Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bob Thiel, Ever the Comedian, the Hobbit Talks About Women

Bob Thiel, is  he a Hobbit or what?  

Does he realize how stupid he still looks sitting in front of that crooked bookcase?  Bookcases that have doors on them usually only cover a couple of shelves on the bottom of the bookcase.  Look across the room at your book case and see if your doors go up over halfway as Bob's do in his videos.  Those doors extend up past his chair.  Everything about the image he presents is off kilter, just like his ministry.

He starts off trying to be cute and humorous about women in the New Testament.  You can hear his wife or some other female chortle along with him.  Then he starts flapping his arms, waving his wrists and laughing that it so is distracting to what he is trying to get across that you will quickly tune out after 3 minutes.


Dr. Thielgood said...

Thiel is so ridiculous that he almost makes Pack look good. Bob you need to hang it up and stop making a fool of yourself. People have to be desperate to listen to this jack a**!

DennisCDiehl said...
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DennisCDiehl said...

Why do old barren women in the Bible always give birth to prophets and young virgin women to gods?

If Sarah, the 90 year old hottie gave birth to Jesus instead of Mary I imagine we'd think differently about it. I'm pretty sure few would believe 90 year old virgin part of that story.


Bob is not very convincing in his presentations. For a Prophet, the topics he picks, hair length, football, women, real and fake money etc aren't very prophet like.

If I did not know he lived in Calif, the way he says "Gaad" would place him upstate New York.

DennisCDiehl said...

Classic COG sermon.

1. You go to Nave's Topical Bible and look up a topic. In this case "women"

2. You stuff those scriptures, in order from Genesis to Revelation into and hour and fifteen minutes

3. You merely comment on what already is written

4. You're done

That was also Rod Mereidith's idea of his "Harmony of the Gospels" class and when he "studied" a book in the Bible. You read it and then you simply comment on what you read and throw in some should's and musts for the audience to bring it up to date.

You never asked Rod "if it says this in Matthew and this in Luke about the same story, how can they both be correct? You were toast. And besides, he never thought of that question much less an answer so it was going nowhere.

COG minister rarely "study" the Bible. They read it and comment on it.

You read the Bible at Ambassador and in COG church services. (as they do at Bob Jones University) You actually would have studied it at Fuller Theological Seminary a mile away.

Lawrence of Pasadena said...

I cringe when I hear "Greetings!".
Who says that in real life?
But in the C of G's they all say it.
That and 'noon meal' as if they never heard of lunch.

Dr. Thielgood said...

It's doubtful that Thiel is a native Californian. He sounds like he is from Michigan. Maybe, he will write an autobiography like Pack and all the world will know.

Retired Prof said...

Lawrence, "noon meal" is a way to make sure that people in all parts of the country will get approximately the same meaning. In some parts of the country, "lunch" refers only to a meal packed into a box, bucket/pail, or sack/bag/poke and carried away from the house, whereas the noon meal at home is "dinner." In other places, "lunch" refers to the everyday noon meal and "dinner" to the one on Sunday.

Likewise, "evening meal" makes sense both to people who call it "dinner" and those who call it "supper." What the longer expressions give up in style they gain in clarity over a range of regions.

The Carpenter said...

The reason the bookcase is crooked is because the trailer he lives in, the floor is sinking. Wood rot.

Anonymous said...

Folks....Pssst. Here's a Boobified inside secret:
Think of it this way-
The bookcase is straight. It's the entire rest of the 'Non-Thielology Universe' that's crooked.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty bad when the books on your shelf are bigger than your head.