Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ron Weinland, Convicted Felon, You Must Believe All 57 Of His "truths" In Order To Be Saved

Ron Weinland, the convicted felon, has released his weekly letter.  He has set himself up as the ONLY true apostle for the Church of God.  Dave Pack must be quaking in Wadsworth at this announcement.  Weinerdude also claims that none a single one of the 600+ splinter groups cannot be true.

Candidly, there is no other structure whereby God leads and directs His Church. That is why what has happened in the 600 plus splinter groups that have formed out of the Apostasy and scattering of the Church after 1994 is so absurd. Only one can be God’s Church through whom He works. By definition and teaching, anything else could not be God’s structure of government, as it would oppose God’s order of unity and singleness of teaching and belief among His people. There cannot be any who are “on their own,” who are not led by an apostle; for that is simply how God works in His Church: “Now you are the Body of Christ, and members in particular. God has set (word used for order and position in government) some in the Church: first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly teachers…” (1 Cor. 12:27-28)..
So the identity of God’s Church and where He is working is a most basic truth. This has so much to do with the first great truth that is attributed to being reestablished (restored) in God’s Church through Herbert W. Armstrong   the truth of God’s “government.” God tries and tests His Church to manifest those who do and those who do not judge this truth about government righteously. God expects everyone to judge themselves and “their” own group or organization by this most basic truth about His government.

Of course there is one major criteria that is vitally important for the true church to survive and be recognized.  That is the church that has proper government.   Government is the favorite catch phrase of most of the splinter groups out there.  Without top down authoritarian government these men could not retain power.  Government requires that someone has to submit and it certainly is NOT the leader.  Those submitting are the pee-on's who dare not question the leader.  Pack has been running off about proper government for months now.  Meredith has had several pointed letters and sermons lately about submitting to government.  COGWA intimidates its ministers who now regret jumping ship with it.  On and on it goes.

Weinerdude needs governmental control to work in his group to keep it going.  He also assumed that because government had been a major part of the church that when he formed his cult in 2005 that people would jump ship and join him, just as Dave Pack assumes the same for his cult.  The good thing is that it did not happen.  Only a few naive blinded people followed  Weinerdude.

During the Feast of Tabernacles in 2005, God mightily separated His Church from all other scattered groups who formed due to the Apostasy. God did this through the 21st Truth that is attributed as being revealed to the Church of God - Preparing for the Kingdom of God through me. No other scattered group believes this truth!
The purpose for covering this truth in this post is to illuminate more fully that it is this truth above all others revealed after the Apostasy that proves where God’s true Church is and through whom God is working as His apostle to this end-time. It is this truth that fully established the identity of God’s Church! No other group or organization from the Apostasy believes or teaches this great truth. It was after God restored this most powerful truth yet, to His Church, that He began to inspire the writing of the book 2008   God’s Final Witness.
Then Weinerdude goes on to make another absurd statement for anyone that is a Christian. You cannot be saved unless you submit to COG government.

The identity and greatest proof of God’s true Church through the end-time and up to Christ’s return can only be received by those to whom God gives it. Once God has revealed such a “present truth,” then each to whom it was revealed is judged individually by their own judgment of where God is working and their judgment of this specific truth. For those who have left and have been removed from the fellowship in God’s true Church, their judgment rests on this truth alone. Anyone who truly judges righteously must judge whether they believe this 21st Truth (42nd overall). If a person believes this truth and separates themselves from God’s Church (PKG), then they multiply the judgment against themselves because they know no one else believes or teaches this truth. Only God’s true Church does!
 Then Ron rambles on about HWA restring truth that his god had somehow lost for 1,900 years.  That god Ron follows sure is a weak wimpy creature.

Then Weinerdude discloses another miraculous thing he has accomplished.  In 2005 he literally put an end to the debate about the trinity.

One of the greatest blows that Satan ever dealt to the truth was when he began to deceive the world about God Himself. This was done in 325 AD through the Nicene Council and the establishment of the doctrine of the Trinity. It wasn’t until that Feast of 2005 that this false doctrine was finally fully removed from having any influence upon God’s Church   the Church of God - PKG.
 Of course the one and only true church of god is capable of doing such a thing.  Of course, Weinerdude's cult is that church.  Salvation does not exist outside of it:

It has often been told to God’s people that they should go back often and review all the truths God has given us. Indeed, the greatest and most profound for God’s Church in this end-time is that 21st Truth. God’s truths are our power and strength. It is the truth that sets us free. It is by the word of truth that we are begotten. It is by the word of truth that we grow, AND it is by this one great truth that God’s people should have the greatest boldness, faith, confidence, and strength of where God’s true Church is today   of where God is working and leading His people. There is no other place to go for God’s truth that is being taught by God’s ministry Sabbath-to-Sabbath and post-to-post.
In order to be saved you also have to believe in all 57 of Weinerdudes "truths."

We know who we are   we are God’s Church, and the truths God has revealed testify to that truth. No other group or organization teaches and believes all of the 57 Truths.

57 different idiotic steps or beliefs one has to jump over in order to make Weinerdudes god happy.


Joe Moeller said...

10 truths, (ala the ten commandments) are plenty.

57 truths gets a little burdensome and hard to remember!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Assistant Deacon said...

I wonder if Weinerdude has had a visit from Bogs in that there prison.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Is Ron Weinland being a deluded idiot one of the 57 restored truths of God?


Anonymous said...

it baffles me how anyone can belive that the entirity of the Church is in one single corporate entity......the Church is not a physical entity, it is spiritual and it's members are all around the globe, a great many of which know nothing of the others....

Anonymous said...

Salvation is a personal matter between the person and God. Those narrow minded deluded self-appointed false prophets Church of Three Tithes and Holy Day Offerings are just cultic psychotic fake psuedo-religious business organizations for the financial enhancement, enrichment, and luxury living of the fake false prophet and his family. No one can bring any other person to God's Kingdom except Christ Himself. Only a mental case person will believe a religious leader incarcerated in prison. This false prophet is literally leading his congregation to go to hell. True religion is common sense.

Head Usher said...

57 fundamentals? That's a pretty extreme form of fundamentalism!

The other thing you do, when you claim that god is only going to save people who "believe" this and "believe" that, like a litmus test which everyone that doesn't follow you automatically fails, is you judge other people regarding their salvation, which the bible says not to do.

To me, I don't understand why "believing" something to be or not be a fact (on "faith" entirely without evidence) is so important. What is such a belief? A neural pattern in your brain? Why is that so important? Can't we just wait till we have the evidence (assuming it exists) to believe? As long as we believe then, isn't that all that matters? Why is it so important to "believe" now? I just don't get it...

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to count all the STUPID Herbie "truths" that asswipe armstrongite churches like the UCG, etc get their membership creaming in their pants about.
Of course, these STUPID asswipe armstrongite churches like the UCG, etc, all have big portraits of HWA hanging prominently at their headquarters!