Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horror's! The Earth Will Soon Begin To Tilt, All of Africa to Erupt In Violence and Space Junk May Hit You

I guess King failed to notice that the Arctic ice has grown by 23% this year, covering so much area that the Northwest Passage was closed for a period of time. But, in 2014 it will all melt, islands will flood, Africa will erupt in violence and the earth will shift on its axis causing huge earthquakes and other calamities.

E.W.King “New predictions into 2014″

Mr. E.W.King stated on October 18th 2013 the following:
“As we approach 2014 and into 2014 we will watch lakes dry up. We will watch the earths poles wobble…we will witness great ice melts. The earth will begin to shift. Strange earth changes…geological shocks! Africa will become a volcano of violence. More space junk flying our way and we will sadly see a great political event which only has a couple of historical comparisons.”
Mr. E.W.King will post his complete 2014 prophecy forecast in December.
peace out,
Mark Sheldon [UTAh I ment it, I did!]


Corky said...

I guess King doesn't know about the "wobble" of the poles that cause winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern - at the same time! Horrors! Therefore, he probably also doesn't know that the earth is actually 3 million miles closer to the sun in the winter months.

Head Usher said...

Just for the sake of correctness, the seasons are caused by the tilt of axial rotation precisely because it doesn't "wobble" appreciably with respect to the sun (or other stars) over the period of a year. Consequently, throughout the seasons, Cynosura, or better known as Polaris remains our North Star.

However, Earth's axial rotation does "wobble" or more correctly "precess" over a 25,772 year long cycle, causing the precession of the equinoxes (and the b.s. "astrological ages"). Because of this, 3,000 years ago, the star named Thuban in Draco was our North Star, but since then, we haven't really had a true pole star until now. That precession along with the less well known changes in eccentricity, obliquity, apsis, and inclination, is thought to be partially responsible for long-term climate change (Milankovitch theory). However, all this other "wobbling" is either not cyclical or takes place over cycles lasting even longer than that of the axial "wobble," making all of them impossible to observe in one year.

Alternatively, The King could be referring to the "wobble" (reversal) of the magnetic poles, which last happened about 40,000 years ago and caused the strength of Earth's magnetic field to drop to about 5% of normal. Right now we're in a period of weaker than average magnetic strength (partial cancellation) and the demarcation between magnetic north and south around the equator is less distinct than normal, causing some scientists to think a reversal may be in the works for the relatively near future. But since such a reversal takes between 250 and 450 years to complete, it still isn't possible to observe this in one year either.

I don't think The King is necessarily sophisticated enough or educated enough to realize how stupid he sounds. It's just more vague "cold-reading" style statements that can never really be said to be completely true, or more importantly, can't really said to be completely false either. I'm not sure if he's The King of Hedging, or The King of Ignoramuses. Could be both, I suppose.