Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dennis has a day off with too much time...

God Organizing for Another Try at Getting Some Attention
"Behold, I will smite you with mildew, mold and mushrooms mostly in the Fall.  Verily, I will try to get your attention and if not this, then the Iceman cometh."
(I made this scripture up...)
Gives out daily itinerary for a run at unbelievers and scoffers in the Southeast US. 

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Karen in the Yucatan Channel. (NASA)
"Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and will move into the southern United States this weekend with heavy rain, gusty winds and rough seas.
Karen will continue to move along a curved northward path over the central Gulf of Mexico through Friday and will most likely make landfall along the upper Gulf Coast Saturday night.
There is a chance Karen becomes a hurricane before making landfall."

The Deity gives behinds the scenes look at just how this weak, but you take what you get, run on the pagans will shape up... The purple "wind shear" is obviously a blocking move by Satan or , since this is a lesser kind of try, a lesser demon but the Deity is using the block to divert it right where it needs to go. 

Once this storm gets to the Mid Atlantic States it will be termed a blessing since they need the rain. 
Deity explains it takes a lot of planning to try this so please don't try this at home!
This trying storm is minimal and not expected to be the big whammy try, but it is headed right over Greenville, SC so I'm not stupid.  I know why this storm is coming this way.  I have checked with every one of my 16 friends and they all agree.  NEVER have I had such unanimous agreement and NOT ONE of my friends disagreed with me.  I also did a lot of study on this and I know that much time in study makes me correct.  If you notice, right over upstate South Carolina, right on top of Greenville is a "D"   I think this an obvious reference to myself.  Yes brethren, I am the "D".  Next week I will give 36 reasons why I know this to be true. There are other reasons why I believe I am correct in being the target of this weak try, but I cannot reveal them to you at this time.  Besides, I have given you enough and if this is not convincing, I cannot help you.  If this was not to be understood with this storm then why would it be revealed just prior to this storm?  We'd not be able to know which storm the Deity was trying to get our attention with if it was just some future thing.
NHC forecast track, cone of uncertainty, and watches/warnings as of 9am EDT.  (NOAA)
I will have one final announcement after Halloween, perhaps if I can think up any more analogies and stuff.


Britain W. Stevenson said...

"Why no more comments? This is funny as hell!! Now let me prove I'm not a robot and post this"...4 okywork

Anonymous said...

How phallic, Dennis. Scuse my Rorshack, but the storms looked like a bunch of penises! Don't you know that Rod Meredith lurks here? We don't want to give him ideas for all of those interludes in his sermons!

Michael said...

Another genius post, Dennis :-)
Well done showing the idiocy of these guys.

Anonymous said...

talk about a phallic weather

DennisCDiehl said...

LOL I unposted it thinking it was rather lame but fit my mood. Then Gary said "where'd it go!" So I reposted at my own risk.

DennisCDiehl said...

We're filling space and time to see if Dave Pack posts his post feast announcement today. If not, we suspect he is not doing so well with ministers and members flocking to Restored Church and the Feast was not as he had predicted. If he had great things to brag about we'd be hearing of them by today or this weekend . We'll see

Michael said...

Ah yep, checking the RCG site seems to show virtually no activity for 2 weeks or so - no breathtaking announcements, even on the HQ construction :-)
It's not like they have no internet access during the Feast is it?
My guess is internal troubles, perhaps even a mini-mutiny?
We'll see:::::