Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eric King Claims The United Nations Was Frightened By His Asteroid Prophecy

Eric King is such a powerful prophet that even the United Nations trembles at his feet and takes all of his words seriously.

As if the United Nations even knows or cares who this COG moron is!

United Nations takes Mr. E.W.King’s asteroids warnings seriously in Nov.2013

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  1. UN Meets with Space Experts for Contingency Plan on Asteroid Strikes

    Oct 28, 2013 - Representatives of the United Nations (U.N) met with the world’s best space experts in New York to develop a contingency plan on the asteroid 


Corky said...

Now, it wouldn't surprise me if the Republican evangelicals in Congress were frightened by Bible prophecy but not the UN, because not every nation in the UN is looking for the soon return of Jesus to fix all their f ups.

Byker Bob said...

Does the NSA share its files with the UN?

I wonder if Eric could provide a letter or some sort of testimony to support his claim.


Black Ops Mikey said...

The only people frightened by Eric King's Asteroid Prophecy are mental health professionals.

They may be called upon to treat him.

Anonymous said...

E.W. is such an obvious liar. Has he no shame? If the U.N. were to be "frightened" into meeting over the threat of future asteroid strikes, it was because of Chelyabinsk, not E.W. and his stupid schoolyard prophecies.

Anonymous said...

The term bullshit artist certainly comes to mind.