Thursday, July 18, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God's Racist and Social Profiling In The Caribbean

Of all the various splinter cults of Armstrongism, PCG has clung more staunchly to the British Israelism malarkey than any other COG.  With BI's inherent racist qualities, it is no wonder that PCG is a lily white splinter cult.  It grits it's teeth that there are people of color in other nations around the world only because they are an income flow.

The Caribbean PCG churches have always suffered under the weight of the racist attitudes of PCG ministers sent there.  It continues to this day profiling members according to race and their social status.  Those with money get the most attention, those on the lower end of the financial spectrum are tolerated.

Members Beginning to Speak Out Against Racial and Social Profiling:
July 17, 2013
Samuel Seebran has viciously and maliciously suspended a member in Grenada for speaking out against racial issues existing for a long while in the Caribbean congregations .For years now, these racial issues were never fully addressed and dealt with. Racial discrimination and prejudice have always existed in the PCG, inherited from it's parent church, WCG. Seebran cowardly suspends members who disagree with PCG doctrines and Government (so he won't have to deal with the members concerns and issues). Then, he whines and complains that members don't like him and speak ill of his wife and daughter in a hopeless, vain attempt, for sympathy and compassion. Most members are not so easily fooled by his childish, immature antics and are speaking out against racial and social profiling. One is treated differently according to one's social/ financial class (bigger tithes and offerings) and are given favorable, special treatment, and are considered "a friend of the minister " --Resigned member (Trinidad)


Byker Bob said...

Once again, proving how a false doctrine can hurt some of God's children, and foment divisiveness and bad will!

The sad part of this is that I just know that some of the brethren of color probably thought they had found a haven or sanctuary from racism. Most members found out about first, second, and third tithe during their first sabbath service after being baptized, and that's probably when these folks also found out about the racism. Somehow, "Oh, we didn't make this up, it's from the Bible, God's way! Ezra is a book!" is supposed to bring the love out, and make it better? Neither God, nor Jesus are racially prejudiced, or racially preferential. It was never about skin pigmentation, it was about different cultures worshipping false gods.

I believe teaching that God is the author of racism really demeans God, and as such, is blasphemous. Go ye into ALL the world.....


Anonymous said...

PCG is not lily white, but if it were, what with it? Do you hate whites?