Sunday, August 11, 2013

James Malm: Loma Dillon Armstrong Brought Filthy Unclean Furs Into The Church

If you thought the stupidity of the Church of God's greatest Pharisee could not get any crazier, you are wrong!

Today, Apostle and false teacher James Malm, in yet another bastardization of God's word, declared that Loma Dillon Armstrong, was a FEMINIST and brought the use of UNCLEAN furs into the Church of God.

The Chief Pharisaical Jackass writes:

In the church of God it was Loma Armstrong a strong feminist who brought in unclean furs and forced Herbert to abandon hair coverings.  These things then became HWA tradition contrary to scripture.

What can be said after reading this other than WTF???????????????????????


Byker Bob said...

Jeez. According to Malm, are you allowed to have a dog or a cat? In the Old Covenant shadows, they were unclean just as much as mink, chinchilla, or ermine!

How does Malm even manage to live? In his world view, everything is either pagan, or against Levitical law.

Have a spiritual experience through obsession with the physical. LOL! Works for me.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think this was the most ridiculous thing he had to say today. I thought his Islamic-style doctrine about women having to cover their heads in public was at least equally absurd. He's held this doctrine for a long time, but seldom does he launch into an invective tirade over it.

James sees this as a symbolic ritual act that women are "commanded" to do to acknowledge their second-class citizen status as married women. Yes, these women are married to a domineering husband, but they are also married, symbolically, to jesus.
But aren't men supposed to by symbolically married to jesus too? So then why aren't men supposed to cover their heads too, like Jews do?

I guess, you're just supposed to blindly do everything you can twist scripture into "commanding" as many things as possible, but whether your interpretations of the myriad of ancient writings cobbled together to make god's inerrant word make any sense or not is not to be given even so much as a moment's consideration. I guess that would be questioning god, for sure, a "lake of fire" mistake.

Says James, "I would think that if there was even the slightest idea that something might please God and it was lawful, everyone would rush to do it. That would be wholehearted zeal to please God."

Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it would be just another taxing requirement thrust upon the deluded just in case it might make a difference, (even though it won't). What James never stops to think about, is that there are an infinite number of not unlawful insurance policies such as this that the deluded could in theory "rush to do," except that in practice, no one has infinite resources to throw at such "just in case" insurance policies. Each additional insurance policy a person decides to adopt comes at the cost of degrading the quality of one's life just a little bit more. As long as the benefits remain indefinitely far into the future, it prevents the sad believer from being able to do any cost/benefit analysis. And what if those benefits never pan out? Well then you had a shitty life for no reason. Sorry, no refunds.

Corky said...

I can tell you that that thing Loma has around her neck was more than a year's salary for me back in the day.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Seems like there's a double standard here where the scriptures are concerned. Skins of unclean animals seem to have been perfectly alright for the Tabernacle.

"Exodus 25:5
And rams' skins dyed red, and badgers' skins, and shittim wood..."

See also: Ex. 26:4; 35:7 and 23; 36;19; 39:34 and Num. 4: 6-11.

"Slain that, please.

Byker Bob said...

Actually, what would be wrong with a woman holding certain feminist views? Like equal pay for equal work? Or, being strong and independent? Able to do things to save money, like change her own oil. Be all she could be, like parlaying her education and experience into an executive career. To do otherwise would seem to be a horrible waste of intelligence.

Way before it became popular for women to ride motorcycles, I had a pair of Triumphs that I had built, and my wife and I would ride them around town. She would be on the red one, and I'd be on the black one, and my son would get his choice as to who he would ride with. It was quite a spectacle, and turned a lot of heads! Malm would have considered that an abomination on several levels, although he would probably have given thumbs up on our bandannas! You know, proper God-fearing head covering!