Friday, June 28, 2013

God Told Davey That He Wants Zerubbabel (HWA) Remembered Forever

Part of the reason Davey Pack thinks he is the chosen one is that he claims to be following in the footsteps of Herbert.  Davey is imitating Herb's campuses and gardens, covets his Steuben crystal, copies his books and plagiarizes ideas.  Dave has not been capable of coming up with an original idea yet.  Davey has always been known to be a copy-cat taking others ideas and claiming them as his own.

Remember that Haggai 2 concludes with a special tribute to Zerubbabel. One of the major problems in the splinters is that God’s ministers have themselves almost universally forgotten Mr. Armstrong’s extraordinary prophesied role in restoring truths to God’s 20th-century Church.

God announces that His chosen leader becomes (“I will make you as”) a signet. This means a “signature ring, seal or signet” in the Hebrew. Where else in the scriptures does God describe the work of one of His leading servants in such a unique way? Nowhere! Without Mr. Armstrong’s over 52 years of incredible perseverance, resourcefulness, dedication and faithfulness against staggering obstacles and so many enemies, the ministers throughout the splinters today would all be somewhere else doing something else. They would never have learned the truth. Yet, having died over 27 years ago, Zerubbabel has been largely forgotten. God wants Mr. Armstrong remembered for what he was—what he did. Several times in Haggai 2 the ministry is told to “consider,” with part of what they are to consider shown to be in this context. In fact, until they do, these ministers will remain blocked from an enormous amount of understanding regarding what will happen going forward, and they cannot be used as true ministers. And they have no foundation to understand who is Joshua, as well as this man’s role following Zerubbabel and preceding Christ’s Return. Zerubbabel’s identity paves the way to knowing who is Joshua! Without this knowledge, both Zechariah 3 [describing Joshua] and Zechariah 4 [describing Zerubbabel and the Two Witnesses] remain closed off from their understanding.

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