but is a strong dominating man when it comes to pushing his own ways.

Vic and Robin were both strong advocates and enforcers of the Joe Tkach apostasy, as is almost every man on the new CoE.  The only man who is standing strongly for the past traditions of UCG is Scott Ashley and he seems to be unaware of what is going on because of his loyalty to UCG and these men.  I  know of no one standing for the teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ in UCG leadership; or in the leadership of any other COG Group.

Vic, the zealous Tkach enforcer, has now become Robin Webber’s enforcer; of the very same Tkach agenda now in UCG.

In reality Joe Tkach was only the front man for Kubik, Webber and others, and they are now poised to move in the same direction once these new men take office.

In fact the process is already well advanced.

In WCG they first set the mood for accepting change by pushing brotherly love, over love for the commandments; exalting the love of man over a love of God and obedience to the teachings and commandments of Christ; and twisting the teachings of Christ on love, to justify not rebuking sin.  

Yes still claiming that transgression of the law is sin; but excusing such transgression with the “Jesus is love and will overlook unrepented sin of a baptized person, so we should be tolerant out of a [false] love”.

They began to teach a false Christ who winks at sin to justify their tolerance of differences in doctrine, for the sake of organizational unity and a false kind of brotherly love.  
Once doctrinal differences become acceptable.

The next step is to establish a false holy spirit and portray UCG as a dynamic, now spirit filled, organization which is being led into spiritual growth and enlightenment; changes are not really changes byt spiritual growth inspired by God’s Spirit they claim, as they lead the brethren away for the Real Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

Here is the key:  God’s spirit is given to those who OBEY the teachings and commandments of Christ;  Jesus Christ and the Father, and their Spirit are ONE in true UNITY:  THE GOD FAMILY IS NOT DIVIDED!

Therefore their spirit is ONE in complete UNITY with the teachings and commandments of Christ and the Father!

Any spirit that teaches tolerance for doctrinal division or fails to rebuke sin:  IS THE FALSE SPIIT OF ANTICHRIST!  It is following the path of rebellion against the teachings and co0mmandments of Jesus Christ!
In light of Malm's prissy snit fest I hope Kubik does all the things Malm accuses him of.  UCG might have a chance at real change after all.  Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I think, I could be wrong, that somewhere in the Bible it says:

"Malm's words are spiit and they are lies"

It's something like that, I forget.

I do know there is a lot of talk about the Holy Spiit and the Spiit of God moving across the face of the deep. Maybe the deep is just lots of spiit?

Anyway, I know that Malm teaches someday we will all become Spiit Beings. I can't imagine it, but I'm sure he has his sources.


Anonymous said...

But it also warns, "

"But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, 'Raca,' is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, 'You DROOL!' will be in danger of the fire of hell."

so we need to be careful what we say.


Assistant Deacon said...

What is Malm talking about?

If Kubik and Webber and "almost every man on the new CoE" were the strong advocates and enforcers behind the changes in the WCG, why did they leave the WCG after the changes were made?

Blah, blah, blah.

Malm is unacquainted with reality.

Anonymous said...

Philippians 4:8 says to stay positive and think on only good things. Even the prophets in the bible can't stick to that one. If Malm really were a messenger from god, wouldn't he spend most of his time on the positive, instead of on the negative and the condemning? Then again, maybe the bible is just too contradictory in the first place. Oh well, I tried...

Joe Moeller said...

The voting for President happens in Executive Session, of the existing 12 man council.

I actually did win the election, but was offered 3 days and two nights FREE at the La Quinta inn at the Feast of Tabernacles site in Steamboat Springs Colorado this year if I stepped aside.

I "took one for the team" so that Vic could be President. Who could resist "all you can eat" Continental breakfast at the La Quinta? Certainly not Mrs. Moeller and me!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...

I know 4 of the council quite well, and also know Vic and Robin extremely well and in current time.

There is NO movement about changing core doctrines such as the Sabbath etc. Be rest assured.

As far as emphasizing love, spiritual gifts and service, grace and forgiveness, the COG has been severely lacking in these areas and it has reaped BAD FRUIT.

The UCG is on the right track in creating a holistic church, that is driven by the right motivations, the right accountability and the right spirit to being real human beings in doing the will of God.

A long way to go for UCG, that is for sure. However, identifying the problems, and being proactive to becoming a relevant , proactive and progressive church, that is based on faith, love, grace and charity is coming, give it some time. There is no need to be compromising with the 10 commandments to do so, and again, no one is even so much as imagining doing that.

Malm is trying to throw smoke in the air for his own selfish reasons, and for the slim hope that he will attract followers. However, if you do desire attending Stalag 17 for the FOT rather than UCG, then I strongly suggest you do register with Malm now.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Be rest assured, the UCG will never change its core Armstrongist doctrines, nor does it count as a splinter of Armstrongism! After more than thirty years, one of Herbert's churches is finally "back on track"! Except that it doesn't count as one of Herbert's churches. Or maybe Joe Jr. beat UCG to the right track. Sort of.

Step right up, everyone! Get your rainbows and lollipops at the Unsurpassed Confectionary Guild.

Anonymous said...

Making Tkach cheerleader Vic Kubik the head of an Armstrongite splinter (UCG) makes about as much sense as making Tkach cheerleader Mike Germano the head of an Armstrongite college (Living University).

I guess Armstrongism trains the sheep to be very, very gullible, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I thought the CGI(renamed from the Worldwide COG) is already "back on track", at least in some respects. It's certainly relaxed many of the hard core Armstrongist teachings. So in all respects it's way in front of the UCG, be that good or bad.

Anonymous said...

I meant GCI.

Anonymous said...

Oh so confusing! All I see is lots of slightly different tracks and all bad fruit. Malm is on one track, UCG is on another track, GCI is on yet another track. The people think they're going somewhere just because they're on a "track" but all the locomotives are broken down and out of steam anyway. The only thing that makes sense is that they're all more or less wrong tracks. We owe a big debt of gratitude to good ol' HWA for getting so many (including me) started off down solidly wrong tracks.

Anonymous said...

In some ways I agree Malmodonies. Vic and Robin were kicking people out of WCG back in the day, as were many who went with the variety of groups at the time eventually. What remains to be seen is whether they will be as nasty in the changes and causing weak people to stumble. What happened post HWA was even more troubling abuse than what happened before. There is really a lot of manipulation going on in UCG, with really love being talked about, but not actually practiced.

Douglas Becker said...

The UCG is wondrous.

Let's wait and see what develops.

This is going to be great drama!

Anonymous said...

I agree that "The UCG is wondrous.", and even include Vic Kubik and Robin Webber in a "wondrous-syphilis-encrusted-penis" sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Some juvenile on here has a fixation with penises. Grow up kid.

Byker Bob said...

1) Juvenile is probably inappropriate in this case. That commenter probably used to attend LCG, where penis preoccupation has long since reached doctrinal status.

2) Has anyone taken the time to inform James Malm that there is something called "Spell Check"?

3) I kind of wish some of the CoE had written in Joe, Jr, if for no other reason than a GCI-UCG alliance would have put the kabosh on Pack's vain imaginations as to the reunification of Herbie Dumpty under him.