Sunday, July 14, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God Woman Thinks Men Outside of PCG Prefer to Be Women

The PCG had an article about a Spokesmen Club ladies night meeting in Texas.  A female acolyte of McFlurry had this to say:

I am so encouraged with how God’s work of building godly men and leaders in His church is still alive after so many odds,and going strong. This is most inspiring in a time when men can barely find their strength and manhood, where men would prefer to be women? I am so grateful as a woman to be a witness of God’s work of making His men for His work.
It’s always great to see the men of Israel being trained in God,s way, being educated to be the teachers for tomorrow.

Spokesman club has been a great help to me and will encourage all men to use the oppotunity. God,s way of education is perfect.

Macho men can only be found in the PCG.  Dave Pack was seem weeping at his failure.


Douglas Becker said...

Completely ignores Islam.

Byker Bob said...

Sad part is that she probably actually believes it, too. Not that I'm a fan, but if she were to listen to Rush Limbaugh, it might give her some insights as to why what she objects to is happening to many men. For better or worse, it's a function of societal evolution.

This stuff is all a matter of perspective, and I'm sure that with all of the hostile factors involved in being a PCG or RCG member, these poor people are just grasping for any little positive they can find to balance it all out.


Anonymous said...

"Ohhhhh Mr.Man of that you're Spokesman Club childrearing paddle or are you just glad to see me...?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the mannerisms displayed by Grant Turgeon on PCG's camp video are indicative of true masculinity. Maybe in Teletubby world but not here.

Anonymous said...

Some of the PCG ministers I knew were lying thugs and idiots who thought they were macho men and abused their authority to push people around. Scum. But they sure talk a good talk.

Anonymous said...

Men are wimpified by TV and BS news. Get your news from Russia Today (

Anonymous said...

LOL, Rush Limbaugh, known and proven to be drugged up on "penis medicine", will her some insights!

Anonymous said...

Here is a photo of John Amos, Gerald Flurry's associate pastor with whom he started PCG:

John Amos

With his John Waters-style pencil mustache and his dandy attire, was Amos a model of masculinity for Is this what a PCG wife is expected to desire in a husband?

Assistant Deacon said...

Spokesman's Club. Yes. That is the place for manliness training.


Stop it, my sides hurt.


Anonymous said...

So the wives in PCG don't toy with some of the things in Penthouse Forum, like daring their husbands to secretly wear pantyhose to work under their work clothes and then baking them some special pecan pie if they do?