Monday, September 23, 2013

Will Gerald Flurry Buy A New Condo On The Ambassador Campus?

Gerald Flurry has been well known to prostitute himself out to all things HWA related.  MyFoxLA had a news story up recently where it states that the new town houses and apartments will go on sale in October.  The smallest unit will start at $1,000.000.

PCG already has an apartment in Jerusalem so that Lil'Stevie can have a ringside seat when Armageddon starts.  Perhaps Gerald needs to buy a townhouse on the Ambassador campus in order to have a first had witness to the eradication of the Armstrongite temple.

Next month, luxury townhomes and flats will go on sale for a coveted neighborhood in Pasadena.  The sales prices haven't been set, but considering the ways the units can be customizable, expect to pay more than a million dollars for the smallest unit. Where is this housing nirvana?


Corky said...

Well, Flurry probably wasn't going to get one but now that you mention it, he'll have to look into it.

And...what's a million or two dollars to GF anyway? He has bookoos of tithes coming in every day.

Byker Bob said...

He probably will.

Looking at some of the real estate values in the Los Angeles area on Zillow, a million dollars is really not that much. $650,000 will get you a 1,000 square foot two bedroom home with a nice yard, in a halfway decent area.


Former PCG said...

I believe Flurry will want some kind of "campus" out West. This way he can run around and claim he is like "Elijah" with 3 schools.

It's hard to believe that people are still so deceived and follow this insane man.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

Well goody for Gerald. Now how bought paying me back!

Britain W. Stevenson said...

WOW. Working for Satan pays well! Is this scriptural?

Acts 17:11

King James Version (KJV)

11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

...Acts 17:11

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Yes, our parents' tithes, offerings, special offerings, Holy Day Offerings, and contributions to the all important Building Fund while simultaneously preparing for the Great Tribulation in 1972 and Christ's return in 1975 MADE LITTLE JOEY TKACH AND OTHERS MULTI,MULTI MILLIONAIRES. AND, THEY & THEIR GENERATIONS WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN!!!

To quote God's end time Elijah and Apostle of God Herbert W. Armstrong, "God's way is GIVE". To further quote HWA, the Bible and a multitude of WCG ministers, "God calls the weak of the world, the base things".


Anonymous said...

I never heard of "bookoos of tithes" before!

I can just imagine the slimy people who live off of their sheeps' tithes(like the UCG's Council of Liars, Flurry, Pack, etc) reading that and thinking, "OOOh! 'bookoos of tithes'?- Sounds good! I gotta get me some of that bookoo tithe money!"

But to answer the question: No, Flurry won't buy one of those condos. How do I know? I got my tank filled with the HS (high-test Spirit, which comes with the gifts of Tongues and being 'Slain in the Spirit').

RSK said...

Yes, its largely because of those tithes, special offerings, building funds, etc that Joe Jr gets to sit on his ass and talk while I have to pay out of pocket for my mom's Alzheimers care.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that sounds expensive. I think I'll stick to searching for Philadelphia condos instead!